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a fun creative expression through a simple gameplay element is what we were going for. There’s definitely more we would have liked to do including more variable jump timings and harmony rocks that could hit another stone at the same time! 

I had fun trying to go up in a major/minor scale. And getting a feel for when I switched keys. Sort of hard without the usual fret board/piano roll to familiarise myself with though! 

Thanks for having a go and letting us know how you went :) 

This is a really cool game and I love the sound track. I love how you can only use items in combat giving a really tight risk/reward feel. 

I finally won, and had about 35atk, 21 def, 80+hp and another 17 chickens left to eat. Great times!

thanks for the update. Got a streak of 7! 

awesome! Yeah we had some big ideas and had to keep our scope down. We both saw it as a learning opportunity and in that sense I know I got a lot out of it. There’s more I would like to do, but we’re still figuring out our appetite for it. 

I keep coming back to this trying to get a good streak. Best so far is 3.

I saw the mac logo and got excited there was another game I can try! There's just an .exe file in the executable though. Perhaps I can test the mac version for you? :) 

So glad this one made it in! I've not played enough yet to find my rhythm, but I'm keen to keep exploring and discovering!

I dig that! With your win consistency going up with experience. Sort of like spelunky! 

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I've re-played this three times. I'd love to have more levels, and have specific tile sets for different level configurations like a puzzle. 

That's amazing. I just tried to go as far as I can and 25 is where I got too. I think Kevin does a bit better though. I'm curious what his high score is

I got stuck behind the platform where the void is, I did manage to make it in once though. Love the concept!

Made it to level 18! Excited to see if I can do better next time!

Had a lot of fun with this, great idea!

Finally got grandmaster! Great Game!

Amazing tool! Bought a Mac version. I can't wait to keep playing with this! Just seeing if anyone else has any issues saving .wav files on the mac version? I was able to do it from the browser version without issue.