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thanks for the link; haven’t heard of it before now! Crossed Wired draws some inspiration from RoboRally, and after just playing GIGO it seems pretty apparent to me that that game had a lot of roborally inspiration too. Especially the way the robots turn corners while on conveyor belts. (ah, and I’ve just seen RR explicitly called out as an inspiration on the game’s presskit)

thanks for playing! and linecook too :)

oh, okay! it can stay in memory jam; I suppose it fits. congrats on making it!

Hi! What game was this based on? Tell us a story about your first game! I get the sense that this game doesn’t fit in memory jam, but please correct me if I’m wrong!

thank you! :)

no prizes! we’re just gonna have a fun time

I don’t know what this means but it sounds exciting! 🥷🥷🥷

yes! thank you droqen; I was gonna ask if I should post your link or not but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

like droqen said, that link isn’t focused on the jam, but you can talk about jam stuff there!


agreed! but I don’t see how this works as a rule, so nene from me


thank you!

oh wow orb farm is lovely – thanks for the link (and the comparison!)

aw shucks, thank you! and thank you for checking out Line Cook!! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m still trying to get a perfect +8 on hard mode but haven’t quite succeeded yet haha

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Hi! I’ve just released, a chaotic arcade game where you feed hungry birds using two unwieldy claws to grab ingredients from conveyor belts. (very normal)

a short gameplay gif

my best score on hard mode is +7 1 -0; can you beat that? let me know! I’d love to have some competition / strat discussion :)

win screen


really nice work! I reached the penguin sign, and now I’m suddenly considering what sort of speedrun possibilities that tech opens up…

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such an enjoyable game! I came back to this about 3 or 4 times, and now I’ve finally beaten it :D thank you!

one small note: I found a solution that seems unintended for level 26, since it doesn’t use the sand:

thanks! I got really distracted in the weeds on this one… look at this incantation I made to only draw the part of the map that’s actually visible onscreen (based on the camera position, which is stored at 0x5f28,0x5f2a):


unfortunately (fortunately?) this has no performance benefit over just calling map(), ha.

thank you so much for the kind words!

my main concern when I decided it was time to be done and submit was that it was too easy to become OP and steamroll the second half of the game. but I guess I didn’t realize 1. how much I knew about my own game, not needing to learn hardly anything through trial and error, and 2. how fun it is to learn, master, and then rampage through a small jam game that you’re not intending to play for hundreds of hours

I’m really happy to hear you liked the arc :)

hey hey, nicely done!! glad you liked it :D


thank you!! it’s hard for me as the designer to have a sense for how people experience it, since I know exactly how it works already, so I’m glad you enjoyed it! learning the game is probably my favorite aspect of playing roguelikes :)

I’m glad you liked it. that’s basically exactly how I feel about the item usage restrictions too haha – annoying, but once you accept it, fun to strategize around. thanks for the kind words!

fun! the movement was tricky initially but the game forces you to figure it out to win, so I did, and by the end it felt pretty good to fly around the bars. the music is a great addition; always nice to see music in jam games!

nice, chill game. some beautiful backgrounds! I liked the puzzle mode, and now that I’ve read the comments I agree with @csklimowski about it being a lovely mechanic thematically

I really enjoyed this. I started by trying to find the corner of pico-8’s map, realized it didn’t exist, thought for a bit about how I would code that, and then by that time just sorta kept wandering around. I’m not sure why I played for so long, given that the game was clearly not going anywhere… but then I would find more water and explore for a while more. and then I started to find a few strange, strange things! But only a few. after wandering for a while longer, I eventually sat down and died next to an un-touched bindle, not wanting to go on. (although I’m betting there’s more to this game that I didn’t end up finding… unless that dagger in my inventory was just meant to be morbidly thought-provoking?)

you really captured a specific mood with this game. nicely done! I once made a similar-ish game called remains and it was interesting comparing the differences in mood you conjured up here. thanks for the game!

very stylish! I had a fun time playing, and a fun time nosing through your code too hehe. (I wanted to see how you did those slick animations!)

those spawner enemies are really rough! they keep getting me during NG+

nice! this could be a fun game to speedrun

I enjoyed this! nice presentation (love the font and the colors), nice mechanic; the physics were complex enough to make the grappling feel nice and strategic. I wonder how much more you could squeeze out of this basic idea; maybe allowing the player to exit grapples early, before being pulled all the way into the target?

this is really solid! so many combinations of things making for interesting gameplay. I got to level 18 before dying - it seemed like my shoes powerup slowed me down?? or maybe I had a lingering status effect from the green floor? I’m unclear. great game!

oh LOL i just got the name hahaha

reminds me of super crate box, with an interesting void twist. love the visual style!

interesting! very meditative. It’s fun to try and improvise a song that stays in one key/mood/whatever, given the restrictions of the crumbling islands. I wish I had a bit more control - maybe being able to jump to the next note early, or speeding up/slowing down the tempo with the mouse wheel?

just got a grandmaster streak of 3; I’m really liking this!

OH i played this before but just now noticed you can rotate?! okay this is MUCH easier now; let’s see if I can get to grandmaster!

clever! I like the REDACTED; obvious in hindsight and communicated well in the visuals

nice! the dual-wielding made for some interesting inventory management, without needing a separate inventory screen. that knife clown sure is tricky! i thought my items were good but nope he got me D:

fair! I’ve got a steam page and a mailing list now; see

thank you! good points about the inventory– I like the mechanics of it but I can definitely see how it could be frustrating as a player… I’m glad you’re enjoying it!!

In the privacy tab of the user settings, I can decide to publish my site activity publically, including “things like adding games to a public collection, publishing a game, submitting to a jam, rating a public game”.

For me personally, I do want to notify my followers when I publish something, but I don’t want to notify them when I rate other people’s games; this makes me pretty uncomfortable and is stopping me from rating games most of the time. I’d love it if this settings screen had separate toggles for the different types of activity.