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oh, thank you! I’m looking into it and I notice it crashing during the level select screen, is that when it crashes for you as well?

I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet (I believe it’s a bug in the engine I’m using) but here’s a workaround: try to only tap when on the level select screen – never swipe.

shoot, sorry about that. fixed – thank you!

oh! that would have been smart… I just made it as an image in paint haha

please enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed your game

I did! The solution: ( hfr gur 2 ubyqvat fcnprf (bar qverpgyl orybj gur pragre jnyy, naq bar ng gur obggbz bs gur C) gb fjnc nebhaq gur beqre fb gung lbh chfu erq gura oyhr gura oyhr vagb gur gnetrg nern. bar xrl zbir nebhaq gur unys-jnl cbvag jnf chfuvat gur erq oybpx orybj gur pragre jnyy

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this is so lovely

it has all the hallmarks of the I’m Hungry genre so I’d say it’s a I’m Hungry x Rhythm mashup

high score: -32K 😎

I’m hungry!

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i’m hungry jam has ruined replaced all my conceptions about what a game should be. cloud of unmanageable darkness in the sky, as your hook sinks further into oblivion? correct and proper game design

high score: 23

I don’t have the words to say how much I enjoyed this, so I’ll just dance instead

yesss this interpretation is excellent! I like the bread. and the blackberries. and the multiple endings - my favorite was the one that said “Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings.”

the deer is hungry, the runtime environment is hungry… we’re all hungry, in the end

score: 627


the interpretations here are excellent – the jump, the HUD, and I LOVE the interpretation of “The more you catch, the faster the food goes and the harder it is to catch it”

lovely game

its interesting how the reindeer moves 2 pixels at a time, so you can’t get to odd pixels and slip through certain gaps. it’s also irrelevant, since my human brain cannot handle the sheer volume of bread and berries this poor reindeer refuses to eat. high score: 66

🦌 One of my favorite entries of the jam 🦌

fun game! here’s my high score

thanks for extending the jam deadline! I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am; this has been such a fun little jam :)

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I'm hungry community · Created a new topic late entries?
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Hi! Can I submit a late entry?

(If you’ll allow it, you should be able to generate a submission link for me by going to the edit page for the jam under the “submissions” tab near the top)

bah, my progress reset for some reason. is there a hack link or some other way to skip levels?

There are still a few stragglers; the blue pixels are full white (in the original) but the white pixels are off-white

Thanks for the update! This font is excellent :)

fun! nice simple mechanical twist, and good levels. I’m stuck right now on a level that looks like a backwards-P

Have you seen ? level 7 in particular is worth checking out ;)

ahahahaha that ending tho

thank you SirMilkman

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35 sunglassesemoji sunglassesemoji

please direct my free copy to my business email:

I love the music and visuals – they kept me poking around until I finally realized that you use the mouse to casts spells. it was quite difficult before then :) It was difficult afterward too, but I managed to win once! excellent game

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this game is fantastic

a perfect little idea executed extremely well

clever mashup! I had a lot of fun playing this; I beat everything except 9, 10, 21, and 22. 21 is so tricky!

I think it’ll be more exciting if zero is the lower limit (hard to know without a few months of playtesting tho)


the new time travel blog looks excellent! one page in particular reminds me of a Greg Egan novel. (hard to be more specific while avoiding spoilers, tho) also, have you seen ?

this was an incredible experience

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thx! I spent a long while in a graphing calculator trying to get a good heartbeat pulse before I found a short formula that felt good. I’m glad it came through!

oh, I’d love to be the person responsible for all that, but I’m not – this game is just a map mod for celeste! You’re in for a treat; go play it here!

I think this is the third day I’ve just sat and looked at the last level

but today I finally realized what I was missing and beat it! very satisfying :D

fun! it’s quite hard; I’m stuck on level 3 for now. It took me a while to realize that you could push the blocks on level 2.

I like that there’s a level select so I can skip levels (although I wish it showed me which levels I’ve beaten)

it’s surprising how interesting the puzzles are, given how simple the mechanics seem; nice work! I’m excited to see where this project goes

I love it; that’s some good mood-setting right here

I particularly appreciate the “you won” message at the end – sometimes with experiential games like this it’s hard to know if you’ve reached the end or not!

the specific action I had in mind was “do the opposite of what the rules say”, but I wrote down “subvert” because it was terse, and left things open to interpretation.

I like the table idea! here’s a sketch of some ideas from off the top of my head:

  1. follow the rules as you normally would
  2. follow the rules to the point of ridiculousness
  3. read the rules, but do the opposite
  4. follow the literal text of the rules, but do the opposite of the spirit of the rules
  5. replace the rules with different rules that achieve the same feelings/results through different mechanics
  6. rearrange the words in the rules and follow the rearranged text instead

this is the first cryptic I’ve tried, after being vaguely interested in them for a while – thank you! really fun, and not too difficult (which was very nice)

:D thanks for the game! very fun. I love how natural the mechanic is