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Thanks for playing, pancelor! And thanks for confirming that the game can be completed, I only ever got to the end with code hacks 😅  

As for the aspect ratio—I was just copying what I did for past games and I honestly can't recall why I used that ratio. Thanks for the tip, will fix it here and for the other PICO-8 games!  🙏

Alien hostiles—dealt with! Feels like this would've been right at home on an Atari 2600.

Worth persevering on macOS to play this, it's a real treat! The bouncing is good, the plinking is good, the looks are good—it is good.

You do a lot with a little and it's a neat little loop which feels like there's more to explore. An interesting time was had!

I liked where this was going, the mechanics are quite satisfying, but not sure quite where to go once I reached the bottom. Would like to play more of this!

This is is a fun chill game that is very pleasing to play. Would love to see what else you can do with it, Cody!

Solid thrusting mechanics, would be nice to have a solution to turtle–backing. Good chaotic fun in two–player.

I made the right choice (on the suitably sinister left hand side) and went to hell. Great effort, noahpoole! Looking forward to see what you make next 👀

Winning entry here having kept it short on nearly every axis! Now if only there were a game where the tiles could be swapped to fight the fires somehow …

This might be the hardest version of Snake I have played, so it meant when playing each game I could keep it short. A neat little brain bender 😄 🐍

The immediacy of the game is a delight. Having to parse the text and apply the rules mentally is an interesting challenge. A very compelling entry.

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I played maybe 5 games on Beginner but couldn't finish the task but then something clicked and I got through to Grandmaster (but not yet past!) in quick succession. For a game with minimal movement it felt like there was a lot going on in a brain–teasery sort of way, it's good!

Love the concept of this game and enjoyed the levels I could get through, would be keen to play this on a controller (I played on a Macbook  😬) with a slightly gentler ramp up in difficulty. The presentation is great and the SFX are spot on.

Just incredibly charming and a great take on Snake. Having to manage the space that you navigate through is quite satisfying and often bewildering, but in a good way. The graphics are very clean and pleasing to the eye  👌

Thanks! Glad you, and others, enjoying zipping around as that's where I wanted the to be fun, the game structure, such that it is, ended up being cobbled together at the last minute.

Marvellous, mission accomplished :D

I have a real soft spot for programs that have simple automata which plug away at their basic tasks with no particular goal in mind. Even if it's not a game as such it is a pleasant sequence of interactions. On a separate note—Line Cook is a fun game, I appreciate that my customers had patience while I desperately put together their orders :D

This invoked unexpected feelings of nostalgia for single–screen strategy games circa Amiga 500. Which is to say I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but enjoyed doing it :)

Love the idea, now I wish more platformers would have this kind of dynamic terrain as ongoing obstacle course mechanic.

Saving the best for last eh?

> Submitted 3 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline

There's a lot to like here: slick aesthetic, amusing background bants, mind–melting higher dimensional reasoning. Another entry that I would love to see more of!

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This game is a treasure. It's been a while since words in a game made me laugh out loud like this one did, looking forward to playing through again and seeing the non–MAD ending. I am eagerly awaiting the inevitable BBC 4 radio play adaptation.

This is a very charming jam entry and a good deal of fun! The clankity-clank rolling is a satisfying and the boost controls are just loose enough to make it challenging without it being a chore. Up with this sort of thing!

Thanks, pancelor! Yeah there's a bug I've never nailed down where occasionally exitting a sticky floor with speed shoes breaks acceleration 😔 Sorry about that, hope I can track it down and fix it one day!

The way this game reveals itself is very pleasing. Reminds me of the alpha Desktop Dungeons in a way (possibly concrete, it's been a while) and has a similarly compelling draw to it.

This very much kindled a yearning for the kind of intangible but tantalizing game this manual represents (for me). The largely, but not entirely, comprehensible instructions provoke a nostalgia for those games we had read of but not yet experienced. It's a real delight!

I did not achieve a state of Zen or learn anything about motorcycle maintenance but I did enjoy my time on the road.

Agree with other comments about the movement 👌 The idea of what this could be is quite appealing, but for some reason I kept going straight into the void after the first phase.

A lovely experience that has both a pun and user generated music, two of my favourite things together at last!

P.S. The executable didn't run out of the box (missing DLLs) but ran fine with love.exe.

This is jam entry is as fun to play as it is slick, which is to say it's a lot of fun and is super slick! The sound of hitting the front of the shielded critter 👌. Current PB: 25

Unlike many tile games this is fun in the laying of the tiles and satisfying in the execution of the solution. A great jam entry!

This looks most intriguing, there definitely aren't enough turn-based rhythm games in the world! Where can I wishlist it? ;)

Enjoyed my time with this entry! I agree with @kevinthompson on the VVVVVV vibes, the challenge ramped up nicely and the movement mechanic was novel and fun.

Thanks, @mapsandapps!

Earlier I did have  ⬆️ also work as jump but found that made it a bit fiddly to play on mobile. Trade offs! :D

And yeah, the sound effects can grate, they're more quieter and muted than earlier versions so it could be worse ;) There's definitely an art to making sounds that play repeatedly without messing with one's ears.

I'm glad you liked the bumpers as they were a late addition and I wasn't entirely sure if they should make cut or not 😅

Easily the best game centred around uneven bars I've ever played!

The title was prophetic—I died in the desert. There's a definite sense of wandering aimlessly in what feels like an infinite unforgiving expanse with just enough to keep you going if you stay alert.

The tight labyrinthine layout combined with "Ape Out style" viewpoint makes for a great sense of exploration and memorisation. I enjoyed the scavenging  🔍

This is one slick jam entry, @kevinthompson! It feels like it would be right at home in an arcade cabinet  🕹

I've now updated the game with more items and variety, you might like to have another go :D

Thanks, LemonRamen! I like the idea of more items too :)

This is a great tight platformer where the central idea (open world platformer) is well executed. Really enjoyed my playthrough, thought the difficulty level was well pitched throughout, the art thoroughly charming and the music toe–tappingly good 👏