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Great incremental game! And love the aesthetic too. Would be interesting to see this developed further! I never made it to a million but I did bottom out with $10,000 games of RPS  💸

The possibility space of all other games not explored that this implies is quite a thought! An example:

In each round, one player must mime a youtuber.
Every other player takes turns rhyming the youtuber based on the original mime performance.
The order of the rhyme are shuffled.
The original player must exactly reproduce the rhyme of each other player.
Everyone judges this, if a majority of players think the original player deserves to win, they win. Otherwise, the other players win.

Neat stuff!

My favourite ludological cinematic experience in recent memory! Thinking of submitting my masterpiece to my local independent film festival and then inevitably Cannes. But seriously this was a lot of fun in spite of the Chrome struggling on macOS with the Godot web export (although I'm impressed it worked at all!). Looking forward to whatever you make next!

This is very charming and I am glad it exists. You set the scene well, I was looking forward to the birdwatching and then the vicarious birdwatching was great!

 An ambitious project to be applauded! 👏 I am not good at this (unless some of the hints are for triceratops images?) but it's nice to comb through the images and ponder what might fit. It feels a bit like a single player version of Code Names, think there could be something in it!

Favourite reverse fishing game ever! The casting controls are a bit fiddly on the old MacBook touchpad (same goes for most games though!) but when they work it feels great. Apparently hamburgers are they way to go, no one took so much as a nibble at the cake or sushi. Up with this sort of thing!

You've made a great tiny game here! I missed the first  7 or so then I played with my eyes closed and got it every time—not many games that are made easier with your eyes closed!  😆

This is a really compelling idea! The practice mode is a really nice addition, I even won a game or two afterwards  😅 Would love to see this explored more, think you might have something here.

This is really charming, fine choice of music and the "ending" is delightful. Great effort!

Another classic sports sim from the fine mind of Noah Poole! The pacing is great and the end game text 100% on point. I think it really does capture an aspect of sport that virtually no other sport games cover. Also it barely looks like a PICO-8 game (iconic font aside), you've made it your own. Can't wait to see what you make next!

Thanks for the feedback, nephariuz, it's very much appreciated!

The project name I use for this game, before I published it as "Harvest 100 Shapes", is "Grindclone" as the gameplay apes Capybara's "Grindstone" :D I haven't played Wario's Woods or Same Game, but now I absolutely will!

You're right that matching rotten shapes aren't beneficial, they're more or less like empty square that don't require a matching shape and don't add to the path power or socre.

Your path needs to go _through_ a goat where your path power is greater than 10 :D Oh and goats also act like combo shapes where the path can match on a different shape.

I'll try to add some more text in the description for anyone else who might play and has the same questions.

I love the idea of choosing your own path through the world and having that choice reflected in the level structure. The character is fun to control and the level gen never felt unfair. Would love to see more of this—nice work!

Having the attacks on the beat makes the more frenzied moments really great. I think you could definitely get into a flow state given the right circumstances. As is tradition I'm not great it this but I enjoyed what I saw 😊

I didn't quite know where this was going but I should did enjoy the jourey. Even though, as you say, it's not particularly fun or deep you still managed to make it work as an experience. And that ending 👌

This is genius! I am not good at it but each game is still a huge joy. Really happy to see you're continuing to develop this post-jam!

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This is a really cool concept and what you've shown here is really promising! Would love to see more of it! I'm sure a few QOL features and maybe a slightly more forgiving "regular" mode and you've got a cracker of a game on your hands 😃

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Right, thanks for the clarification, I really appreciate the insight! I'll be honest—it's not something I'd consciously considered but I do like giving context to player actions in aggregate. This is mostly inspired by things like morgue files from roguelikes and the somewhat cuter+more succinct summaries you get at the end of Spelunky levels, but also having spent a considerable amount of time in a professional context taking significant quantities of data and making sense of them and the pleasure in that reification.

Thanks for the thorough feedback, BillyB0nes, glad to hear my intentions connected with your experience!

I'm curious how you decided what time to assign as the goal for each run.
It was a combination of just doing a few runs, seeing what the numbers looked like and picking what seemed to be reasonable numbers:

I tried to make the time feel fair without being overly generous.

this is probably on your list of 'to dos', but my suggestion would be some visual cues to help people mentally map the space.

Indeed it was! The space is a definitely too geometrical and spartan as it stands, but if I work on this further then I'm hoping to garnish the various names in the asteroids with a sense of place too.

Thanks for the feedback, tiimtoon!

You really seem to have a way with data

How do you mean "have a way with data"? I am intrigued  😄

This is a fantastic first game jam entry! I really enjoy the strategy of where to where to place the tiles and the slow reveal of the map, would be great to see this idea expanded further.

I have not won a game yet but I am enjoying losing 😅 The UI does a great job of getting out of your way and the look, sound + feel are really nice. If I had an iPhone I would be all over this game!

This is the kind of game I always knew I wanted (i.e something like Spelunky that isn't combat–centric) but could never play. The movement feels just right, the art is delightful and all the SFX and music fit perfectly. I know it's "just" a demo but the potential it shows is amazing, up with this sort of thing  ⬆️

A triumph! I'm thinking of giving up my unemployment and taking up grounds keeping.

Love the chill music and the finicky lawnmower. Would you consider uploading your cart to the Lexaloffle BBS, then it would be trivial to play from anyone's PICO-8  😁

Thanks for playing, pancelor! And thanks for confirming that the game can be completed, I only ever got to the end with code hacks 😅  

As for the aspect ratio—I was just copying what I did for past games and I honestly can't recall why I used that ratio. Thanks for the tip, will fix it here and for the other PICO-8 games!  🙏

Alien hostiles—dealt with! Feels like this would've been right at home on an Atari 2600.

Worth persevering on macOS to play this, it's a real treat! The bouncing is good, the plinking is good, the looks are good—it is good.

You do a lot with a little and it's a neat little loop which feels like there's more to explore. An interesting time was had!

I liked where this was going, the mechanics are quite satisfying, but not sure quite where to go once I reached the bottom. Would like to play more of this!

This is is a fun chill game that is very pleasing to play. Would love to see what else you can do with it, Cody!

Solid thrusting mechanics, would be nice to have a solution to turtle–backing. Good chaotic fun in two–player.

I made the right choice (on the suitably sinister left hand side) and went to hell. Great effort, noahpoole! Looking forward to see what you make next 👀

Winning entry here having kept it short on nearly every axis! Now if only there were a game where the tiles could be swapped to fight the fires somehow …

This might be the hardest version of Snake I have played, so it meant when playing each game I could keep it short. A neat little brain bender 😄 🐍

The immediacy of the game is a delight. Having to parse the text and apply the rules mentally is an interesting challenge. A very compelling entry.

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I played maybe 5 games on Beginner but couldn't finish the task but then something clicked and I got through to Grandmaster (but not yet past!) in quick succession. For a game with minimal movement it felt like there was a lot going on in a brain–teasery sort of way, it's good!

Love the concept of this game and enjoyed the levels I could get through, would be keen to play this on a controller (I played on a Macbook  😬) with a slightly gentler ramp up in difficulty. The presentation is great and the SFX are spot on.

Just incredibly charming and a great take on Snake. Having to manage the space that you navigate through is quite satisfying and often bewildering, but in a good way. The graphics are very clean and pleasing to the eye  👌

Thanks! Glad you, and others, enjoying zipping around as that's where I wanted the to be fun, the game structure, such that it is, ended up being cobbled together at the last minute.

Marvellous, mission accomplished :D

I have a real soft spot for programs that have simple automata which plug away at their basic tasks with no particular goal in mind. Even if it's not a game as such it is a pleasant sequence of interactions. On a separate note—Line Cook is a fun game, I appreciate that my customers had patience while I desperately put together their orders :D