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Descend into the volcano and scan the flying tephra to complete your research!
Submitted by broquaint (@broquaint) — 12 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I played an early version of this, and I have to say that the scanning mechanic + the lore of why I’m doing it adds a LOT to the game, I’m impressed. I also really like the choice to put in an ending

all research complete B)

(oh btw, is there any particular reason for the odd pixel-scaling? the p8 manual recommends setting the itch viewport to 750px x 680px for nice and even pixels)


Thanks for playing, pancelor! And thanks for confirming that the game can be completed, I only ever got to the end with code hacks 😅  

As for the aspect ratio—I was just copying what I did for past games and I honestly can't recall why I used that ratio. Thanks for the tip, will fix it here and for the other PICO-8 games!  🙏


Big plus one on the “scanning as near-miss” scoring being super cool! I’m not normally the kind of player who does the extra dangerous thing for bonus points. But, the scanning mechanic really got me in there taking some wild risks!


Really great stuff! I played it a couple of times at different stages of polish and I'm impressed with all you managed to squeeze in by the end. As other's have said elsewhere, the "scanning as near-miss scoring" mechanic is brilliant. Really cool theming too! Based on just a couple experiences, I can say that if I see the broquaint smiley guy, I know it's gonna be good.