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This is a sweet little puzzley game. Trying to parse your way through the rules and make deliberate decisions is pretty fun. It’s interesting that sometimes I think out the perfect strategy and then a new box pops down and ruins everything. Feels like a nice little subversion that has me undo-ing and re-evaluating. Great entry!

This is a great entry! I loved sort of puzzling together how the enemies functioned and the best strategies to counter each of them with the tiles on the board.

Great job on the pacing as well! I rarely find myself actually beating jam entries!

Finally, the art is wonderful! It’s a very unique style and I’ve never played a game that looks like this before. Very whimsical.

Great job, y’all! :-)

The numbers should be adding up how many positive and negative tiles are adjacent (including diagonals) to the tile.

So -1 might mean there’s one bomb and nothing else adjacent. Or -1 might mean there are 4 bombs adjacent and 3 money bags.

Thanks for playing the game! :-)

Yeah, I guess I never made the telescope actually consume an item charge during the jam… haha, oops!

The square that doesn’t reveal but removes the locks is a key. I think it shows up correctly in the actions log but definitely doesn’t reveal for some reason…

I’d definitely like to revisit this game idea sometime, it was surprisingly fun to work on.

We are excited too! It’s pretty cool to see it on a Steam store page. :-)

The numbers in this game work differently than in traditional Minesweeper.

I'm glad you got it worked out! 

I definitely do not tutorialize the core Minesweeper-esque numbers.

I've thought a little bit about how I might do that in the future, but not quite sure how to go about it.

I love it! The environments are a very pretty application of emoji. And the phone interface for the log is a very nice touch.

I played this when it was first released, and thought it was a very interesting idea. I wanted to come back and check out how many collectibles were hanging around now. But I'm glad to have found some comfort in your Haiku instead!

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Will they ever cross the road???

hah, you've played it then. :-)

We made it in a few hours, it's more "experience" than game. 

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I spent Friday figuring out my idea, Saturday getting the boilerplate set up (and getting endlessly lost and confused), and mainly all of Sunday actually implementing the project. I wrote a bit about my weekend on my ldjam devlog.