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Ryan Kubik

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The numbers in this game work differently than in traditional Minesweeper.

I'm glad you got it worked out! 

I definitely do not tutorialize the core Minesweeper-esque numbers.

I've thought a little bit about how I might do that in the future, but not quite sure how to go about it.

I love it! The environments are a very pretty application of emoji. And the phone interface for the log is a very nice touch.

I played this when it was first released, and thought it was a very interesting idea. I wanted to come back and check out how many collectibles were hanging around now. But I'm glad to have found some comfort in your Haiku instead!

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Will they ever cross the road???

hah, you've played it then. :-)

We made it in a few hours, it's more "experience" than game. 

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I spent Friday figuring out my idea, Saturday getting the boilerplate set up (and getting endlessly lost and confused), and mainly all of Sunday actually implementing the project. I wrote a bit about my weekend on my ldjam devlog.