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This was super fun! I love this premise and hope you get a chance to do more with it. :-)

Oh shoot! It looks like I forgot to actually add that in as actual rules text in the Journal.

The Kraken will be added to your hand every five shipwrecks that are created.

The witch hut is a bit tricky to stumble into by accident. It involves using the Curse.

The kraken involves shipwrecks. It’s probably best to hunt for that on the archipelago map.

I’m happy to out right tell you either one if you want!

Sorry for the delayed response! Here’s an image of the completed journal behind a spoiler wall:

Unfortunately, the editor mode doesn’t actually work right now on There’s not actually any way to save or import map files, so it’s disabled.

I’m hoping to have time to make an update which actually allows editing soon though!

Ah, I haven’t done an update in a little while now.

I’ll definitely put this on the list for when I’m able to work on another one though.

Thank you for taking the time to play Status Code and record a playthrough! :-)

That’s great feedback for the UI. It is certainly a bit rough right now.

The random level generation is a great idea. I’ll have to think on that!

Ah, thank you for the bug report! Sorry you got stuck here.

Glad you enjoyed in spite of it! :-)

Thank you for catching this!

Oh wow! That’s a good catch though. Capital letters should definitely also be allowed, haha.

Thank for you for playing Island Maker! :-)

I appreciate the feedback. I’d love to add more clues/hints about filling in the Journal.

I’d still love to come back and do another update for Island maker, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to revisit yet.

Thanks for the bug report! That’s a good find. :-)

Oh, wow. That’s a new bug for me then!

What operating system and browser are you using?

Oh that’s super weird! I’m not sure if I ever tested this on mobile at all hah. Nice work though. :-)

(1 edit)

You should be able to press the “ENTER” key or click on the “Fight!” button to submit a word.

If those aren’t working, it’s possible some game rule is preventing the submission.

  • Words in your memory list (recently used) cannot be used again
  • There’s a pretty limited English dictionary that the word must be in
  • A word must be at least the minimum character length for your character’s minimum word stat
  • Some enemies and player characters add other restrictions

Finally, if it’s not of these things, it could be a bug!

Thanks for checking it out! :-)

This game could definitely use a bit of a tutorial haha. I super ran out of time for that in the original jam

Oh! Interesting! I don’t think I actually considered that case. I guess it’s fair play for now, but I’d consider that a bug.

Good find!

Nice! That’s a great score!

Ahh, yeah, I was running into that in testing. The NOBLE can really get locked up against enemies like that too.

I do see a SLOG in there though! But still… Your point stands!

After I get the first planned enemy sequence in, I’ve got this sort of thing on my list. I don’t like how you can sort of just get stuck in word games like this. The idea of paying hp or something of that nature to reveal a possible word is an interesting idea. 🤔

I do think GHOUL is always gonna be pretty darn tough as is though. Its ability probably needs to go on an enemy with more letters.

I’ll add it to the list of stuff to do haha!

I think it’s non-trivial cause I’m gonna need to reorganize the layout to fit on a phone. Especially since you’ll need the phone keyboard out the whole time.

I can look into that! It’s probably a fairly easy tweak.

Thank you! I had fun with this one. :-)

You are correct on both accounts! The rules are a bit tricky to get at first glance. :-)

The other note worth clarifying:

  • Say your enemy will do: 2 ⚔️ in 5 🔠
  • You submit a 4 letter word
  • Your enemy will NOT attack, but they will update to: 2 ⚔️ in 1 🔠

So, the those letter counts are sort of like a count down.

Also, if you kill an enemy before it’s countdown goes off, or on the word its countdown goes off, they should not damage you.

I’m going to take that as a compliment! Thanks for playing. :-)

Thank you for sharing this project and ideas with us! Hope you’re doing well! ❤️

Ah that’s an interesting idea! Maybe if you move too many spaces while anchoring, more than 3 maybe, you take a damage.

I’m glad you enjoyed it!

The music from the Itch feature is awesome and super fitting. They added it on their end, but it was copyright free so I’ve added it here as well. :-)

Big plus one on the “scanning as near-miss” scoring being super cool! I’m not normally the kind of player who does the extra dangerous thing for bonus points. But, the scanning mechanic really got me in there taking some wild risks!

Working around the spread on the gun was interesting! I ended up with these weird jumping maneuvers where I would burst fire at various heights to snipe baddies across the map. Cool stuff. :-)

I love this! A ton of fun! The vibes are so good alone, but I am such a sucker for a forgiving physicsy game. It is just so much fun to bounce around in this space.

I love the idea of making a true adventure sort of video game, where the journey is more important than the goal.

The mechanics are cool, I’m a big fan of the ziplining and how it leads to me weakening the icy environment a lot more than i intended.

The visual aesthetic is super cool too. :-)

Glad you enjoyed the game! :-)

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I didn’t have a chance to do any balancing yet. The first version made it so you always lost 3 oxygen for each re-roll. But, that was TOO hard.

I think I’d want to add more hazards or reasons to spend more oxygen. An action that lets you pick up treasures more easily at the cost of oxygen maybe?

Thanks for the mobile report! I didn’t actually check if it fit on the phone haha. I just thought since it was touch controls it would work… My bad there! 🙈

You start each game with a fixed number of buildings. If you place buildings in particular ways, they will generate more buildings.

The Journal will give information and hints about how to place your buildings effectively. A lot of the gameplay comes from trying to discover new buildings and situations to place them in.

Your goal is to get as high a population as possible by placing houses.

How puzzling! Love to see sweet new updates. :-)

I’m glad you enjoyed playing! :-)

A way to get hints for missing items is a great idea. I’ll have to think about how to add something like that.

(1 edit)

Island Maker is web playable only! There should be nothing to install.

Awesome! Thanks for playing. :-)

I think this is the highest score I’ve ever seen haha. It is really nice to see some of the later game mechanics put to good use. Well done!

Thanks for playing. :-)

Thank you! That looks like a solid run! :-)

Oh no, I think I removed the seed input field in this latest build and forgot to put it back in. 🙈