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Ahh awesome post and thanks for the heads up!!

Really enjoyed the demo! It's cool to see lots of Myth Bearer DNA here but in this new setting that adds lots of neat twists! And nice QoL improvements too. I had a great moment of thinking I was stuck and would have to start over but then finding some new paths/tactics and getting all the way through to the demo end! Keep up the good work :)

Great game, especially great jam entry. The levels tightly showcase the game design and the look, feel and sound are lovely :)

Clever concept and well executed!!

Ah ! It makes a lot of sense that there's a common influence / ancestor. I'm not super well versed in tabletop, so thanks for the callout and the link there! My pleasure, looking forward to seeing more from ya :)

I enjoyed playing around with this! My only complaint is how cruel the starting seed can be sometimes. Unless there's a way to mitigate certain situations that I just didn't figure out, I was a bit drawn to refresh until I got a better starting seed. Cool stuff though, really nailed that theme!

Cheers for submitting something partially finished--I'd like to see that be normalized (though I'm also speaking selfishly here as someone who submitted something partial to Eggjam #1). The concept sounds cool! And seconding what MatthewLacker said, moving platforms and slopes can both be tricky to implement. I'm wondering if there might be something funky with running at high refresh rates--I'm at 144hz and my jump height was off the top of the screen! Anyway, good stuff, looking forward to future entries!

Fun stuff! I enjoyed the wacky theming. I found it a bit tough to steer overall--it might have felt a little less squirrelly if vertical movement were a little slower (if this were the case, might need off-screen indicators for the rings also) and/or if changing speeds was a bit more gradual. Or maybe it wasn't speed changing itself that was odd but the way the camera behaved relative to speed changing? How's that for some vague feedback? It felt great to grab the forms and I really appreciated the heads-up display for them. Cool entry! Looking forward to more adventures of the smiley face :)

This is a tough cookie! Similar feelings to broquaint--I enjoyed what I was able to get through but the difficulty ramp got pretty darn steep. Eager to see future entries from ya!

Loved this! The rules can create a complexity amongst themselves that is fun to parse out, but the game feels very approachable even so--that's a heck of a balancing act if you ask me!

Fun stuff! It seemed like killing off the time traveling snakes was the way to most safely progress--I'm not sure if that's a flaw or a strategy really. Overall, when I saw the concept I thought it might be terribly complicated but it was surprisingly approachable and fun! I'm sure an expert could plan how to use the time travel snakes better, but even if you have no memory of what they're going to do, you can kind of treat them like unpredictable AI and have it work out. Cool concept, keep em coming!

I had a similar experience too, and it was a pretty magical feeling one, honestly! I feel like I partly got better through conscious strategizing, and partly through an instinct that developed subconsciously without me fully understanding it--the combo of those two is where the magic was. Lovely clean aesthetic and great feel with the animations. Really loved it!

Awesome stuff! Clever design, satisfying visuals, pleasing UX (gotta love the unlock progress bar filling up after a long run). Just great all around. Looking forward to iOS version :)

Wow, super interesting concept! Even with the faster movement (and noticing I could double jump? at least sometimes?) I found it tricky to stay on the snakeplatforms. I thought for a second I might be controlling one or more of the snakes as well as me--could be an interesting mechanic to play with--not direct control but maybe an occasional poll of what directions you're pressing? Anyway, I digress, but really, what you can tell from my ramblings is that this inspired me! Great work :)

I enjoyed this! I couldn't grok the 4-dimensionalness either, but got through normal just by messing around. I really liked how the chat terminal provided a flavorful wrapper around the game, and even made me feel better for not understanding the 4d :) Cool stuff!

Cool stuff! Reminded me of a different spin on Garbage In Garbage Out ( ). I had fun watching a few robots accidentally fighting each other. I'll follow your orders and go play linecook though :)

Holy heck there's so much going on here! I'm impressed with all the systems and can see/feel the tension between them. I hope to circle back and give it a more in depth look. I can imagine how cool it would be in a fuller version of this to roll out the mechanics and choices more slowly. Great stuff :)

This was quite fun! I got some good laughs out of the music and out of how hard it was to pick myself off the ground once I got my torso. I never did find the grapple arm though...

Hey, it's me, the super late jam player/reviewer! I had a lot of fun with this. I didn't completely wrap my head around how to properly strategize, or what was going on with the robots--maybe it takes a little too long to see the results of your decisions with them. But I super appreciated your work on the UI, the way the house numbers are implemented is lovely, as is the order status. And it feels super fun to go fast and jump far. I got the impression that if I stuck with it a bit longer it might be full of secret genius! Keep up the great work :)

I had an absolute blast with this! I'm impressed with your ability to "go meta" and still keep the laughs coming. And if you ask me, this art style is worth exploring more! Great job :)

Wow, this is wild! Easy mode was pretty dang hard for me, but as you say, you were going for chaos--you achieved that for sure. Cool mechanical ideas with one button activating both claws, and having the claw that doesn't hit anything causing ingredients to stack up. Creative stuff!

Fun game, cool movement mechanic, and impressive for 1 hour! Especially those game over screens, holy heck.

Ha! I'll certainly tell the world if I make it a wishlistable thing. Congrats again on your entry, I super enjoyed it!

Thanks for checking it out! I hope to have the time/energy to continue it. Looking forward to playing your entry also :)

Thanks, glad you liked it! Looking forward to playing your entry soon :)

Thanks! Making things is hard, isn't it?! I look forward to playing your entry soon :)

The highlight of my day! Great work!

Cool stuff! I couldn't figure out the second screen but the effect when solving the first screen was really awesome :)

Great work y'all, the art and music and atmosphere all come together to give me good feels of love and mystery :)

Loved this, everything comes together super well :)

Great work y'all, the art and music and atmosphere all come together to give me good feels of love and mystery :)