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I don't have access to my computer right now but yes, it worked pretty much out of the box I think. 

Same =)

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Almost last game I test for the jam... And I'm jealous!

The conceit is fun. I love only jumping!

Few things, I would suggest: 

- some kind of way to see past attempts (like replay meetboy style), 

- If I'm not mistaken there is some air control, maybe tutorialize it more

Art and level design is banger! I'm curious, are you using ogmo editor for the level design ?

Maybe the best game of the jam i've played!

I've tried several times, but never managed to contain the dark.

Th game is fun :)  

tough, probably because I'm exausted, the "random switch" noise isn't very pleasant.

Also, at first I though you had to hold the keys.

Great job!

Yeah I'm thinking about remaking the rules after the voting period ^^

Yeah, rules are more constraining so it is always best to choose which one you want.


Yeah I realized a bit late that the name solitaire implied rules that are not in the game (at the moment)
Balancing is kinda random (sometimes the game can be impossible sometimes it's easy as pie)

I do plan to fix those issue once the rating is over ^^

Thanks you for the feedbacks



Will do :)

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Very fun and promising for sure!

I had trouble understanding what was happening, and I could not go very far.

But I have the feeling this could blossom in a beatifull way!

My high score for now is 48.

Certainly the most polished game I have tested this week!

I lived for one minute and four seconds!

Good game!

one caveat: some times I got the Aiming and shooting disabled at the same times, I think you could replace it with something whacky (Like you get a super shot but only in front of you).

The controls are tight and the music is cool :)

Thanks, I'm considering retaking the game to make a finnished one ^^

Mark saw your comment and immediately agreed ^^

Played to completion got 8250 points!

I might have missed something but I don't think there is any gains in not spending 5 coins as soon as you get them. It would have been nice if you could way and "bet" for a better tower or something.

Overall the difficulty curve was good and the art is nice as well :)

I was ready to put off the game then I tried the second part... and I liked it very much!

The contextualization for the invers control is funny. And by the end you were starting to introduce some cool mechanics

The next logical steps would have been some key doors I think, or maybe some gravity inverter.

Weird and nice :)

You have the high score!
Right now stacking card is the same as placing them on empty spots, I don't know if I'll change this later

Thanks for playing =)

Damned, there's nothing I can do, I'm so sorry!

My best score is 37 secondes, it took me a few tries to pass the 30 seconds mark.

I was a bit disadvanteged by the fact I'm on an azerty keyboard ^^

The visuals are nice, although I'm not a fan of the color cycling (at some point it was simply hard to see anything)

One thing I'de request is to not reset the audio on retry, since the death/retry loop is really short

Overall the game is good!

I'm confused by the explosion at the end ^^

After trying to box myself in, I found the winning solution to boxin a sheep and mash the J button

Interesting I got 35meters

Very chill no much happening ^^

I think I've heard wind noise at the start but no after

Fit the theme perfectly +1

Yeah, lot of people are suggesting to have the rules symbolized by cards, I'm thinking about it.
thanks for the feedback =)

I like this very much although it feel both very obscure and random!

I wish/hope there is more to it.

As someone who has recently fallen into the mechanical keyboard pit, I do like those buttons very much. and the animation are completing the sound really well.

I will keep an eye on this one!


I do want to keep polishing this idea

I had one instance of this happening! maybe if you close and reopen your browser it will fix the issue D:
What browser / OS are  you on ?

Thanks !

Thank you ^^
I'm surprised by how much people want sounds, I should remember this for the next jam.

Haha I wasn't expecting this!

At first I was, this not at all out of control... then I was overwhelmed

Good job!

My high score is 29

Very good puzzle game!

I'm stuck at level 11 for now.

Well done

Fit the theme and is pretty =)

And puzzle game are the best!

As a colorblind I can't thank you enough for that feature then!

Thanks for the kind words :D
yeah don't worry, I play the game of every commenters ^^

Haaa I had the feeling. I'll come back to the game to finish it then ^^

Once I got the hang of the selection, I found this game pretty fun! I give you the originality bonus for the orca

Scored 21!

Fun game :)

Very nice art!

The toast ending is funny ^^

My best score is 10 for now!

It took me several tries to understand the control scheme.

The mood is cool and the concept is fun, I would like to see a bit farther ahead though.

The physique feels good and natural, contragts =)

I'm too tiered right now to go far in the game.

But I'll be sure to come back because this is very good and original.

The righting is a nice addition.

If that's not already in the game, a list of all the character you already saved would be cool :D

I went pretty far I think (the corridor of rocks)

Like that game very much!

Some kind of progression indicator (a score, or a map) would be a good addition

The feeling of being almost in control but not really is on the nose!

And the sfx are nice!

I scored 3920 =)

At first I feard this would be too close from luftrauser, but in the ind you did a really intersting thing with the transformation attack!

One tiny thing, I would expect the missile mode to be a bit faster, so it would be easier to manage enemies.

It is very fun to do a 180 and destroy many enemies.

1.13 seconds!

I did not feel that much out of control.

That aside, the drift feeling is very good, you nailed it.

This is a very solid score attack game. Had you already made racing games before?