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Okay that was really good.
the execution is on point

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The sources

here you go :

I've done my fair share of jams, I know feedback are not the easiest thing to add =)

this is my kind of games!
if you keep working on it, a bit more feedback would go a long way.
also, I'de suggest forcing the tutorial popup on the first play.

Woah Thank you ❤

Yeah the dash through lava is a feature (if I recall you can dash through 1 space easily and 2 if you time it perfectly).

In the initial release 10-6 was the last level, 6 month or so later I added world 11 which was previous level inverted. The difficulty curve could indeed be a bit better managed. 

By the way, if you go in the stats screen and you tap several times on the first item, you get to see a break down of stats on each levels.

I'm glad you like 8Links as well =) 



Hi, I am reworking a web game I had made for a jam.
The original version was mostly a .html file with some <script> content.

I want to use typescript for the new version but I struggle to make it compile without the use of feature like importing module (I'm using the library axios).
I really would like it if my game was still playable from the project page, but I don't know if using those feature will prevent it.

Am I wrong in thinking that I can't use modules in embedded web game ?

For reference: I'm working on

is this a warning ?


aw thanks =)

I keep coming back to the game after a week even though I've reached lvl 40+ several times already
the loop works so well, it's a pleasure to drop a card and hear the feedback of several enemies going down!

very good

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15 day after, I'm still playing at least one game a day (often more)

This game is very satisfying.

Thanks you for the kind words!

I'm always happy when people tell me that they like the game

I'll bee honeyst, I wasn't expecting this ;)

The concept is fun and there's some very clever level design. I definitly would love to see more level of this game.

Also the music is fun and nice.

This is easely one of my favourite game I've tested for the jam!

The stitching idea is great, the visuals are nice and the sfx/music is cool.

There are some things to improve in the plateforming, but nothing too seriours.

Greate game, well done!

Having concidered doing boids for this game jam, I can say this was a nice attempt.

The project do miss a bit of feedback though

Visually the game is interesting =)

Very well done and super pretty for a game made in 48 hours!

The game is fun!

The combat is hard tho, I keep hitting the wrong key. I would have expected more puzzle levels before the introduction of enemies.

Nice job <3

When I saw a golf game, I wasn't expecting combat ^^

it's a fun idea, I especially like the "Hole mimic" enemies

Thanks! month might be a bit much for this limited concept ^^

Thanks! I usually implement the screenshake first and make a game around it ^^

Colors are too expensive anyway :p

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I love the one player Heave Ho !
I know it's too late, but a little more feedback on the grabbing hands would go a long way to help understand what is happening. great job

Also the art style is neat in my eyes ^^

Hoo I didn't realized that you could deactivate the laser!

It's original but a lot for me to take in ^^. once there is enemies that shoot at you, I'm lost

Nice puzzles!
I'd like a level menu so I can go back to the one I was stuck on before making a pause ^^

I've made it to level 7 with a score of 5545 =)

Using enemies as shield is fun

Cool idea though I don't know how to pass the screen with the big hole in the middle.

Haaa yes, reminds me of "Captain Forever". Very fun. I've made it to the level 7!

I had some weird issue though, I think I could only move in diagonals. 

Well done, this is an impressive game to be made in 48 hours!

The character is pretty, however after multiple tries I always end up stuck. I think you could put more sign posts to guide the player as to where to go.

Fun game, cool concept, the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly though =)

I've made it to the level with a laser but I'm stuck there

Damned, thanks for the report =)

Ho no! I've not seen this bug! Thanks for the heads up

Yeah, I struggled a bit to make interesting levels. I always forget that level design is a skill to master

Fair point, I could have spent more time on the character controller.

This is the first game of this years GMTK I'm testing and it's very good!

The art is fun and the take on the theme is also fun ^^

If you have time, I suggest adding support for Azerty keyboard (it's just mirroring A->Q & W->Z)