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Its a nice and funny little game, with the game-machanics, from an old Aradce Space-shooter, very simple but fun. and the Jazz-Band fits perfect to this Game and to each frog. Maybe it would be nice, if there would be a winscreen, where these frogs don't use theri mouth without noices. Or maybe, thei could go from the stage. But  all for all its a nice  little game, which is fun to play

It a nice and funny game, where you can defend the ultra Jazz-Band from the angry flies, which don't like Jazz or frogs, idk, but they try to steal the Jazz-Band. Its awsome, that the soundtrack fits to each frog and this instrument isn't there if a Killfly steal the frog

Its a amazing game, and the control is very unique. I never saw a control lik this before(to go up and down), but at the beginning, its very much to read, and it could have an ambiend soundtrack. But its very nice

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The sound desing is amazing, it fits very good to this game

Good job

This game is nice but it frusteded me to sometimees. But i still play it beacause its a lot of fun with tooo Many Greandes


Nices Spiel