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Thanks man! We ran out of time unfortunately to be able to do more UI but it's definitely something we were planning to do. Not being able to change direction was a design choice but after some feedback we'll probably change that in the future. Glad you enjoyed it! ^^

The wolves are scary, really love the presentation of this one, and you came up with quite a unique idea! Congratulations! :)

This is a really unique game! The presentation is fantastic too, congrats!

I won with a score of 148! Really brilliant strategy game and a perfect testament to the theme. Well done guys!

This game is absolutely adorable, you nailed the theme, and the presentation is the best I've seen so far. Congratulations guys!

This game is a great testament to the theme, I loved the game, the art and the music. Great job all round!

Not seen a stealth game yet! Nice one, I liked it a lot :D

I beat it! Great game guys, that grenade launcher is a tricky mistress!

Cute game! We had a very similar theme but a completely different idea, take a look ^^

This game is great! There seemed to be something strange happening with the second door level - I was able to walk through walls! That didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying myself though. This one is one to watch out for :P Fantastic work!

I was so captivated that I had to play it all the way through to the end. You've made a very beautiful game, I just wish there was some sound effects that went along with all those lovely animations; stepping through grass, and the leaves blowing in the wind. Otherwise, great work!

Really nice concept, but I similarly had issues possessing people, to the point where I just got stuck on the level where you come up against a turret early on. It has a lot of potential though and I love the amount of detail in your levels ^^

Was a little concerned about all my base are belonging to them but otherwise this was a great little shooter! I admit the pun got me.. :P

I scored 445! Really enjoyed this game once I understood all the rules but it was a little confusing at first - I assumed the fly eggs were going to hurt me and I didn't realise that if I let a fly through it would kill me. A little clarification and this would be perfect, great work!

I scored 2506! This was a really fun and rewarding game, looks great and the sound effects are utilised perfectly. Great job guys!

I encountered a fatal error whilst playing, something to do with the bullets, but it was fun and interesting to play. Would have liked some scale in difficulty as it seemed to stagnate after a while

This game was addicting! I *still* couldn't say the right words, why am I such a baka

It's a little frustrating but it's a great idea. I like the music and art too!

Unlike anything else I've seen so far and very funny, would like some more involvement in the fights but I guess that's the point!

This hurts my brain but it's fantastic! Great job creating an original idea!

Interesting use of the theme, I initially thought the virus was going to hurt me so I was a little bit confused at first but the game is cute. I really love the wall jumping and grabbing!  

I really liked this game, I thought the jumping was great and the animations were really smooth. However some of the challenges were frustrating to the point of not being fun - specifically there was one that flipped the entire screen every few seconds/key press and I had to keep going back challenges to progress. The concept is great though!

You have a really professional looking title screen, and a fun game! The art in general is just top notch. Party Boi's was hilarious xD Great job!

This was fun! Good use of the theme :)

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words!

Thank you so much!

Really enjoyed this! Nice to see bucket-headed zombies in a game again :P

Music and art is great! Wasn't too fond of the concept but you succeeded in making me laugh so well done :D

This is so cute! You guys did a great job with this!

Love how it looks and the music is great too! Great job!

loved the art and animation, you did a great job with this!

Cute game! Gave me impossible quiz vibes :)

This was fantastic and my favourite so far! Great idea and adorable artwork. Very well done! Disagree with the people complaining about the waiting, it gave me a good amount of time to plan my next move :)

I love the idea! Maybe would have been nice to see the goal at the beginning before panning up to where the object was? Was a little confused if the goal was in the center or if it was just the entirety of the bottom of the screen

Great idea! Very smart. Simulates perfectly the frustration of being a backseat gamer :D

Your artwork and animation presentation is fantastic! Really simple but effective concept too. Great work! :D

Thank you!!

Cheers man! Thanks for playing! :)

Really fun! Great job :)

Was there a pattern for what portal you would come out of? If I knew which one it would have been a little less frustrating but it's very cute! I love the artwork :)