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A good interpretation of the theme, a fun clicker game, and interesting mechanics. Placing down buildings was satisfying, I like how they aligned to the planet circle. As others have said, it needs balance work and could use another mechanic in there.

I like the gloomy aspect of the game, the sense of impending doom with the music.

It does remind me of this game though : 

But also, the clicker and idle aspect reminded me of this video

Good entry!

This game was pretty fun. The mechanics you created are simple but work very well together. It was very fun trying to avoid the ghost and moving strategically to not touch him, but also minimize the use of the axe. And a great use of the theme.

I appreciate the forgiveness you do give us, like how we can move in between diagonal vines, and that the ghost hitbox is just a little small so that I can weave past him.

The growing mechanic of the leaves naturally leads to  harder and harder difficulty, and the requirement for more planning of my movement, which is very good.

Overall, a solid entry. Good job!

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This was super fun!

I loved how intense and fast paced it was, and it was super fun jumping focus between aiming, and driving. 

The game also felt good to play. The driving physics felt really good and it was enjoyable to drive around.

Your game design is also very well polished here. I like the idea of the leaves as a means to get the player moving around the map, and your approach to a problem I saw you mentioned in the comments with allowing you to drive off the map just at a slower speed. I like that items are pulled towards you once you get close to them so you don't have to be so precise.

The uncontrollable growth theme fits in here in two ways to, with the corruption and the gigantic wave of enemies. Once I figured out how to heal, every death felt like it was my fault, like I could have driven better to avoid the giant wave of enemies.

Speaking of that, it was incredibly fun to drive tactically in order to avoid an unwinnable situation. One time I lost because once the timer ran out I just made a b line for the station and ended up being completely surrounded and unable to move, so it was fun to have to drive in a way to avoid that. I didn't stop playing till I beat it.

I don't know if you drew all of the art, but the art looks very nice and cohesive. I just wish the bullets were a little bigger. I'd say the outside of the map should be something else though, instead of gray. Maybe the dirt sprite, but darker, and zoom in the camera so it's clear that you shouldn't be here, but it doesn't look like a bug.

My only negatives for the game is that it would do good to have more feed back, the menu moves really slow, and the game seems unoptimized for starting?

For feedback, it would be nice if the car  had some sort of effect when it got damaged, maybe just a white flash or a damage number. You have screen shake and a sound which is good. Same thing for healing. Maybe if the car became more scrappy as it got damaged, and it was all healed when you press E.

The buttons need to have hover sprites, something that indicates its registering that I'm going to click it and that when I click it, it did something. That would allieviate the issue of the next problem.

This game doesn't look like it should take that long to start up. Whenever you click restart or start, the game freezes for like 5 or 10 seconds before loading it. I often did not know if it worked because theres no response on the buttons.

Last issue, the fading transitions in the menu need to be way way faster.

Overall though, amazing game, I really enjoyed this one and had a blast playing and beating it.

I'm impressed with the RTS mechanics, selecting units and moving them, and the cost of units. I liked the ideas you had here, with setting up farms and gearing up to destroy the enemy base.

The issue is, is that there isn't any challenge towards the player, that would force the player to make interesting choices.

The enemy cells the spawn outside the base don't seem to do anything to our worker cells? So once I spawned a bunch of cells I just moved them over there and would continually gather resources.

And after that, the game is just a matter for continuously spawning destroyer cells and moving them towards the enemy base. The move distance is also incredibly slow, it makes it so that while I'm moving them all I can do is wait.

The resources are never depleted, so I don't have to continuously find new places to farm.

If the enemy base was continously spawning cells to defend itself, or sending cells my way to attack my base and I had to split up my army to defend it, that would make the game much funner. I also think it might be good idea to have the destroyer be ONLY for destroying the base, and needing the other units to defend it.

Other than that, I liked the music and the vibe of the game. I liked the cool colored background, and again, I am impressed with the RTS mechanics that are there.

thanks for the comment and for playing!

I think I should makenit so features can be pushed when moving into them. Thanks!

Thanks for your comment. I agree that I think the uploads should increase in difficulty over time.  As of now I actually think the game is too easy

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Im going to have to fix something with getting stuck. I think I should make it so that "features" are pushed by the player if they move into them.

I actually wanted to add rebindable keys, but I ran out of time. 

Thanks for playing and the feedback? How did you get stuck in corners, if you don't mind explaining?

This game was pretty fun and really well polished. Everything felt great to do.

I love the art style and graphics. Everything was so pleasing to look at. And the audio is just so good. IT felt so satisfying to harvest plants, it even felt good to walk around. I love the footstep sounds.

The head bob on the walking also made it feel very good to just move around. I think its super important to make that feel good to do.

I think the gameplay was also pretty fun, and I like the idea and how frantically I have to run around. My only complaint is that it's a little too easy, but maybe that's just me. I only had plants rot twice, and one was on purpose just to see what happened. Even on impossible I got up to 250 before I decided to stop.

I know difficulty is hard to balance for game jams though, and this is a really fun entry. Good job!

Thank you for playing! Yeah the time was originally shorter on the upload things, but I wanted to avoid making it too hard. You know when they say "if the dev finds it just right, its probably too hard". 

My last jam game was too hard for people, but now I think this one is a lil too easy lol.

Thanks for the feedback!

Good take on the theme, and a cool spin on tetris! I like the physics a lot, and how it changes how I think about placing pieces. I like the full rotation degress too, I think that makes it fun.

It's fun to build up the tetris tower and see how high you can get, and I also like the fact that it becomes un manegable and hard the higher you are.

I think it just needs a touch up on some art, and this would be really addicting to play.

Good job!

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I liked the take on the theme, but I was confused on what to do. I didn't notice I could interact with things on the first scenario, and as the other comments said, not being able to rotate in place makes this really hard. I think that could work as it's own mechanic but right now it seems more like an oversight.

I know what bulldozers do, but not the like, cylinders. Spraying water also didn't seem to do much? It felt like the only real solution was to bulldoze the area. It was also hard to tell WHAT I was going to interact with.

This is a good idea that needs work to make it fun to play. A solid base here though.

Edit(Just a short while after)

I managed to beat level 1, and it was kind of fun to plan out my attack plan, and put the bulldozers in the right place and use the sprinklers to keep it at bay long enough to do their jobs. I feel like there are some mechanics here that aren't being well conveyed to the player. It's a good idea, I like the idea of forming an attack plan to keep the fire away, it's fun.

Edit two. I thought I beat it. But then the fire jumped over three bulldozed areas. So, I don't know what the solution is.

This is an interesting idea, I like the idea that once you start using the mechanic it starts to grow uncontrollably, and that it both helps and hurts you.

I think the movement is so slow. And I know the point is that you use the cells to speed up, but on the level where it says "There is two", the majority of my time is spent just getting to the spot I want to start using cells.

It's also really difficult to tell if I am "hidden" in the cells or not. A lot of times I thought I was doing fine, but then would just die. I think it needs to be a little more forgiving.

I couldn't get past the "There is two" level.

A nice idea, and some cute art. Liked the theme of the game, body parts and medication. Not much implementation of the core mechanic though, which I'd like to have seen.  I also didn't like waiting at the last level, there was no challenge other than just not doing anything.

But hey, good job on your first jam entry!

You're just gonna come in here and make me feel all sad n' stuff? :C

Love your interpretation on the theme, love the short story you told and the way you show and didn't tell anything. The whole game filled me with dread, and although I haven't been cheated on, the experience of having someone close to you grow apart is something universal. 

You really hit the nail on the head, and through the whole game I was just filled with dread and sadness. But, I liked that it made me feel those emotions.

I really liked this game. Although, I don't see why anyone would chose the negative options, but maybe that's just how I am.

Now, Ima go appreciate the people in my life,  thank you very much.

This is a really good take on the theme! And it's also a super solid entry and really fun to play!

First, your sound effects are very satisfying. I love the footstep noises, the squash and pick up noise.

I also really love the art. It reminds me of some sort of old computer game with a limited pallete. It's also super readable! No element is confusing at all.

Your gameplay is also super fun. I love the moment-to-moment decisions, having to rotate my body safely to not be in target, but having to reach a nutrient before I die of hunger is really fun. It's a game that naturally get's harder over time and it's really good. Along with the footsteps, it makes moving around FUN.

The only real issue I had was sometimes it felt like the targets hitbox was too big. Like I wouldn't be inside of it at all and I'd die. Not a big deal though, had a good time playing this!

I think this game is pretty fun! I think the interpretation on the theme is a *little* iffy, but whatever who cares, this is a good entry.

I like having two upgrade options every level up, and I liked that it is timed, forcing me to try and focus on what the upgrades are and maintain my movement.

I think having to kill enemies in order to get their health is a great incentive to keep shooting and killing them. And having them drop health is a great way to make movement interesting , because I have to decide on the safest option to get that health without just charging into enemies.

I like the sound effects to. Gathering health is really satisfying.

My problems were:

The upgrade sprites are hard to read. I think having some text that names it would benefit it. Short simple names like "SPEED UP!" "MAGNET UP! or something.The projectile sprite moves so fast that at first I had no idea what the upgrade shooting speed did. It looked like a white blob to me cause I didn't recognize it.

There should be some more feedback to the player. This game is already fun as it is to see how long you can last, but enemies just disappear when you die, and it's not entirely clear when I take damage or if I'm low. Some enemy death particles, player damage effects, and some effect to let me know I'm close to death would be really nice.

The other issue is that there isn't any interesting choice with shooting. There's no trade off while shooting, which means there's no reason to not be always holding the shoot button. You might as well have just been shooting automatically, with only having to aim.

Overall, a good and solid entry! I really liked this one!

Good take on the theme, and I like the 3D art. I especially love the art at the beginning title screen.

I like the effect of the weeds growing a bubbling around the planet, and the spaceship is really cute with its puffs of smoke.

I don't really see how to kill the weed other than just holding fire on to a planet. I beat all difficulties by aiming towards the planet and holding space. The red thing moves too fast to really be able to aim well at it in my opinion, so its better to just hope it crosses your shooting path.

Triple digit review baby. Really fun and interesting mechanic. It feels good to get into the rhythm of hitting the ball, and aiming snappy to hit enemies. I like the small amount of enemies too, the combinations lead to interesting moments of trying to aim, dodge, and choosing who to go for first.

The ball felt very inconsistent sometimes. Sometimes I'd click when its green and still catch it and get hurt, and other times my timing would be off, and I'd still somehow hit when it's not green. Also, when the ball is behind you its just really weird. Hitting it will sometimes knock it into yourself and kill you, and it can be easy to get the ball behind you when you're moving around.

Still, I kept opening the game up again to play, it's a fun time killer. When you get into the zone it's a really relaxing and fun game.

My last negative is the audio. I personally think it's a little weak. It doesn't feel very satisfying to me to kill enemies, and I wish hitting the ball and having the ball hit the wall made a louder noise. And lastly, I personally didn't like the music very much.

Very good entry though! I always end up having these big long paragraphs about the negatives but I really did enjoy the game, it's good!

What a cool game! The gameplay loop of choosing when to split, when to try and grab a piece and constantly trying to protect all sides is so much fun. Stressful, but not overwhelming. Really good!

Plus, the visuals are super good. Simple and elegant. I really like how much you emphasize getting hit with the effects. Does getting yourself hit do anything besides pause the game a bit?

That intro, dude screw you. That was super cool having my window just expand like that.

Really fun and visually pleasing entry!

Good job on the audio! I liked the choices you made visually too.

Man this game got stressful really fast! It's like you make the first connection and then you're thrown into it. It was really fun trying to keep up and make connections, but I think there should be more visual feedback, like a shaking ui if I'm about to fail, or like red flashes on phones if they're not common interests. There is a lot for my eyes to keep track of.

Good entry!

Fun game! Like everyone else, this was a truly unique artstyle and I really enjoyed it. You also did a good job on making the background visually interesting. And the sound effects are charming.

I just wish I wasn't sent back to the beginning of the game each death. Getting hit once on the later levels can mean it's all over.

Good job!

This game was enjoyable to play. The different enemies did a good job at making it harder as time went on, and I liked how the last boss worked. I think that marrying people gives you hearts is a good design choice.

But most of all this gaming humorous and charming. I loved the big mustached man and seeing the ending pictures of everyone either looking uncomfortable or happy. Really funny!

You pixel art was fantastic too. Really really good.

My only negatives is that I wish there were more environments, and the game is still relatively easy to beat. Wish it was harder!

I really liked the idea of this game, and love the interpretation of the theme. It was really fun figuring out what would link together, and each time you hear that little "ba bum bum dum" it's so satisfying. I liked how the board gets more chaotic, like I'm actually going crazy and investigating this. I really enjoyed playing this one.

Here are my problems with the game:

The board gets super unorganized and cluttered really quickly. I think I should be able to zoom in and out with the scroll wheel so that I have more room to put things away. The fact that evidence is locked when you link it compounds this issue, I have all these links and evidence that contribute nothing any more. It results in me not being able to tell what's linked to what, me clicking on things I don't want to click, and not being able to see if new evidence appeared.

And thank the heavens I looked at the game page and found the bug feature. I honestly really don't see the point of putting a lose state in this game, the fun is figuring it out, not racing the clock. It'd be nice if the timer was just there to show how long it took me, but the timer is so short and isn't fun to play against. What ends up happening is I just kept replaying the first part and speedrunning it so I can get back to where I was, and now I don't feel like an investigator, I feel like I'm just going through the motions.

I noticed that my writing for the negatives are a lot bigger than the positives, but I wanna emphasize that the positives really do outweigh the negatives. I finished the game and found the culprit, and it was really fun piecing it together and I liked the cute art with the animals. If you update the game, I'd say get rid of the timer and lose state entirely. The game is REALLY fun and interesting just piecing it all together.

Good job!

A nice relaxing game. Really good job on the art and music. Maneuvering the boat was fun. Is there something that indicated my health? I didn't see any. I would have loved to be constantly harpooning, rather than kinda stopping once the ship was built.

I wish the game was just a little harder. Once I got the cannons it was smooth sailing. If the squids didn't slow down as much when I shoot them maybe.

I think my main problem is once I got all the pieces to my ship it just became a matter of going from map piece to map piece. I would really like to constantly use that harpoon.

Anyways, good job!

Thanks for playing! Yeah I was having trouble figuring out how to show the tutorial, especially when I did it only a few hours before the deadline.

This is a really good puzzle game and a really good mechanic to work with. Thinking and planning out your next move is fun, and every failure didn't feel cheap, it was always my fault for not thinking it through.

I actually really like the art. It reminds me of Baba is You, I think it's a really cute and simple art style. The camera shakes when you put something in the pot is super satisfying too. Wish there was more sound!

It says you created the music? Really good job on that! Music was awesome.

My only problem is I wish there was an undo button, so I don't have to repeat the same actions I already did because I messed up near the end. And on a different note, the beginning of the second song creeps me out for some reason and hearing it over and over again on restart was making me uneasy. That isn't your fault though I'm just werid haha.

Really good entry! Nice job!

Really simple game play but really good! I love the moment to moment loop of tracking prjectiles, enemies, and moving in a circle. Dodging is so much fun. I also love the enemies that make your ball switch, forcing you to switch up how you're playing.

It would have been a blast if there was some more polish, like screenshake or something on enemy kills. 

A solid entry, good job!

Very good sprite work  and audio! Love the music! Pleasing to look at and nice on the ears!

And an interesting concept!  The different colors for the numbers was a nice way to keep track of what was going on. I like how each concept was introduced one by one. But MAN I am stumped by level 10. I have no idea how to approach that one. The difficulty shot WAY up.

I liked the idea of mixing and matching body parts to build somebody, and it having different stats. You also have fantastic artwork and I like seeing it all joined together like that.

The randomness of it all isn't workable though, It's pretty much completely down to luck if you win or lose. I don't know what to do to fix it, but the randomness is a big flaw.

Good entry.

Thanks for the feedback!

Maybe I didn't communicate something, eating always happens when you're holding someone, so it isn't really a choice. I could have demonstrated that better. And yeah, I would have made the grabber have a bigger range so you didn't have to be so precise.

I really liked this concept! And linking things together and seeing an outcome and the progress of the city was cool.

Two problems:

The linker being a raycasted line and not just where I'm pointing is annoying, I kept grabbing things I didn't want. In fact, it may have been better to just not have moving around be a thing, just click on two objects on the screen.

The possibilities for combinations are limitless, and the combinations I would come up with in my head are not the same as yours. Sometimes combinations would make sense, fire and beef make a steak. But sword and bush make cactus? Abstract thinking there, and it lead me to things like, maybe fire and snowman would make water, or stone and guitar would make rock music. It was really hard to think of combinations to do.

Good concept, would love to see it in a more fleshed out game.

This game is very hard! I like the idea but I can't seem to time my dashes right, and you take so much damage from bees.

Lots of times when I dash, I think the other bee would dash and hurt me.  Really wish I was invulnerable during my dash.

It also takes a while to start. Restarting the game was always boring because I had to wait for the bees to come, just to die a few seconds later.

This game seems really fun but I can't get past the first couple seconds.

Really good art! And I liked the idea and your puzzles were very well designed! I played through to the end and always felt very smart when I figured it out!

My only problems were, the difficulty curve is really weird. The third level took me forever to figure out, and there were like a million conveyer belts I just didn't know what was going on. I think the levels should just be rearranged.

The movement is really slow and janky, I wish it was snappier.

The conveyer belts have two different sprites going on for the two levels they appear and that just seems odd.

The last puzzle was my favorite, I got a great "aha" moment when I figured it out.

Good job!

I liked your dry humor. I was having fun with the hmmm...Stanley Parable-esc kind of game where it's very self aware? Even though it really didn't fit the theme it was a fun and charming play.

I did not finish it though. When I chose a door, I decided to go back to try the other one, and when the arena spawned I was outside stuck in a wall, and I didn't want to go through the entire narration over again. 

This game is really confusing. The concept seems interesting but it doesn't seem utilized very well. I liked the idea of dropping body parts so to solve puzzles, but none of the puzzles were challenging or required me to do something in a specific order. I would go to the button, select the color, press tab and press it again.

The controls are also really awkward. Pushing A/D also turns the camera, so using the mouse it was constantly fighting it.

The platforming is very slow and floaty. I was actually able to get past a lot of it the first time when I didn't know what to by just walking around walls because it takes so long to start falling. Moving isn't interesting so the time it takes to get places is tedious.

Lastly, I really like the visuals of the beginning title screen, but the visuals during gameplay hindered my understanding of what was going on. The similar colors made it hard to see how far things were, and the lines connecting the body made me confused.

I like the music though. Good job on submitting a game, keep on improving.

This was a nice idea, I really like the idea of having to swing around normal environments as something small, I'd love to see this be explored.

Unfortunately, the game is super easy to cheese. I didn't have to swing around on all the hooks and things because I could walk on the ground, climb up the wall, and then attatch myself to where to the goal.

Maybe if the ground was an instant loss, this would work a lot better.

I will say that when I decided to not cheese it, it was pretty fun swinging around.

This game was so good! Such an awesome idea! I'm going to come back to this one and play it again because I really liked it!

Almost everything you made was an excellent design choice. 

- I love adding together the pieces in the way I want to. It's such a fun decision and strategy to make.

- Clicking was awesome as a way to quickly deal with enemies AND to avoid enemies once you become too big. It was such a power trip to watch everything clear the screen and be able to rearrange myself.

- The gameplay itself is an excellent choice as the gameplay naturally becomes more difficult as time goes on.

- I loved how you cleanly introduced the mechanic by making it happen to start the game. 

The only thing I want from this game is better graphics and effects. I want to see the enemies explode and stuff. You've got screen shake which is really nice.

Great job! (I could easily see Mark liking this one)

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I agree that smacking enemies should stun them. Knocking them straight into you and having them immediately attack is always unfun. As the game goes on it would also help with dealing with the projectile shooting enemies.

Like everyone else said, I liked the art style, and in all the same ways too.

The game play was interesting and I liked the moment to moment choice of compress, fire into smelter, fire at enemy, or move. And it was fun to play, my score was 1020.

I had issues with the visibility though. I kept dying to enemies I couldn't see, which wasn't fun. I'd be having a blast dodging enemies and shooting only to run into one behind me. 

Good entry!