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Matthew Coder

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Wow! thank you very much for this massive feedback, i really appreciate it!  All of your complaints are right, thank you! yes, the sliding is because i initially planned a walljump mechanic to progress in the levels, but eventually landed on a simpler idea.

Thank you very much! And also thanks for organizing this jam! 

got it!

thanks man!

Thank you very much, all of your suggestions are very valid! btw i actually made the whole game in the first day of the jam, spending on it more than 12 hour straight, I almost didn't sleep because i knew i was going to be very busy in the following days hahaha ;)

ohhh... that's a shame man! hopefully you can still publish this someday soon, it looks promising! keep it up!

Man, this game is really someting! This is easily my favorite game of the game jam, very well done! An amazing boss rush, i'd love to play more of that!!! (Nontendo destroyed me). Also, if you have time, please consider trying my game too, i'd love to get some feedback!

Liked it! nice concept, well executed, very good! the only "issue" i found is the music being a bit too heavy, but that's no big deal! if you have time please try my game too, i'd love to get some feedback!

WOW! I'm very curious how you got this effect, is that real 3d? btw i'd love to get some feedback on my game, if you have time consider trying it!

A pretty cool game, the music combined with the speed of the gameplay gave me a frantic and cool feel! (tho i don't get where's the "gameboy-like-ness", we were supposed to have a limited color palette and resolution)

Good game! it's impressive that you managed to make 4 different levels in such a short ammount of time! the only "problem" I found is that sometimes it's hard to read the number of lives you have (because of the color limitation) but no big deal. if you have time, consider trying my game too, i'd love to get some feedback!

Very cool! i liked it! very polished in every detail: the graphics, the music, SFX...

I was stuck for a while on the third level but eventually made it through, very nice! btw if you have time, try my game too, i'd love some feedback ;)


Ah, got it hahahaha

cool! very nice for being made in just an hour! but I didn't get how does it fit the theme

Thanks man! 

Thank you very much! 

Got it

This was so much fun! very very intense, but i'm so happy with the result, hope everyone enjoyed the jam as much as me. By the way, did the timer bug? It says that submissions are due in 1h and 10 minutes, how is this possible? Anyway, goodnight everyone!

Thank you very much! 

Hi! Sure, I'll be there!


Wow! Thank you, so glad you like it! Also thanks for the suggestion! 


Thank you very very much! I'm glad you liked it! 

Thank you very much, glad you liked it! I understand the issue, I need to think about a way to solve it without deleting that part of the game (because I like the idea of the window shrinking hahaha) thanks for the feedback! 

Thank you! 


Hi! I made a video about the making of this game! 

I'm italian so there is Italian audio, but English subtitles! 

Hi! I made a video about the making of this game! 

I'm italian so there is Italian audio,  but English subtitles! 

Wow! Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! 

Thanks man!! 

Thank you! I'm very glad you liked it! 

This is GENIUS! PLEASE make this into an actual game, i'd totally buy it!

Nice! It's simple but very effective, i like it! And the "going downstairs..." animation + sound effect is sooo cuuuuuuute!

Very cool! it got me entertained for much longer than a regular jame game, nice!

also the drawings are really cool!

This really amazed me! very funny and challenging!

WOW that lighting! pretty challenging too, liked it!

Thanks a lot! i'm very happy that you liked it! Undertale is definitely one of my favorite games!