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Submitted by YaYaGames — 4 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline

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Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Now that the jam is in it's last hours, i want to thank everyone for their kind views and feedback! :)


 nice retro themed arcade game. the background score and game controls could be tightened a bit.

(1 edit) (+1)

Haven't seen such a good game in ages. perfect game. loved it


Awesome game.Loved it.


A neat idea, but definitely feels clunky. The coins didn't seem to get picked up, and sometimes I had to hit space a few times for it to register correctly. With some more time you might have something here.


Simple concept but putting VVVVVVV gameplay into a runner works actually well.

With a little more work on the graphics and effect, it could be a really cool game. Also, I think you should have locked the camera between the roads as it would help seeing clearly where you land.

Anyway, good job!


Cool idea but the game can feel a little clunky. When you land sometimes the jumping doesn't work. also the music is a little loud and repetitive. Overall not bad it just needs a little polishing.


I think its nice your game is on web and you are clearly making a lot of effort on having people to play it and you achieving it!

Game-wise I don't mind the simplistic graphics and I think the way you approach the theme can work really well.
Also, it is pretty intuitive how you can control the character and what is your goal, a thing many games get wrong.
However, the soundtrack is a little bit annoying after playing for a while and the game feel is not very tight.
This feels like its a little bit clunky to play the game and dodge the things in the way.

Anyway, congrats for your game!


Decent effort, but definitely needs to have a bit more playability consideration. Too easy to get stuck with bad random seed and not make much progress.


watched your stream


This game is well executed but I think it lacks some way of measuring player's progress and that doesn't motivate the replayability of the game. Still good job on finishing a game in 24 hours. 

Keep submiting games and polishing your craft and I bet your next entry will feel more solid.


A well made game, the mechanics work well. It lacks Amazing graphics or amazing sound design but it fills what the game jam was about. In this case A Platformer without jumping. If Some sort of score system was added it would make a great arcase game to pass the time


The main concept isn't too far from some other key platformers. Though, this would fall more into the infinite runner genre; most of which have jumps and ducks where as the gravity flipping is sorta newish baring the most discrete of infinite runners.

Since I'm a bit unclear what exact phase your going for to fit this GameJam's theme, here is a small list with my opinions:

  • Assuming you are doing "Platformer without jumping", I would more turn this into a puzzle concept where stages are built to look like a platforming stage with a more puzzle mechanic to figure out how to ascend, like how they did with Captain Toad.
  • If you're going for "Infinite Runner without jumping or sliding", I would look for even more ways to traverse land or avoid death. Some things like having to shoot or chop incoming stopping forces to break them before they hit you. If you're feeling a bit of change in perspective, you could have it so you change the direction of the sign or have it bend and weave. The idea of changing gravity is very similar to changing lanes in a standard Infinite Runner. Just a change in angle.
  • Though if you were going for a "Platformer without collectables", I think you nailed it.
Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool entry, it's very difficult :D

Here's some feedback:

  • Key to game music is that it (most of the time) should be in the background and not too attention grabbing. Focus instead of adding a few sound effects, this will give your game a lot of "game-feel" for very little effort.
  • Same goes for adding simple 2 frame animations, or in this case simply rotate the sign over half a second or so when you swap direction instead of snapping it 180 degrees.
  • A simple score would add a lot of replay value, just check the distance that the player has traveled in the X-axis from the start position and display that on the screen.
  • You have a good base to work on, adding small things like screen shake and particle effects will go a long way to improve it.

Great job on your first game jam! :)


Great to see you participate!

To improve the design of the game, I would recommend a few things:

  • It would be helpful if there was some way to know about obstacles on the other side before switching gravity - either zooming the camera out or seeing little object previews
  • If you want to have randomized layouts, it's very important to be certain that the layout is possible to navigate. In this case we can work out the angle the player will travel when gravity is switched and then form an optimal path around that
  • Adding a score system, such as counting the number of objects you pass or distance travelled, or time spent. This way players can compare their skills with each other
  • As a larger change, it would give you a lot more possibilities with layout if players were able to switch gravity again before they land

Good work on getting it running smoothly and bug free :).

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

You mentioned that this was your first game jam, so congratulations on that!

I do have some criticisms for the game:

  • First, the music. Unfortunately, it could be better. I can tell that there was an effort to make an interesting song, but there's room for improvement.
  • The signpost graphic in the game looks off, maybe there was some issue with the way it was imported?
  • The obstacles seem to be randomly placed, which is fun, but sometimes they get placed in a way that makes it impossible to beat the level.
  • It can be unclear what can and can't hurt you. Coins seem to hurt you, while the purple platforms do not.
  • The Lives counter seems sort of broken; it looks like every frame in which you're touching an obstacle, it takes a life away. If it's meant to give you three chances to hit something, try adding a countdown timer every time you get hit, and you can't lose health again until the timer is up.
  • The volume slider doesn't work. It's fine to have unfinished parts in a jam game, though.

But I have some good things to say too:

  • First of all, you finished a jam game. That's a pretty good feat; lots of people don't end up finishing, or maybe even never try. Finishing any game is a productive and rewarding experience. Congratulations!
  • The idea is interesting: a gravity-swapping infinite runner where you play as a signpost? Lol. Also calling it "Signpost Bill" is funny.
  • There are some issues with it, but it's decently fun. I could see someone spending a while playing it, and that's important.

Overall it's a very good job for your first jam, and I hope to see you make more games!


Reminds me an old competitive browser minigame with the same gravity flip mechanic where you had to compete against a friend or AI in an endless run towards the right with multiple obstacles across the way and the objective was to leave the other guy behind. I think you should try to look for more games with gravity like mechanics to try to expand upon your game, nice work for a first jam and i hope you keep making more!


Thanks man , really means a lot.


I like the main mechanic, but it needs a long way to go until it gets good. Apart from the obvious graphics department lacking, I don't feel anything from this game. No screenshake, no sound effects, most of the time I had no idea the enemy I just touched was an enemy. Add visual and auditory feedback and make the graphics bearable and you've got a decent little game in your hands.


quite fun & charming, tho it needs some more polish.




Confusing, charming and fun, I really like this one. Great job!




The volume option doesn't work, the generation is unfair, so is the camera not showing you what's on the other side. Still, the music and the artwork is stellar, reminds me of the early work by Bay12Games, which are one of my favourite companies. Great work putting this together.

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