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That was so sick! The immediately fell in love with the concept and premise. It's a super cool idea, and  think the mechanic you chose fit really well. it was fun trying to maximize your loot to weight ratio in order to make it out. 

I would have liked to see some more exploration of the weight mechanic, I liked the two different enemies that presented two different challenges (running from bats, and dodging fireballs), but I think adding some more elements would have made for some more interesting levels (maybe some timing based spike traps?). Also, I felt I never was in any danger of dying, and often I was just able to take a hit and keep going through the immunity frames (maybe only 3 hits instead of 6?)

Over all though, I really enjoyed it. It was quite fun, not to mention the insane amount of polish that was put into the sprites and the menus, and the interface. Well done!

Thanks so much for the feedback! We wish we were able to implement more enemy types in time too - keep an eye out on our future projects ;).

Thanks for the comment on the menus, I spent hours trying to make them intuitive and keeping multiple aspect ratios and resolutions supported!