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Great game for 7.5 hours! Congrats!

What a legendary 7.5 hour submission!

Really interesting game! I would have preferred if I could trigger the rage mechanic myself though. Nice cohesive art style and impressive use of sound.

I really liked the concept and graphics on this one! Only having to select once to put down a bunch of plants would be great though :).

There were some nice metaphors in the text which brought it to life! I felt though that sometimes the characters didn't really respond to a few events that happened to them, after pulling Chip back into the train for example. Inventive use of text to squeeze in a little gameplay, a few graphics wouldn't have gone astray ;)

Loved this! I would suggest that you find another way to make firing the bullets visually interesting, as the flashing background is a bit sore on the eyes (especially, I would imagine if you have photosensitive epilepsy).

Very inventive and implemented with style!

I think it would be great if the player was given some small queue when holding the mouse would cause their elevator to stop on a new floor. I found myself over and undershooting a few times (often back to back).

We chose the LWRP specifically so that we could easily implement that drawing behind other objects feature for the ball and goal flags. It was a little risky as we hadn't used it before.

Also I was going to use the shader graph, but ended up having to code the shaders I needed myself to get access to some extra features.

Bloom is darn fine, I like it wherever I can get it usually. Although on this project I was more focussing on making those bright materials and textures pop as I usually struggle to get vibrant colours into my work.

In our case our main problem was where the colliders for tiles meet. The ball hits one collider and not the other and considers it as hitting a corner rather than a continuous flat wall.

Also realistic drag/friction doesn't give the player enough time to properly mess around with the traps and tilt as the ball gains too much speed. We have some code adjusting friction along manually specified curves to get around this.

Great game, certainly a cool spin on games like Overcooked!

Great polish, just needs a tutorial to get the player started.

Well implemented concept! It's good to see that you expanded on the initial idea in ways which fit well with how the player interacts.

Nice use of effects, shame you couldn't get them to also function in the WebGL build. I'd be interested to know which version of Unity, graphics pipeline and post processing stack you were using.

To keep the pace going, it would be nice if the shot fails, the player can quickly get themselves reset for the next one. Likewise if I succeed, I'd like to get that feedback straight away.

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Wow cheers for the detailed feedback.

I can confirm that all the art assets were made specifically for this jam. We had Oscar doing the 2D drawings and I was handling the 3D assets with my typical workflow from Blender through Substance Painter and into Unity with the occasional custom shaders.

We certainly did have some issues getting Unity's current physics engine to cooperate with what we needed to make the game fun to play. We used a few neat tricks and compromises to get it to where we thought hitting the ball around was pretty entertaining.

Thanks! On sound, we did notice the issues, it's not just your computer. We didn't have time to fix it unfortunately.

Oh interesting. I was thinking more along these lines.

Maybe just a few black pixels along the middle of the edges of the cells?

I am certainly interested in taking the game further :D

Interesting concept and well implemented!

I would recommend that you include a visible grid when the level is shown to allow players to count their steps more easily.

That's high praise! Thanks very much!

Good on you for going for the honest plays!

We did design the courses such that it would be impossible or nearly impossible to not cheat. I think it's funnier that way.

Also, to make the mechanics clear in the tutorial levels, we thought it best to require the player to play in a particular way.

You betcha! I've had so much fun mucking around on multiplayer mini-golf recently.

Thanks! When carry weight is part of the strategy, it becomes a lot of fun :D.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep an eye on our future projects and announcements - Fresh Merchandise may be making a return ;)

Thanks so much for the feedback! We wish we were able to implement more enemy types in time too - keep an eye out on our future projects ;).

Thanks for the comment on the menus, I spent hours trying to make them intuitive and keeping multiple aspect ratios and resolutions supported!

We spent about 34 of the 48 hours working! Not much sleep was had xD

Great to see you participate!

To improve the design of the game, I would recommend a few things:

  • It would be helpful if there was some way to know about obstacles on the other side before switching gravity - either zooming the camera out or seeing little object previews
  • If you want to have randomized layouts, it's very important to be certain that the layout is possible to navigate. In this case we can work out the angle the player will travel when gravity is switched and then form an optimal path around that
  • Adding a score system, such as counting the number of objects you pass or distance travelled, or time spent. This way players can compare their skills with each other
  • As a larger change, it would give you a lot more possibilities with layout if players were able to switch gravity again before they land

Good work on getting it running smoothly and bug free :).

We'll have to get up there straight away! I didn't even know 6/5 was possible!

Thanks for the feedback!

Introducing item values into the abilities is an interesting idea, definitely in keeping with the merchant! Perhaps we should have a camera speed slider for those who prefer a less frantic camera pace.


We're keen to explore the idea more! Thanks :D

That's dedication to the looting cause! Any merchant would be glad to have you as an adventurer ;D

Great concept, well implemented! Could have done with a way to speed up the earlier bits after you die so you can get back into the new keywords.

Thanks for checking it out!

We're strongly considering turning this into a full game - we ended up cutting some pretty cool features!

For some reason it didn't even occur to us to have the mouse influence the camera. Great idea though, a little influence would go a long way I think!

What kind of system are you running it on?