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That's a really fun game ! It reminds me of old flash games a little bit. You made a lot of content with a good sense of progression, good job ! 

(Also, you can restart the game at the end with all your powers, that's cool)

Wow, this takes a few levels to get to the point, but this is a really clever main mechanic and well used too ! It's kinda hard to predict the light around corners, but still really cool with much potench' !

This is an amazing concept and really look like a real game. What an amazing work you did !

This is interesting, there's a lot of potential here, this is not a mechanic that I have already seen ! Nice game !

Oh wow, this game is really well made AND innovative AND has cats and also have a nice calming feeling to it. It's one of my favorite games of this game jam, thanks for making it !

I tried sooo hard to break from sleep paralysis but I could not escape it. I guess you could say that... I'm out of control ! Anyway, it's nicely done, I'm unable to do a 3D game in a game jam, so you a great job !

Oooooh, that's cool, you had the same idea as me but with a completely different approach, good job ! 

This is actually very fun to play ! The little ice cube feels very great to play with and moving around is really nice. The game is a bit easy, but no complaint here ;)

Oh, and I think because of this little ice cube, we'll enter a new ice age... Awesome ๐ŸงŠ๐Ÿ˜„

This is a great idea !! Altough, I think the game would benefit more by being more puzzly-ish than platforming ! But, it's still a very solid game, congratulations !

Hey, coll little game ! I think it could add a lot with different ennemies and weapons !

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Today was a good day : I've helped a Penguin with Sunglasses to be cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸงŠ

I do not think it's that much out of control, but it's pretty cool anyway ! It's also very polished, great job !

Very nice puzzle game ! It's pretty innovative and interesting ! I love it !

Oh wow, I love how the ships are moving !

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I love that when the time get negative during falling, you jump higher ! It's not really used in these levels, and I don't know if it's intentional, but it could be a really cool mechanic !

Very hard with my different keyboard, but, it's funny seeing all those keys exploding :D

Oh wow, this is haaaaard !

I think the game would be better to have blocks that are really out of control, I mean, is still kinda easy to use the blocks while they are out of control.

But anyway, it's a nice approach to the theme, nice job !

Really nice game !

This has a lot a juice. Look at all this zombie body parts !

Scored more than 5 millions points ! It's really fun !

There's so much juice in this game !

It's a nice game ! Everything is functional and well made, good job ! (Also, nice programmer art :D)

HEY ! Who put my will to live in a bottle ?!

(Joke aside, that's a really good game !)

Sometimes, "Foobar" appears at the same place of some zombies so that's kinda annoying, but it's still a cool game anyway :)

This is an idea I've often seen on this gamejam, but this one is really well made, nice work !

Oh, you did this with your family ! That's sweet !

It's very clean, nice job ! It reminds me of state machines :D

Oh nooo, no checkpoint :(

But anyway, that's a nice little game you got there !

Wooaaaah, this has so much potench' ! This feels really polished ! Amazing work !

Wow, this game is clean ! It feels precise and very polished, great job !

The weapons are really original ! But they feel overpowered, these demons do not stand a chance :D

This is a really cool looking and juicy game !

The font is really hard to heard though, but apart from that, it's a cool game !

That's a nice experiment ! I don't really think it fit the theme that much, but the game is pretty clean !

Those silly humans, they always want to run into deadly spikes !

(I've scored 1131, nice and cool little game !)

Oh, wow, I was not expecting this ! It's a nice idea that you have to arrange things so the monster do not destroy everything. Nicely done !

Oh, wow that's a great and innovative mechanic ! The controls are a bit hard, it could be smoother, but that's a great idea ! Good job !

If only real life work could be as easy as "Click to work" :D

Hehehe, that's a nice and realistic game about game jams !