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Lucas Delvallet

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Hello everyone !

My brother and I made a game ! Yeaaaah !

In Eburnean, you shoot things that shoots you! It has bosses because, well, it's a boss rush game and it's a top down shooter that feature paint. A loooooot of paint, everywhere. And guess what, this paint is magical because it allows you to be stronger and to slow-down time ! Slowing down time is sooo cooooool. (This excedent of vowels is purely for slow-down effect).

To be serious for a bit, the game has been developed in C# using the Monogame framework. Except the musics, everything has been made by us in about 1 year of non-constant free time. It's available here on itch.io and is "Pay-what-you-want-for", meaning you can have it for free, or for anything between a few cents to a few millions.

The game features:

- 8 bosses. Each one with his own fighting pattern and with his own dialog with the player.

- 8 Characters. They all have their own skills and characteristics. The game may be harder with some of them ;)

- A totally not serious story without any hidden meaning at all.

The game page, full of unseriousness: https://lucas-delvallet.itch.io/eburnean

If you like the game, do not hesitate to rate it, comment it and share it with your friend and non-friends. It will always give us a smile ;)

Replied to Itooh in 1D POTL comments

Hey, thanks a lot ! I'm glad my improvements are worth it !

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Oh, I had a thought for colorblind people, but sadly, 48hours is a little tight to implement features that help :(. A way to display the number next to the colors would be a solution, or a way to personalize colors should do the trick too.

And you are right for the player glowing, it was a bad choice.

Thanks for your kind review ;)


There's is something interesting going on with blood that make the character going faster. Too bad the game is too easy to use it effectively. But the potential is there.

Another improvement would be having ennemies that must be killed with 2/3 shoots so you have to regenerate by killing smallers ennemies.

If you ever do a better version, you should definitly add more juice. It's a revolver ! Go with screenshake and a loud and clear BAAAAAANNG sound :D

Oh, and i like the music, and the light system is rad.

But anyway, it's a nice entry for a 48h made game.

It's sooooo hard.

But the fact that ennemies must be killed from a specific direction is really interesting, even though the arena is really small.

The feel when killing ennemies is nice too.

Cool game !

First thing that comes into my mind, is that it reminds me of Reus.

It's actually an interesting concept, it's kind of hard because the 3 environment grow really fast. It's not perfect, but there is definitely something. I liked it.

The art is great, but the music is meh.

Yeah. I totally failed to make the game understable. Sorry ^_^

I will probably make a more simple version in the futur

Really interesting. I like how movement is tied to shooting with an addition of the combo system that regenerate the player. It really make us take risks for a bigger health rewards, it's well done !

And I like how the health is displayed below the mouse cursor.

Good job !

Thank you for the deep and kind review !

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Fullscreen or zoom is definitly something I would make if I ever do an updated version.

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Yeah, I did a terrible job in explaining the game. I should have done better but I was lacking time :(

Lining up height is a good idea, I'd lose the full 1d experience, but keeping player on the game is better :)

Okay. If it is, you can still launch the game by clicking "More Info" label then check the "I understand the risk and want to run this app" and finally click "Run Anymay" button. (Text on label/button might be a little different because I've translated it)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, the message indicate that the game was downloaded from unidentified source/unrecognized app/unknown publisher, which I am.

(Edited 1 time)

Is it because of Windows smartscreen ?

Oh, okay. I added a line about the extraction.

It's probably because my game isn't on Microsoft white list. So, to be sure and because only a few people have downloaded the game, Microsoft is "protecting" your computer by preventing the game to launch.

You can still launch the game by clicking "More Info" then check the "I understand the risk and want to run this app" and finally click "Run Anymay" button.

Sorry for the inconvenience (^_^;)