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Lucas Delvallet

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Hey guys !

I made another game : Animal Daedal. It's a relaxing puzzle game about a cat and a snake solving puzzles. There's switches, crates, keys and doors, ice beams, rebel clones...

It's a small one man made project, I hope you'll like the game !

You can play it here :  :

Hey, the game is interesting, but there's not that much strategy involved (By the fact it's mostly random attacking).  But it's a nice take of the Beat'em up and there's potential here. Good job !

Hey, nice starting idea ! An idea that you could add, is tilted surface, so the bullets do not bounce in a straight line. So you could have timing "puzzle" where you have to shoot somewhere you cannot go to kill some ennemies. But there's the obstacle with those boxes moving around.

I love the fact that you can combine different weapon, good job !

Hey, everyone, after the jam ends, I'll upload a post jam version with refined controls. I'll be less frustrating. Cheers :)

Yeah, I'm sorry moving is weird. Hadn't time to polish that part enough, even if it's important. Thanks for your feedback !

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Graphics are cool ^_^

I'm sad you didn't had time to deliver something "finished" for the jam. I'm curious what was your idea with all these dogs ?

Hey thanks ^_^

I do know the controls are a bit weird and I apologize for that. I had several ideas to improve the game and one of these idea is  to make a turn based puzzle game, this should correct all the controls problems :)

This is really good !

Hey, good job on the minimalist part ! However I feel like your idea is not exploited enough. Okay there's no text, but with or without we play it the same.

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Oh. We should put this wall inside a house, with other walls, so he don't feel alone anymore.

Hey nice game here ! It's well done :]

Very hard in it's actual state, if these snakes were moving slower, it would be better, but that's only a detail.

Very cool !

Oh your concept is neat ! You actually have to think about your movment before killing your target ! Nice work !

This is interesting, the actual game you delivered need a lot of work, but I can see how this have potential to be a funny local muliplayer game. With everyone going everywhere trying to find the shortest path, it could be really fun !

Wow ! This is a very solid game, one of the best entry of 'platformer where you can only jump' type of game !

Level 4 is hard :B

Nice game overall, it's good without being perfect, the level design could be more interesting though.

Gni hi hi hi hiiiii



Hey ! Very good game !  I love the "poc" sound effect, it's very satistying.

Tight space could use more work, it's very hard to pass through, but anyway, good work !

This is good ! Level design is really nice for that short period of time !

So much juiceeee !

My only complaint is that we should have a way to see our range, to avoid mistake.

That's interesting, controls could be better, but it has some potential, good work !

Wow, this is hard !

Hey thanks for your comments.

Having a turn based snake will be better if I make a full version. Having it real time to keep the "Snake" feel, seemed a good idea during the jam :p

You are not the first one having problem with controls, it's my fault, it's not really well done :( , but it's perfectible, If I had more time, it would have been better :)

But anyway, thanks for your comment !

Hey ! Thanks a lot !

Yeah, the snake is not that responsive and it's because the code is not really clean. Sorry for that, if I do a better version, I'll spend a lot of time so the snake feels responsive :-)

Hey ! Thanks :)

Yeah, the sokoban part was just me trying to find different ideas to exploit the snake. And Sokoban crates were easy to implement (It's basically 80% of the snake code). It may not be the best idea of the pool, just some experimentation :-]

That's interesting and funny ! Good job !

Clearly one of the best game I played.

And the one with the most potentiel I have seen so far ! Awesome !

The idea is really interesting - it's the first time I see this control scheme - but in pratice it's not very appealing. 

But the execution is nice, you managed to have some ideas and tweak them, good job !

There's a lot going on, it's hard to process what's happening (Turret bullet are fast, understanding you can use your mouse is not evident too), but overall, it's good, there's good ideas and it's the things that matter in this game jam ;)

Well. That's it. I seduced a dragon.

"Boing" "Boing" "Boing" 

I love the fact that the sounds effects are made by you

That's insane. And you even take advantages of the full view by having to kill by shooting them together. So gooooood.

Graphism are stunning. But I think your game dont really fits the theme. But greak work anyway ^__^

This idea is awesome. I can't say much more,  you have creativity AND execution. Very very nice !

Nice execution ! The ideas you had are very well exploited. Nice work !

This is kind of funny, but not really fair, since all your opponents can turn left and right :p

Hey, thanks !

Yes, the constant movement might be annoying for a puzzle type of game. My ideas were not very clear, so it stayed, that's the law of a 48h jam, you don't have time the think twice about what you are doing ;)