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Hello !

Thanks a lot for your feedback, this means a lot to me !

Hey, thank you for answering. I've managed to finish the game ;)

That's an interesting idea, I like the look of this game, nicely done

I've scored 21700 after a silly mistake !

I am the master of Mixtapes !!

That's a cool puzzle/platformer, I like the fact that you have used all the powers in differents way, that's cool ! Well done !

I like the atmosphere of this game and the kinda cryptic puzzles

But I don't know what to do here, is this the end of the game here ? The game shut itself and there's no notes are explaining what to do here

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Hey, I won !

This is a very nice take on the theme, I like that you made a music for each tape. The balance of the game is not ideal, it's way better to take permanent upgrade, than changing tapes in my opinion, but it's okay considering that the game has been made in two weeks. Good job !

The idea to have a pool of different attacks in each round has crossed my mind, there's a lot of interesting ideas to explore with that idea. But it was already too late in the development process.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment !

The bloodless moon has awaken. Defend your village against the army of spooky skeletons that has arrived !

The Bloodless Moon a mix between an action game and a tactical game. The particularity in this tile based game, is that it takes gravity into account so be careful, those bat's skeletons might be the cause of your demise....

Play it here :

Sorry about that ! I've uploaded a new build that includes WASD controls

That's a lovely take on the runner genre !

Here's small tips, those are personal opinions so feel free to not apply them ;D

  • Don't restart the music when we die. That wait we can hear more than a few seconds of it
  • Make the difficulty less instantaneous. Like having the gunner ennemy appear only after x score for exemple. Or even speed up the game after a while too
  • Having the possibility to switch mid-air
  • Turn the JUICE to eleven. Like have impact when killing an ennemy, blood going everywhere, a sound effect, a small time stop (1 or 2 frames) to feel like it's something heavy. This will really make the player feel more fun when playing, even though nothing changed gameplay wise
  • Of course, having more obstacle types and maybe different worlds with different character, each with their own abilities. I'm sure you already have a lot of ideas for that ;)

Anyway, this is a pretty good entry. Well done !

Thank youuuuu !

Thank you ! Potential is what I wanted to show !

Merci pour ton retour ! :)

Wow, I like that game ! I love the fact that it's closer to a puzzle plateformer than what I was expercting when launching the game, the others gamejam entries with a similar idea were all about shooting stuff. So I was suprised in a good way !

Also, the level of polishing is crazy good ! The only complaint I could say, is that the camera rotation that follow the ship rotating makes it hard memorize the level layout. You've probably had this critic a lot of time, so anyway : one of the best entry I've played so far ! Congratz !

After all this years, having played hundreds of tetris games. All with countless new and old ideas, I could not imagine I'd discover a very new way to play tetris ! Very cool game !

Very cute, very simple. I like the fact that you took an real idea from the animal kindgom to fit the theme !

But I managed to keep only 9 ducklings on my first try, I'm a bad mother duck :'(

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Ooooh, thank you very much for your very kind comment !

Getting hit do nothing. I wanted to add a small time where you could not move to penalize the player for being too much, but ran out of time. Small bonus fun fact just for you ! The player share the same code as the base, so, like the base, you can actually die. But you have something like 9999999 health points, so it may take a while :D

Thank you for playing ! You've reached the last level, so you've seen everything to see, good job !

Thank you ! This means a lot that you like the ideas I had for the game !

Thank you :D

Thank you !

(PS: I like your cat profile picture :3 )

Thanks a lot for your comment !

Thank you !! This means a lot :D

Thank you ! :D

Thanks a lot ! I'm glad you highlighted my ideas :D

Ooooh, I like puzzle games ! It's very interesting, and I can really see the potential where you could have way more mecanism to interact with your control panel and have complex systems in the field.

Great game !

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Ok, so now I have an army of Mons-mons, I'm ready to conquer the whole planet ! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

Thank you for playing !

So, here's the first meme of my game. Maybe the first or a loooong series ! Or not !

Thank you !

Thanks a lot !

The tutorial is the very last thing I've added in the game ;)

I hope to never see in real life a massive chain of cars driving like I did when playing your game !

There's a lot of polishing and the 3D graphics are awesome. Well done !

I love the ambiance, the sounds of the clicking chains, the heavy atmospheric music. the lights..., It's really well done !

It's an interesting game that exploit risk vs rewards, huge pieces can't take every path because of their size..., It would be interesting in a versus mode. Taking big pieces and risk loosing them to the bowling ball, or leave it to your opponent ? Could be cool !

A small downside would be the control scheme, everything on the mouse can be practical, but i like my good old keyboard. But it's just my personal opinion and this will absolutely not alter my rating.

Anyway, it's a cool entry with nice visuals and it definitely fit the theme ! Good job !

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Hey ! Doc ! Stop unplugging me !

Anyway, the graphics and gameplay are really top tier for a 48hours game. You've made an amazing game !

It's a pretty interesting idea !  The game is a bit rough on some edge, but it's still a very nice little game !

That's surprisingly fun ! Maybe because it's because I love cats :3

Anyway, a small improvement I could make, is to make the fish and cans correspond to the cat color. It would be easier to remember which cat want what.

Very interesting idea !

I had a tough time to understand that the dog do not rotate, but, there's a lot of potential in your idea. With more complex environment, it could be really cool. And maybe a multiplayer where cooperating is the key to victory !

I had a lot of fun playing this ! The levels were varied and introduce a lot of things to use the main mechanic. Really cool game !

Buuuuut, I really don't like the idea of having explosive bugs that could get in my house D:





It's interesting. I like the idea of having specific walls for the blue or orange character.