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Nope, that's intentional! I didn't want players to have to think about challenges and traps while editing the game.

Disqualified for having a paywall, which is against the rules

Your game cannot be paid, or require a phone to play

I'm sorry, this jam requires a Windows or browser version

Not made during the jam, and mobile only

I'm sorry, the rules state that you need a Windows or browser version to submit for this jam

Not made during the jam, so it has been disqualified 

Sorry your submitted game is not working - you are not able to link to outside games, so your submission has been disqualified

Hey! Yes, the scripts are part of the wider Platformer Toolkit so will need some adjustment to work standalone. All of those things can be removed

Hey! You can just remove that bit - it's related to another class that I use to stop the player from moving. 

Hi there. This is Mark from Game Maker's Toolkit. You may have seen my YouTube videos about game design (or joined the GMTK Game Jam here on Well, how about a video essay that you can play

In this short game, you’ll get to see, first hand, how platformer characters are designed as you use the toolkit to change and adjust over 30 variables that drive the hero’s movement. 

Please give it a try. It's free, playable in browser, and has Windows, Mac, and Linux builds.

Hit P to skip - and there's a "skip all" button on the title screen :D

Thank you! The comment "the levels where the magnet basically acts like a glorified crate aren’t nearly as interesting" is really key feedback, cheers

Cheers for the comment, helpful feedback

Thank you David!

Thanks for this, especially the suggestions at the end. Really appreciate it

Thank you! Yep, waiting for the block to get into position is definitely not fun

Cheers Pavel, will work on that - I don't want players to accidentally solve stuff, that's for sure!

Thank you! Really helpful feedback