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Better one i've played so far. The graphics (although you only have 2 days to do it) are simply beautiful. As it is a very simple idea, the game has no errors. It's really fun and it reminds to flappy bird, but way better. Hope this turns into a mobile game, i would download it instantly. 5/5

sorry for the crappy english xd

Well, this game was good at first, but then, when it becomes more complex, it has more errors, for example; It is practically impossible to put a trampoline because the camera follows the player. And when you finally can put the trampoline, the ball goes faster and does not work (you die anyway)

but if all these things are fixed, I'll play it safe, because it's fun, it's challenging, the concept is unique and smart and, even though it only took 2 days to make the game, the music and graphics were pretty good. I hope this helps you improve the game in case that you follow it.
sorry for the crappy english xd

it's actually very fun tho it's very simple, with items and stuff this could easily be an entire game i think. 4/5

sorry for the bad english xd

I LOVED IT!! I'm waiting for an update!!!!! I can't find any tutorials so there are some things I can't do :( does anybody knows about a youtube tutorial or something like that?