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Great to hear, and thanks for playing! :D

Thanks for trying and for all the kind words! :D

Haha I actually forgot about that minigame (despite 5 being the one I've played the most) but yeah, definitely some significant similarities. I definitely considered some more Chain Chomp-like designs in my initial sketches tho.

Haha PICO-8 is like my bread and butter for solo work
And thank you!

Thanks! Yeah as impractical of a weapon as they might be in reality they're definitely a fun visual and concept (tho I suppose this one doesn't really move like you normally see) :P

Thanks so much!
Yeah the long room is definitely tricky, and that was after I spend a couple hours just playing and refining it during development.  So it could have been worse :P

Thanks! Yeah I'm surprised how few people even toyed with the idea of being connected to an enemy; I've only seen like 2 others and they handled it pretty differently.

Thank you! :D

Yeah it ended up a little on the mean side (tho I did spend a good few hours tuning the levels down to a more manageable state so it could have been worse).

Thanks so much! The music was thrown together in the last hour so I'm glad it came out alright :P

Thanks so much! Yeah this was an interesting one to design levels for since it was very much a case of just feeling out what interesting things you can do with the mechanic I made.

Thank you so much!
Yeah it's amazing how much life you can give something like the flail with just a simple eye. Also the music was literally thrown together in the last hour of the jam so I'm glad folks still like it :P

Thanks so much! I've had the GBC Zelda titles on the brain a bit lately so maybe that's part of where I got the platforming from :P

A flutter jump might be a decent consideration, though it may also break the level design with the extra distance it gives (unless it drastically slows your movement while doing it). Alternately, it could be an addition to an easier game mode.

Haha well at least there's technically 2 of them :P

Thank you!

Thanks so much! Glad you didn't find it too overly difficult.

Aww thank you so much!

Haha glad you appreciated it so much!

Thanks so much! And yeah they're kind of a jerk haha

Glad you liked it despite the difficulty!
If it's any consolation I did spend several hours of development just tuning the levels (especially the wide pit room) to a more manageable state so it could have been worse :P

Honestly not sure what about the gameplay feels like Crawl to you, but thanks! :P
(assuming we're thinking of the same one - Powerhoof's 3v1 multiplayer dungeon crawler?)

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Thanks for playing!
I definitely agree the wide pit room could use a checkpoint and some difficulty tuning, but I have to disagree on getting rid of being pulled into pits entirely. Part of the whole core idea of the game is to work around the flail's launching distance. It's always consistent (exactly far enough to slightly overshoot you at full extension), and I deliberately made it so that the flail stops at a wall on a direct hit so that you can control it. Keeping it from falling into pits would significantly reduce the challenge of the planning/routing aspect of the game. I could see maybe including an easy mode where it levitates all of the time, however.

Haha glad you enjoyed it!

Aww, thank you so much! :D

Very tricky and precise (and so I didn't even bother going for the cats after I realized they were a collectible) but certainly a unique take on the theme. The instant respawns definitely help reduce frustration.

*glares at the wide toggle-switch room in particular* Yeahhh there's only so much balancing you can do in 48 hours :P
Thank you so much!

Glad you enjoyed it!
Yeah the tech for flipping switches is a little finicky right now (it's technically just an extension of the block breaking detection logic so the range is a bit larger than necessary).

Thanks! I definitely agree it could def use some more tuning and difficulty pace adjusting post-jam.
And haha yeah I cut it pretty close cramming in the gameplay music (there was no music at all before the last hour of the jam).

Haha, no worries. Thank you so much!

It took me a while to get the hang of it but this is a pretty neat little game once you do. While it seems counter-intuitive to swing a nunchaku deliberately gently, the mechanic of deliberately breaking the chain to fight off the red orbs is especially cool.
I wish you had a bit more time to react to fireballs coming from above or below though, since mistakes from those can feel kind of cheap.

Push the time block one tile to the right, then keep pushing it upwards. The water(?) and the green guy will continue moving in reverse even after the time block disconnects from the vertical movement block.
I'm on the browser version, if that helps.
That very well may not be part of a valid solution, but it does seem like a bug.

This was remarkably intricate and interesting! Some puzzles ended up being a bit of finger gymnastics but the whole concept of controlling all the parts of your character separately was very cool and thoroughly explored. It was also interesting to see a game use a gun and projectiles for strictly non-combat uses like platforming.

I quite like the sound design here, and the quick movement feels surprisingly good for a puzzle game. While that may not be how gears work IRL they're always a cool aesthetic so I'll let it slide :P
I do wish the bounce pads were a little more consistent in their launch direction (sometimes I got sent askew if I didn't land directly on top) and maybe a mouse sensitivity setting could be nice (it was a bit low for me).

Ok that melee attack animation (plus the sound) RULES. The mechanics were interesting conceptually but I feel like more interesting things could have been done with the idea of controlling skeletons, and more enemy types could also be cool. The movement physics were a bit janky too, particularly with how you tended to slide around while riding on moving platforms for long enough (thankfully you can just press R and re-align if you're about to fall off from it).

The narration and overall style is really fun! The game itself gets frantically hard quite fast but it's still quite enjoyable.

Light on difficulty but dang this is gorgeously presented. Also nice touch with the distinct symbols for each star color to make it more accessible!

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Definitely a very unique entry, and an interesting subversion of the theme. Once I recognized what they were, the varying tones that play to indicate how close you are to alerting people worked quite well. I wish there was more of an indicator for where the boots go, though, since the spot seemed fully unmarked and wasn't clearly telegraphed by comments or dreams.

(Also hey wait a second, I don't think we'd ever interacted then but the name Uniquisher definitely rings a bell from my Trove days - I was a modder, under this same username)

I really wish you had a dedicated button for the grapple - having to aim it by holding a direction and pressing jump again while in the air is really awkward. The style is cute but it was too frustrating to control for me to get very far.

Frantic (and unfortunately a bit unstable) but delightfully absurd. I really love all the ridiculous faces, but the visuals are quite nice throughout.
The music (hi Fail!) also definitely adds to the absurdity and energy.

Holy hell I absolutely adored this - the mechanics were clever and the style was incredibly charming. The gravity window is especially cool and maybe overpowered (but in a great, fun way). I also really love the idea of chaotic virus windows popping up, and definitely got some laughs out of the assortment you made.

The juicy visual style of this is really nice!
I realllly wish you player's hitbox wasn't so wide though, it makes attacking and even just dodging enemies frustrating. It seems to register a hit before their sprites even touch.

Nicely done! I really liked the range of ways you made the two characters play and interact with the world differently.