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Aw, thank you!
And yeah it's absolutely something I've done without having a term for it too (well,  normally not specifically with a guy sledding but still). Actually between that and the narrative a lot of this game was drawn from my own experiences, just put in a different context.

Thanks for playing!
And yeah this is long overdue for a quality of life update, and that's definitely one of the things I'd like to tweak with it.

Hey, thanks!
My surreal adventure game NULL is actually a companion game to Messages, though to really see the connections you'll need to track down all its secrets.

:D (I see what you did there)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Woah, thank you so much! That's awesome to hear!
(Those poor Ballcrabs and Grumpsnails never stood a chance!)

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You can't jump to that one, but that room does provide everything you need to reach it!

Thank you!

The language puzzle is designed so that there are direct clues for what nearly every character means.

That is an ending, but it's not the best one. The fact you only got one anti-cube is related to that.

Unfortunately, with the music that's a lot easier said than done. I've never figured out how to properly export PICO-8 music, and the sounds used for music are a bit... less-than-organized because I never wound up having to clear out unused bits. I also use a reverb effect that's enabled by modifying a bit of cart memory, so I have no idea if that can be used with the export feature.

That said, if you've got PICO-8 and are feeling up to sifting through it, the music and sounds are all readily accessible in the PICO-8 cart.

(Or if you just want to listen you could technically just leave the executable running, since there's no idle sound effects.)

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It wasn't just the web export, it was also every other instance of the mobile-friendly version.

The issue was the tuning fork was only showing pulses on one side. This was a side effect of me having to modify certain systems to accommodate the additional button in the mobile control scheme.

You can see the issue recorded at around 4:05 in this video (it's how I noticed it):

Hey, thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Thank you!
You are correct, there is no pangram. Instead I went with a somewhat more complicated puzzle for deciphering the language that still uses similar logic to the original FEZ.
There may be some clues you've overlooked :)

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Don't press it immediately - the game has you start angled slightly to the right to give you more time before you have to react.

You also don't generally want to hold Z, just tap it. Because of how PICO-8 works holding it essentially will make you angle a bit then drive straight (usually into a wall).

Thank you!
I tried to use logic similar to the original game. There may be some clues you've overlooked.

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you liked it!
But yeahhh it's definitely a shame that got cancelled.

Ok I've gotta admit I was definitely not expecting that :P
Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I've now added a browser version here as well!
(I hadn't before because I needed to figure out how to properly create that version, but it turns out it wasn't too hard to do.)

Definitely interesting! The Undertale influence seems to be very, very strong but it does do more of its own thing with the encounters, story, and tone (vs Pacifist, at least). It has a sort of surreal fairy tale feeling to it (though with a significant amount of modern day influences too), which is neat.

I appreciate the relatively forgiving health regeneration system and the checkpoints, though the last 2 encounters were still very tricky. It definitely can trigger that "how did I even manage to beat that" feeling at times. The varied aesthetic styles of the encounters are also a pretty cool touch.

It's a minor thing but it does strike me as odd that an RPG-ish game like this would have there be momentum to the player character's motion (they don't immediately stop when you tell them to). It's not so extreme that it's hard to control, but seems especially odd compared to the snappiness of the movement in combat.

Oh, and you might want to reduce the flashing effects in parts of the last encounter (particularly with the background changing). I don't have photo-sensitivity issues but if anyone does that could be problematic for them.

Hey, thanks for playing and for the video! Glad you like it!

Hey, thanks so much!

The resolution and font are inherent to PICO-8, so unfortunately there's no real way around those. (I could make a custom font but then it'd be a struggle to fit enough text on screen). You can, however, go into fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter if that helps.

Hey, thank you!

And actually I've never heard of that movie at all. The choice to make it with penguins kinda just naturally evolved from the "chill" theme, and the story content itself (or at least the overall context and message) was inspired by some personal experiences.

I'm not even sure why I decided to go with a train initially? Like I've never been very into them but for whatever reason they keep cropping up in my games (ex. NULL).

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Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that the jam deadline is getting a 5 hour extension!

Just in case the deadline was being a bit problematic, now you've got a little more leeway!

Chill can be used in any sense of the word. So it could be literally cold, laid-back, or anything else you can think of that fits.

If you can work it into theme then yeah, horror is totally allowed!

Well there's at least a decent handful of them,  judging by activity here (and even though I'm running the jam I've also got a game in the works for it). 
But really, time will tell.  Heck, there's so much time left that some people might not even start for at least a week. But even if just 10% of people actually submit something that'll still be a fair few games.

Sure! Don't see why not.

As long as they're properly paid for and credited as requested by the creator I say it's alright to use them.
It's more important that you started the game itself on or after the start of the jam.

Sounds pretty chilly to me. Go for it!

Yep, previews are perfectly fine! And yeah, as long as it's constructive giving feedback should be acceptable too.

Yep, teams are perfectly fine!

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The whole point of this jam is to be a laid-back thing, where people are free to make what they want using whatever portion of the allotted time they like. Would it be nice if every game submitted was of excellent quality and clearly took a lot of time and effort? Sure, but that's not really realistic or in-theme with the jam.

People only have so much vacation time to spend, and oftentimes plenty of other ways they could spend it, so for a 0-stakes non-competitive jam I wouldn't be too concerned by people making simplistic games. Plus, because this is designed as a very approachable jam, it may very well get submissions by people who are inexperienced with making games. Creating *something* playable is still a significant achievement for many people, no matter how small or unpolished.

Yes, that wouldn't technically be allowed. Submissions to the jam should only be started after the jam starts, for the reasons Carnny already stated.

Cookies don't inherently relate to the theme of "chill", but if you can find a way to tie to the theme then yes, technically. Though having watermarks over images may impair your game visually.

If there is a specific place that you're supposed to input the theme I must have missed it (never set up a jam before).

The jam does have a theme - it's "chill"! (It's down on the post's Theme section.)
So you were going the right way anyways :P

Correct! The game just has to have something to do with "chill," and needs to follow the rules (especially the last one).

It's chill dude, you've still got over 21 full days left. No need to rush to get it all done!

Well, yeah, a solo dev under tight time constraints, trying to make a challenging  final level, and not having time to playtest with anyone else does tend to lean towards overly tricky :P

Glad it wasn't too much to make you dislike the rest of it though!

Hey, thank you!

Yeah it definitely needs music, but unfortunately PICO-8 pretty much requires you to make your own and my brain could not muster it in the last hour or so I had left. (It also didn't help that I didn't have time to actually start the jam until Saturday.)

And when I went through and attempted a perfect run I got 178 too, so I think you did it! (I admittedly wasn't counting the stars as I placed them in the editor.)

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Somehow you managed to make the level completion effect a jumpscare in its own right and I'm not sure how to feel about that. 

But more seriously,  this game definitely has a neat idea, and it is pretty well executed. While some more ambient sound could be nice, the lack of it definitely does build tension. And seeing the screen start shaking when you have no clear idea where the ghost is is quite nerve-wracking. 

The addition of keys to track down in later levels is interesting, but I do wish you had a little more time to see where they were located before the level goes dark. (I didn't end up playing past the first key level, so I dunno if anything more gets added afterwards.)

One thing I feel like it could use is a sense of progression. Without clear visual distinctions or a level counter, it took me a bit to make sure that there were actually distinct levels and I wasn't just mis-remembering layouts.

And lastly, one mechanic that could have been cool to add would be the ability to do a hard knock on a wall, which would reveal a larger area but draw the enemy's attention to that spot.

Overall, this was pretty cool and effective for how simple it is!