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Woah awesome, thank you so much for doing this! (Also wild that FEZ/FUZ wound up taking almost 40% the episode!)

Regarding your points:

  • FUZ is actually designed to be 100% self-contained. While understanding certain puzzle types in FEZ will help you work through it, since many of the FUZ puzzles are closely based on puzzle types in the original, they won't directly lead you all the way to the solution. At the very least, the symbols used for puzzles are completely changed from the originals. FUZ does try to stick to FEZ-style reasoning though, so yeah people who are used to thinking in those ways may have a bit of an edge.
  • It's great to hear the music hit the right notes for you guys!

If you'd be interested in seeing a (spoiler-y) deep dive into the development and puzzles of FUZ I did do a whole lengthy write-up about it: It will spoil puzzle aspects of both FUZ and FEZ though, so proceed with caution!

Yep that sounds like the Messages experience alright - thanks for playing!

Aww, thank you so much! Can't say I'd ever expected something like that to happen from me drawing it but hey I'm not complaining :P

Ooh very nice! Great art, great tunes, great polish
(Also it's fun to see the character I drew for Failpositive a while back get featured in something like this, especially with dialogue sprites that charming!)

Woah, that's so nice to hear! I'm glad I could make something that managed to do that

Hey, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the video!
Yeah Scene Sledding is deliberately minimal, both for scope reasons during the jam and because (true to actually doing something like Scene Sledding) it's not really intended to be actually all that fun. It more serves as a way to add a bit of interactivity to the experience and help put the player more into the shoes of the protagonist.
Also "Hey, who taught you about scene sledding? - *snores immediately*" was good :P

Mine have also been restored, and uploading is working as well!

UPDATE: The issues with my images appearing as dead links appears to have been resolved. I also seem to be able to upload pictures again, as demonstrated with my banner here.

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I'm having this issue as well (and just posted about it
In addition, I've also found that numerous random images across several of my project pages have become dead links, as well as all the icons for my games when I view them from my dashboard.

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UPDATE: As of 9:44 AM on January 31, 2020, all of the issues described here appear to have been resolved for me.

I just opened up my dashboard today and found that all of my games had their icons as broken image links. I would post a screenshot directly here, but it seems any image I upload also appears as a dead link so I'll provide an imgur link instead

This affects all 12 games I have put on itch. I haven't checked the site frequently since the end of summer 2019 so I don't know how exactly long the images have been broken, but I'm positive they used to all work. 

Upon further investigation, it seems the problem is bigger than that. Viewing the games from my main profile page it appears that their covers images were, fortunately, unaffected: However, I've found a number of images (both .gif and .png ones) across my game pages have been similarly broken. In one case, here, only certain images have the issue.

The full list of my pages that have been affected is as follows:

And yes, I did confirm with someone on a different network that the images are broken.

I can re-upload them all if absolutely necessary, but I'd love to know there's a faster fix or a way this issue could be addressed and prevented in the future!

Woah, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed them!

Hey, thank you! Always nice to hear when stuff succeeds like that :D

Hey, thank you so much!

And dang I didn't expect that to be a fully 100% gameplay walkthrough like that :P (you know what I'm talking about <3 )

There's a specific, consistent order the language is read in

Thanks! Good to hear :)

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Thank you so much! 

Honestly I just used observation of gameplay and screenshots, there weren't any other references I drew from. I identified the basic requirements of the system (position stored on 3 axes, snapping to available floor if Gomez is over a gap and there is any in front of or behind him that isn't blocked by a wall, keeping track of whether Gomez is hidden from the camera on the back layer or not, etc.) and came up with my own ways to implement them. I actually ended up having to use a separate collision function for each of the four perspectives. If you really tinker around with it you'll notice my approach isn't actually a perfect recreation of FEZ's rotation system, because Gomez always gets pulled to the front in mine instead of staying in a fixed place when rotating. 

Also, the actual rotation effect is purely visual trickery - the model's layers (which are just collections of 2D sprites drawn with depth ordering) get a horizontal offset based on distance from the model center, the perspective switch is masked by the sweep effect, and then the layers settle back into place.

Hey, thank you so much! That's incredibly nice to hear!

Hey, thanks for playing and for the thorough video! Glad you liked it!
I don't know Korean so I don't know exactly what the context for it was, but the message on the left towards the end was a cute touch

Woah, thank you so much! I don't have a formal tip jar set up anywhere and I deliberately don't have any payments allowed on FUZ itself as a legal precaution, but if you really want to you can purchase one of my pay-what-you-want games!

You're welcome!

Aww that's great to hear! Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks so much for playing and for the thorough review!

And as for your comments:
1. Some way to at least "scry" and see whether an effect will be positive or negative (if not directly choosing it) in exchange for some cost could potentially be neat, yeah. 
2. Orientation is always negative, yes. I don't think there'd be a feasible way to do different levels of it (rotated 90 degrees would be a nightmare). Giving it a chance to have no effect would make it more of a gamble, but that also would mean that some of the time the card does just 2 things, which is less interesting to have to deal with.
3. I completely agree that the game needs to communicate what's going on to the player better. We ended up running short on time to add polish like that in the jam, but if we ever revisit this we definitely plan to have a visual indicator for when bullets reach the end of their range, and to have a much fancier and more clear ending. Also telling the playing whether each modifier turned out to be positive or negative would be nice.
4. Yep, the length (or lack thereof) is also a result of time pressure. We'd definitely have liked to have an expanded main mode and maybe even a endless variant.
5. Yeah, regardless how we convey it some form of HP indicator would be important. Personally I think a meter of some sort is easier to read in a bullet hell context than character sprite detail, but having injuries in addition could be a nice touch.
6. Well, you can thank @MantaRay for the music! :P

Ok so I just revisited it, and it looks like the issue is that if you die and use the pause menu to retry, the exit becomes bugged and unusable. So I had gotten stuck at the end of level 1 at first due to that bug.

I have now successfully gotten through the full game, killed every guard, and looted everything I could (including my hand). I actually really like being able to combo a big group of guards using the pistols dropped by each one you kill! It'd be even more satisfying to pull off if they had smarter AI to contend against, but I def understand sticking to simpler stuff for a jam..

As for the shared bullet issue, I don't think it'd be a problem if bullets were a separate item on their own, but since they're built into the guns it essentially means you lose a bullet when you fire a gun while holstering another and that just doesn't make sense.

Also, I know you can't fix any of this for the jam but here's a few more things I noticed, in case you folks plan to revisit this later:
1. The menu interface isn't consistently responsive, and sometimes you have to hunt around for where on the screen you need to click to interact with it. From what I can tell, it appears the click detection doesn't account for world rotation. 
2. Resetting through the menu doesn't reset your loot count.
3. You can mute the music from the pause menu but it doesn't seem like you can re-enable it.

Sure! It won't really sync up to gameplay, but here you go:

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Everything about this is incredibly cool! The art, the world, the characters, the story + themes, all of it. It definitely feels like it has shades of OFF, Yume Nikki, and Anodyne, and I mean that in a very positive way.

I played through with a selection of music from the OFF and Anydone OSTs in the background and it actually fit remarkably well. In case anyone else wants to try it, here's my unofficial soundtrack:

Playlist Version:

1. Title - Anodyne (Anodyne)
2. Greeter - Nexus (Anodyne)
3. Swamp - Sea (Anodyne)
4. Eyes - Silencio (OFF)
5. Flowers - Beach (Anodyne)
6. Grim - Front Gate (OFF)
7. Dark - Not Safe (OFF)
8. Town - Rainy Day (in) (OFF)
9. Mayor - Burned Bodies (OFF)
10. Vines - Space (Anodyne)
11. Seeker - Empty Warehouse (in) (OFF)
12. Outpost - Today is worst (OFF)
13. Teeth - Clockwork (OFF)
14. Mirror - Suburb (Anodyne)
15. Waiting - Some rudiments of propriety (OFF)
16. Husk - Gray Pencil (OFF)
17. Watchers - Woods (Anodyne)
18. Field - Forest (Anodyne)
19. Museum - Soft (Anodyne)
20. Bridge - Pre Front Gate (OFF)
21. Leech - Simmer (Anodyne)
22. Doors - Terminal (Anodyne)
23. Collapse - Older Terminal (Anodyne)
24. Confrontation - Red (Anodyne)
25. Return - Old Terminal (Anodyne)
26. Home - Reminiscences (Nov 2012 Video) (Anodyne)
27. End - Friend (Anodyne)

(The OFF OST is by Alias Conrad Coldwood, while the Anodyne OST is by Sean Han Tani and can be found here

Simple but well-executed! Linking both horizontal and vertical motion to the action button definitely gives you a lot more control over your motion, which is nice. The environment and music are quite nice, too.

The variety and gradual introduction of mechanics is quite nice, and the music is very relaxing. Great work!

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Definitely a neat concept, and less awkward to pick up than I thought it would be once I started playing. It would be interesting to see the concept developed further, like adding in puzzles that require you to use your bag to weight down switches and stealth sections where you can't afford to shoot your gun. 
I seem to have hit a wall though: The exit stairs don't appear to be functional. I managed to loot everything and kill every guard but there didn't seem to be anything else I could do after that and the game didn't show any popup or further instructions. Also, for some reason if you've got a gun drawn and a gun holstered they only seem to share 1 bullet between the two (if you shoot the first gun, you'll only be able to throw the second).

This was very nicely done! Having to leave one specimen alive definitely adds a neat wrinkle to the formula, and constantly changing up your arsenal is a great way to keep the game interesting.
 My only complaint is that the rifles (the ricocheting ones) were more of a hindrance than a benefit because of their tendency to bounce and hit targets you were trying to keep alive. Trying to keep track of what moving targets they'll hit after the first ricochet is very tough.

Definitely a pretty unusual mechanic and the game is built quite well around it. My only real gripes are that the control scheme is a bit needlessly clunky (but I understand it's 1 button instead of 2 to fit with the theme, and can't think of a better way to handle it with just 1 button), and that the floor tiles don't stand out well from the walls and exit. I'd recommend making them a darker color (PICO-8 color 5, the dark gray, might work well) so they're clearly distinct and don't fight for attention with the characters standing on them.

Unfortunately yes, we ran out of time to implement one. If we ever revisit this that's definitely on the priority list of things to add though.

Hey, thanks so much!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Thank you, that's quite nice to hear!

Yeah, touches like having the bullets clearly dissipate if they miss and adding fancier effects for things like hitting and taking damage would definitely help the game communicate what's happening to the player. Thanks!

Thanks! And yep, we definitely agree it could use those we just didn't have time to implement them.

Thank you, glad you liked it!
And yeah we didn't wind up having time to do much gamefeel-boosting polish, so if we ever revisit this that'd definitely be on the priorities list.

Thank you!
Yeah a health readout of some sort is definitely one of the features we'd like to have added with more time.

Thanks for the kind words!
I can look into tuning the encounter rate in my next update.

Also I haven't heard of GDWC before but yeah, I could consider sending something in.

Thank you, and nice work!
The idea with the different powers is that it's a risk vs reward system: the higher the strength, the easier it is to screw up the attack. So sometimes (especially if you've got the Panic status) you might need to use a weaker attack to try to ensure you hit at all. This could use some tuning to make sure it's working as intended, but that's what I was going for (I also don't really even have the tokens available to do something more complex than that). And yes, I'll look into tuning the encounter rate further.