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Path of PacifismView game page

Top-down adventure game, but you can't attack any enemies!
Submitted by Johnny Puskar — 5 minutes, 10 seconds before the deadline
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Interesting concept but the current implementation isn't great. 

Interesting ideas!

Sick beat on the title screen. The game itself is incredibly short, and unfortunately doesn't quite explain how to play it properly - you need to bait the enemies into attacking to collect the gem thingies to get into the fort.

It's a nice little game, though I don't see much of a hack and slash basis. At the moment, it is mainly a puzzle game with enemies as puzzle pieces. This could've been changed if the enemies actually damaged the player or something like that. The one real problem I have with it is that the character is always moving in the north-west direction which is not only a bit jarring, but also a really weird way of moving that doesn't really seem to support the underlying mechanics other than forcing the character to move diagonally and that could have been achieved without that.


Fair, probably wasn't the best idea to label it like that. I've changed the description to hopefully suit the game better. I'd have also added a damage system if there was more time to do so, but 48 hours is a lot shorter than it sounds and I didn't want to throw it in at the last minute. What do you mean that the character is always moving in the north-west direction? Do you mean you're being moved without even touching the keys? 

Very cool! Reminds me of all the best parts of Spelunky where you can use enemies and the environment to your advantage. There could be a lot of interesting puzzles that involve kiting monsters to a specific location in order to line them up in a Rube Goldberg-style machine. Plus, the idea of a character who's committed to pacifism in a dangerous fantasy world is an interesting one! I'd like to imagine they're also staunchly vegan, haha.

Interesting  game. Very clever to use the enemies attacks to your advantage. Maybe in a future we could see enemies powers combined.


Great sound and graphic design, and I enjoyed how you could use enemies to passively get through obstacles. Just wondering, Is it possible to lose? I was trying to avoid taking damage from enemies at first and then I realized nothing was hurting me.


Uh no, didn't have the time to implement that haha.


Not bad! I would have liked to spend a bit more time exploring level designs involving the green slimes.


Good concept I wish it was longer, I would like to see it explored more. I would appreciate very much that you rate and give some feedback of my game:


Nice work! I really like how you had to use the enemies and the tiny puzzles around it. Very interesting!


Very creative, and works surprisingly well.


Super interesting idea!


Interesting idea that could lead to so many possibilities! Good Job!

Removing the hack and slash from a hack and slash game as you did it made it into a sort of RPG... it's no more a hack and slash... So sadly this game doesn't qualify in the theme of this jam... :(


Well of course removing mechanics of a game will change the game. The game jam is to explore what kind of games can be made by doing so. A game can't be disqualified because it discovered that removing the hacking and slashing from a hack and slash game makes it into a "sort of RPG". Discovering these things is the point of the game jam ;)


Taking a mechanic out of a genre might turn the game into another genre. That's just how it works. Even Snake Pass, the game that the theme video for this jam is about, isn't really anything like the 3D-platformer genre it started out as before they removed jumping. On the official website for the game, they call it an action-puzzle game. That isn't a 3D-platformer, so is Snake Pass disqualified from its own jam?

Snake Pass only removed the jump ability and perhaps became a puzzler but still has everything else from the plateformer (in my opinion). Here I don't see anything making me think about a hack and slash and wouldn't have thought it was one without the title. Snake Pass on the other hand...

But of course a game with it's main mechanic removed will transform in another genre, you're right. However I think this is the part of this jam where the theme is complicated, how to remove a mechanic without removing the essence of the genre? I think (and it engage only me ^^) that this game missed the point by removing to much from the hack'n'slash it's supposed to come from.