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Chris Klimowski

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Nice, thanks for playing! I was very deliberate about using the same sort of design philosophy as Purple Paths: puzzle-like, but without a set solution and with just a touch of randomness.

And yes, every plant segment has a 1/100 chance of having an eggplant. :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you were able to get into it!  There's definitely a learning curve at first to figure out how to actually strategize and use the cloud to your advantage.

What a fun little thing to play with! Cool example of interesting situations from simple rules.

Really cool experience! Kind of mind-blowing to imagine the @s not as two objects, but a single one from two perspectives. I'm not sure if I could ever grok how the two perspectives interact when it comes to pushing objects around, but I had a fun time just trying different things.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you like it! :)

Awesome, thanks for playing!

Thanks! :) You're right, it can be a kind of intimidating even on Beginner, so I wonder if there's a way to make the strategy a little more approachable. Maybe start players on a 2x2 or 2x3 board?

Ooh, maybe I'll add a grandmaster win streak tracker to a post-jam version!

Thanks for playing! I'm really happy that I was able to accomplish my design goal of making something interesting and thoughtful, but not pre-designed with one specific solution. This game takes some inspiration from the board game Railroad Ink if you want to try something else with a similar feel!

Thanks! :) Letting the player repeat the same configuration would take away from the strategy of the random tile order, but a quick-restart for a new setup of the same difficulty is probably a good idea.

Love this! This is the kind of unconventional fiction that I can't get enough of. Wonderful ideas, drawings, and overall tone throughout.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing! I'm really pleased with how satisfying it is to watch it go at the end.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it so much! :)

The idea was for it to be like a solitaire board game that you can keep coming back to, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, but getting more consistent at over time. I have a few ideas for new scenarios I might add, but I'd hope to keep them open-ended and not solvable.

Putting the screen back together is a really lovely mechanic for recovering from a crash! Nicely made game, although the lack of challenge made me put it down pretty fast.

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Really nice movement controls! I only wish there was a bit more contrast between the bullets and the background, and a wider variety of bullet patterns to deal with.

Amazing game feel. Really wish it was longer or endless so I could play more!

Simple, well-executed Super Crate Box-style fun, with  a creative loss condition! Really like the one-bit sprites and animations too. Great job!

It does, and it is!

Thank you! :) The levels don't have any pre-made parts, they're just a series of random floor/ceiling height changes, with some limits to keep things possible.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, the "emphasis" puzzles are by far the best part, and I wish we had included more of those.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

The concept is bonkers, and I love that. The mechanics are a little frustrating, but overall it works well. Good job!

Really great tone and concept! I wish you'd been able to expand on it in more ways than you did, but there's always a time crunch for things like that.

Really good idea, very Hotline Miami-esque! I wish it was a bit more forgiving, though.

Amazingly smooth and polished! I still can't believe you put this together in a 2D engine. Great job!!

Very, very well done! It took a minute to figure out the mechanics, but once I did I didn't want it to end after the first screen!

I love the graphics and concept, but man it's like the levels are designed to be as frustrating as possible.

A good foundation for a game! I'd love to see more added on top of this: more weapons, more enemies, a moving magnet, or maybe some kind of cover!

I liked the first two screens, but after that it just got annoyingly hard. With some playtesting and tweaking, it could be really fun!

"Madness" indeed. It's a bit too chaotic to really play seriously, but trying out different formations of the different turret types is pretty fun! Good job.

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Well, jiggly "Henry" joe, hear me out...

Great art and satisfying controls, but the design didn't really come together for me. The biggest challenge was trying to not accidentally bump the blocks in the wrong direction. There's definitely some fun to be had, though!

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What an awesome design! The controls are clunky, and the graphic design is sort of unclear,  but the core idea is a lot of fun, and the way it keeps introducing new mechanics is wonderful. This is definitely one of my favorite entries so far!

Such a charming character! I think the physics could use some work (it seemed unpredictable exactly what I would bump into or grapple onto) but the overall design is solid.  I'd love to see some larger levels with more space to swing around!

Great escape room! The puzzles are well-thought-out and the 3D renders are fantastic. There's a bit of pixel-hunting involved, but overall it was a lot of fun to figure out.