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A platformer where each button can only be pressed 0.5 times.
Submitted by csklimowski — 7 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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0/5 no parallel universes


Great game and level design! I hope you will continue to work on the game after the jam.


Really unique idea with a technically flawless execution, as far as I can tell.
Had to think for a while for some of those, and the fact that the square grows larger while "jump" is pressed takes what would usually be just a nice visual effect and turns it into an essencial puzzle element.

Nice job!


Not only does it explore really well the idea of the original video, it also has a really clever level-design! I really enjoyed those puzzles. Good job!

truly a brilliant design, this, with polish, could be a monetized ios game etc. Totally in love with the idea


Great source of inspiration :P

I think this is a perfect example of what Mark meant with "don't take mechanic too literally".

The concept is intriguing and its implications are presented well throughout the levels. It makes for engaging puzzles even with only 3 buttons; I can only imagine how far you can take this with more levels and additional classic platformer mechanics or abilities on different buttons. The idea is simple but extensible and has the potential to become very deep, I think.

Certainly one of the best designs!




Taking Pannen's vid and making it into a game. Brilliant. Really makes you think about how to play each level...


That's a really cool idea! It could use a bit more polish tho


I keep seeing you in the comment section of games XD


What can I say? I like to play games! XD


A good idea is a good idea, you can't say it's only a half.

Wasn't very impressed until I learned the twist from the video example which gave me a buzz like figuring out a puzzle in an adventure game. I'm not sure if it took much inspiration from the theme, but was a simple and clean execution of a strong idea.


Definitely a good idea that needs more fuel and expansion. Good game and good luck!

Hope you can get the chance to rate mine, thanks :)

Very cool and inspired. Some of the "secret" details aren't made clear enough and there isn't much feedback but otherwise this is a fun puzzle game concept.


This was great. You could host an entire game jam around that video. So many cool concepts.

It was so hard to NOT tap a button by reflex, I loved it.

Make a sequel about parallel universes!


Great concept. Had troubles understanding it at first, but the in game tutorial made it for me. Funny to see how gaming habits are hard to fight. 


An A press is an A press, you cant say its only a half

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Well, jiggly "Henry" joe, hear me out...