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A few years ago we made a short humoristic visual novel for a school project. 

We actually won the Best Scenario and Best Game award from a panel of professional in 2017, and even this day we are still quite proud of this project so we decided to translate it to english to reach a wider audience.

The game is around 20 minutes long and can be downloaded for free using this link:

You can also play the original french version of the game here.

Our main inspirations was the french comic book character "Astérix" but also the LucasArts adventures games of the 90s. There's even some dating-sim mechanics!

We would love to see your feedback on this so have fun playing it!

Yeah, I thought about that, but sadly he's strongly claustrophobic so I'm afraid this won't do him well :/

I hope it's a good thing...? :D Thank you!

I think I could polish more the tuning of the character, while testing I liked the slippery feel but now I'm getting tired of it x) I kinda like the idea of having a ridiculous jump tho, I think it adds to the pity of the scenery, but it can be tuned better too. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you! Yeah that's the end of the game, there's nothing to do after Wall leaves

Nice concept, I like the idea behind the "pacifist payback"! I had fun playing this. Not sure why you implemented gravity tho. Great work!

Good concept, I felt like the ennemies were to few and I had to spend time searching for them while I rather prefered doing some combos. Nice work well done!

Nice game, but I agree with the comment below, it needs a tutorial. It feels like there's a lot of depth but the only efficient robot I'm able to do is the one with the spinning wheel in the miniature

Nice idea, I took some time understanding that the goal was to deccelerate at first :D

That's a great idea, brillantly executed. I have to admit I felt a bit lost a first, and it was a strange experience for my brain to get around this lacking dimension. I loved that you went for an exploration game too, and not a simple plateformer with an end objective. If you pursue this further, it would be cool to have some indications to know where to go. Great entry!

Well Done, the concept is interesting and I had a good time playing it. On a side note, I think the game would benefit from some feedbacks when the turrets are hacked. You maybe went a bit too far with the post process, the grain was a bit too strong for my eyes. Nice entry!

The concept is definitly interesting, and it's a shame you didn't have the time to explore it further, I would love to see other levels with some twists in them! 

Simple but really smart. This really twist the Pong gameplay and force the player to think differently. Well done

Nice concept, the mix between a city builder and reigns is great. I bit put off by the choice off font tho, it's suits perfectly the theme of you're game, but it's really hard to read. Maybe consider keeping that font for titles and using a more clear one on long text?

Fun game anyway:)

It's indeed fixed and I had a much better experience with the game :) Good job again!

The art style is really cool. I definitly agree with the WASD gang below tho ;)

Had trouble understanding the flames were powerups at firt. Fun game, well done

Really nice game. Controls feel very good and the art style is very well executed. This bouncing animation is really satisying. Level Design had some great ideas too. For some reason I missed some sounds or music, to help convey this feeling how bounciness. 

A really cool entry, congrats

Really cool concept, the anchor system is really brilliant. However, I felt like sometimes the camera was a bit too zoomed in,  and the anchors were really at the edges of the screen or outside.

I think adding a timer so players can speedrun the levels could be a good idea, I'd love to play those levels again and see if I'm getting better.

Well Done!

The concept is really interesting, and the mix between a sokoban and a tower defense is a clever take on the theme. I had trouble understanding what's effective against what, so I was blocked. The art style was maybe a bit too confusing. I'm not sure I understood how I could have more wooden crates, is it by killing new ennemies ?

With a bit more polish, this could be a great game, nice work

Nice art, the concept is fun, but I had some hard time understanding it at first. I had trouble understanding what my next action would be as I didn't see the piece of paper on the left. As said below, I think the resolution on browser is not helping. 

With more actions and more levels, this could turn into a neat game, good work ;)

Nice execution, I regretted a bit not being able to send the message or to cancel a letter using the mouse, using buttons on the keypad too, it felt a bit weird to use my keyboard :).

Wow, really impressive entry. Sound design is amazing and the overall mood of the game is so great. 

Great game, I think the web player resolution is not the right one tho. It was a bit difficult to anticipate the ennemies attacks, maybe with a long attack animation ?. The feel when hitting the bullets is good and the art style is really cute.

That's such a clever take on the theme! I loved it, It was just the right amount of messy! A bit frustrating tho when your units gets stuck inside the collisions. 

The way the player can use the environment to position his troups and prepare for battle is great.

Nice entry.  Level design was clever and well executed. I felt the ball was maybe a bit too "heavy" sometimes, more like a bowling ball, but that's not a real issue. Well done!

Really liked the concept, the difficulty was well balanced. I felt a bit frustrated sometimes understanding the fire particles hitboxes. 

Level design was clever, loved how you force the player to stall for time with the fuel. 

I would love to see more level for this :) Great job

Love the art style and the way the worm move, very creative. A bit too hard for me at times, but I had a great time anyway. Well done

That's actually really clever, the physic is fun to play with. I think I encountered an issue  where the border of the screen went off and the blocks could fall of the edges. I lost because of that :t

Could be a good idea to display the score on the end screen. Nice entry!

Thank you glad you liked it :) I honestly didn't expect someone would finish the game, well played!

Great concept. Had troubles understanding it at first, but the in game tutorial made it for me. Funny to see how gaming habits are hard to fight. 

Good game :) The mood is great and the gameplay works totally. Well done!

The concept is brillant. I struggled a bit at the end with the informations coming while I was using my brain. One of the best game I've played so far on this jam

Nice concept :) I would have liked to control myself where I am shooting, so I can put some strategies in place. Maybe some levels with different shapes to experience strange boucing bullets? Well done!

Loved it! The difficulty curve is great 

Such a strange game, I loved the mood and the art style, great job!

Cool game! I'd love to see more patterns and a scoring system. The feel is great