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Really really good game. Super quick, really satisfying, and with some of the best racquet-sports mechanics I've seen!

So the ratings finally came out, and Ludwig has played the top 10, which means that the jam is finally officially over. I personally thought I would place higher than I did, and even deep down thought I had a shot at the top 10,  and I suspect a lot of other people feel the same way as me: disappointed.

If you are reading this post, it means you probably met new people, brainstormed ideas, iterated on designs, programmed game systems, made art, implemented UI, added sound effects, created an page, maybe even recorded and edited a trailer, and most importantly, FINISHED AN ENTIRE GAME IN LESS THAN 10 DAYS! Do you have any idea how big of an accomplishment that is? Seriously! Read that list again and tell yourself that's not an insane feat. If this was your first jam, congratulations on making a game! If this was your 10th or 100th jam, congratulations on making a game! Regardless of rating, you worked your ass off and have a product to show for it, which is something that everyone can and should feel proud of.

I hope that we can have another event like this in the future, because I'm sure we all learned a lot during the process and had a ton of fun making, sharing, and playing games!

The art is beautiful and the gamplay is pretty good as well. I wish that the platforms would stay for just a little bit longer though because when you're falling, by the time you realize you landed on a platform and press jump, its already broken

Pretty good game! I like how you have to conserve your momentum to make it up some of the steeper sections, so you always have to make sure you brake enough to make it around a corner, but not too much that you wont make it up the next hill.

I wish the controls were a little tighter and more consistent, but other than that its really really well designed. Its like jump king but not too much like jump king

I submitted a build of my game last night with the github repo and everything, but I've made some additional changes this morning. Should I press the submit button again, or will changing my original page I submitted and pushing a new commit to github work?

Will uploading the source files with the Unity gitignore file be sufficient? I really dont want to get DQed because I messed up my github page

Sweet thanks! I restarted and went back to the store and had enough money to buy the key and finish the game (I actually got jumpscared at the end). I dont know why I didnt have enough money the first time, maybe I was just being dumb

I really liked the game and especially the humor, but I got stuck and cant figure out where to go. I got the left and right orbs but have no idea where to go to get the middle one. I sold everything in my inventory to the hardware store but still dont have enough for the key, and he wont buy my gem. Any tips on what to do?

Worm Adventure 4: Into the Wormhole

Worm Adventure 4: Into the Wormhole is a rage game / 3d platformer where you play as a worm with a grappling hook trying to climb to the top of a cave. 

The controls are easy to understand but difficult to master, so you will probably fall down a lot at first, but that only makes getting to the top feel even better! 

The main campaign will take between 5 and 15 hours to beat, but there's much more content after that if you want to beat arcade mode, mess around with your friends in multiplayer, or try to reach the true ending of the game. 

I hope to see you all in the wormhole!

Store Page:

Thanks! I'm pretty sure I've got the world record on this one too but I'm excited to see who tries to beat it :)

That was really fun, I love multitasking games like this! Yall did a great job!

He does it again! Another masterpiece! Super juicy, good difficulty, fun gameplay, although I do wish there was a better use for the scatter mechanic (maybe if bullets die in one hit then you can scatter your rats to clear the screen of bullets)

This game is actually really fun! The artwork is charming and the feedback is great. It feels so good to clump everyone up with a purple spell, then grab a blue spell and teleport on top of a red spell to blow everyone up! My only suggestion is more variety in the enemies. I know all too well that 1 week is not enough time to build a full game and Im sure you would have added different enemies if you had the time :)

I came from reddit btw

Absolutely insane that this is made in Gamemaker. Probably the best looking game Ive seen come out of that engine.

Please keep making more stuff like this! Its so unique and peaceful and I love it

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This is really cool, Ive always wanted to learn morse code and none of the methods have really stuck but this works for me! Ive already learned a few of the letters and some of the numbers and Ive just been messing around with it for maybe 10 minutes. It might not be the most fun game but its a really cool tool to learn morse code! Sometimes I type the right code and it doesnt say its right but then I just click reset and can keep going so its not that big of a deal (just realized after playing some more that the O and 0 look really similar so thats probably why).

This is sooooooo good! 2nd game I've given all the stars to! So creative and thematic and juicy and fun! Puts my game to shame. This is normally when I give constructive criticism but I literally have none its perfect!

Played your game and now I'm all caught up on this thread! Thanks for playing my game!

It felt buggy and slow and I never fully figured out how to control the bullet in mid air but its fun and has a funny art style. With a little more time it could be really good!

Done! Left a comment with some feedback. Thanks for playing mine!

I have no idea what the only one mechanic is but I did have fun playing! Maybe you could make it so the map shrinks as the players decrease because at the end when there are only like 2 or 3 guys left I have to run around the whole map looking for them. Other than that I think its fun

Nice work on the game! Played and rated!

I really like the aesthetic and the concept but I got stuck when I was eating lunch and I didnt say no and the next text box just never popped up so I had to exit and start over. Other than that I think its really fun and unique. Good job!

Played and rated! Thanks for the feedback on mine!

Its good but it gets overwhelming after just a couple seconds. Maybe make healing the flowers a little bit quicker?

All done! Thanks for playing mine!

I thought it was good and Im 100% NOT a fan of horror games. Thankfully there were no jumpscares and it was just suspenseful. The puzzles just kind of felt like clicking on everything until the door opened but the last room was a good puzzle where you have to think back to the last two levels to open the door. I like it!

Ok I played it! Thanks for playing mine!

I really like this game, it reminds me of the game Cursor 10.  One problem is when I try to jump about 1 out of 5 times it eats my jump input and I fall into spikes. Also make the camera always follow the player and not try to fit all the past lives on the screen because it gets difficult to tell where you are. I overall like the game a lot though!

LOL I love it! Good luck getting through the thousands of other games you have to play o.o

Done! Thanks for playing mine!

Brutally hard but fun as well. I could never make it very far but I imagine it feels super satisfying to get 3 for 3 a bunch of times in a row. Well done!

I played and rated yours, check the comments for feedback. Thanks for the feedback on mine!

Wow what a great game! Im sucker for tough puzzles and this is one tough puzzle. I did not beat the whole game but I got a considerable way through it. Its crazy how complex you can make puzzles in only one dimension. Only complaint is that there should be a fullscreen setting so I don't have to lean so far in to see everything. 15/15 stars from me, first of the jam :) 

Oh my god you're a genius! How did I not think of that! I'm gonna fix this game up after the jam and make it into a full game and 100% I'm using your idea!

thanks for the incredible feedback! If I had more time I would have definitely fixed the difficulty but sadly 48 hours isn't enough to make a game and balance it. I really like this one so I'm probably gonna work on it some more after the jam, add more levels, enemies, maybe mechanics, and will definitely take your advice and add a tutorial stage. Thanks again for playing and telling me what you thought! :)

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I made a hard game and all the feedback has said its too hard. I think the enjoyment from the game comes from it being hard and given just a little more time players could git gud and win. It was intentionally hard but I made it a little harder than intended, oops! When I submitted the game I literally had not beaten two of the three levels because I was spending all my time coding and didnt have the time to try to beat the harder levels. After the jam was over however I went back and was able to beat both. I completely agree with you that 48 hours is just not enough time to balance and most of the games here are just too hard or too easy. Its so difficult to get the perfect mix.

Heres the game for context:

A lot of people have been saying that I made my game too hard and I have to agree. I should have added a level thats easier than the first level to kind of ease into things. Also while I was making the game I thought it was going to be too easy so I programmed a diamond enemy that teleports to your location and worked a while on the mechanics and animations for it, then decided the game was already hard enough and I never added that enemy in. Other than that I think I went about this jam pretty well and dont really regret anything else!

Heres the game for a little context: