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Yeah, definitely needs sound. But the running around and using recoil jumps is great

time advances one minute when you press space.

You have to buy it from the merchant. This was not clear enough unfortunately...

yeah, it could have been clearer. I could have added dialogue to the merchant that clearly states that you can buy things and what not.

The time subtracted is one of the things that is not randomized. Also poor Mr. Zombie man!

Yeah. Not getting in all the features you want can be disappointing, but you got the game out, which is more than some can say.

time: 3:36:19. Fun! I like the concept of removing the bad rolls, though it's hard to understand the timing at first. If you do it well, you gain quite a bit of speed. Part of me wonders if the cooldown for removing rolls even needs to exist. Looking at the bottom all the time does make me less able to actually look at the track, (cool track btw) but that's my only real complaint here.

The dice rolling feels nice, though I don't think it needs it's own dedicated button. It could be more clear how many points cards other than the dagger require. Duplicate doesn't really help when it also doesn't give you more points to spend. Either way, nice game!

I got 15788 points in the end. It's a nice little Island creator, sufficiently random, even if it gets repetitive playing it all the way through. Really cool that this could be done with the Pico 8 though.

It's an interesting concept, I'll give it that! It must have been hard to get stuff done before the deadline, but it was still cool seeing the project, however unfinished.

I died pretty quickly from poisoning. oof!

Taking Pannen's vid and making it into a game. Brilliant. Really makes you think about how to play each level...

It's definitely wanted. Some of them can't be completed without doing that. Sometimes Pannenkoek would have to do that as well to get the lowest amount of A presses in a level.

It's cool, kinda reminds me of old Doom, but here you shoot sideways?

Cool concept, minimalist artwork is great but it's kinda hard to aim when both of your guns are aimed sideways.

I've seen games like this before, but not mining (and moving) with a gun!