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I don't know if it's on my side only, because I'm using Opera which supposedly isn't supported by Unity WebGL (but I can still play it), but every time I shoot the ball, it counts as a new ball, the next life. This is good until you drain your ball early, and as the game thematically puts it, "YOUR SOUL IS TOO YOUNG TO REAP". Then the Try Again timer starts over, and I can keep draining my ball, and I'll have infinite lives...albeit on a short timer.

0/5 no parallel universes

This game is so good it deserves to be the winner in more than just one game jam!


When you design it like this, it's no longer really a central mechanic, now, is it?

Okay sure, this exists!

Rooms repeat quite often in this game, but that's my fault for placing them down often. Seriously, this is freaking fun.

I can't find an optimal strategy for this game. That's a really good thing, because if I could, I'd use it and it'd suck the fun away. Good on you!

 Air Hockey without the goals so instead you have to battle to the death

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This feels a little too reliant on luck for me. It's like, "when will I get that part I need?" and the answer is "never" half of the time.

But I still find myself enjoying this game, frantically placing down the parts I need to defend my ship. It's actually really fun, and to that I say, GG no re

EDIT: Either I'm getting luckier or I'm wrong about the luck.

EDIT 2: On second thought (literally) it is too reliant on luck for me

You're not.

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I'm sure you'll like this

EDIT: Should've said this earlier but I didn't make this, a guy named WinDEU did, check him out for more stuff

This is a very puzzling game, and I love it, even if the sound effects are all mouth-made.