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Unlucky Test ChamberView game page

2D quick reactions platformer where your "skill" is tested
Submitted by Jose Hernandez — 51 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Player can't control the order of the tiles removed, they can set a seed and try their luck

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Submitted (1 edit)

Requires some thinking where to go even though the levels are so small. A pretty good idea. As it felt like it was always best to go from top to bottom in order except level 3, generally there could been more difficult decisions to find the correct path. Good job!


Such a huge fan of random gen levels - really cool :)


Struggled with this one at times. But over all fantastic idea.


Platformer animation was really nice! The UI feels more like a Deveopler Interface however. It could use some more design work to make it more geared to a user,

Excellent concept. Love dat litlle plateformer with cool feature. Nee to be exploited ! 


This is a fun idea, but I think the "out of control" element holds this game back. I think you could make the levels much more interesting if the blocks dissapeared in a set sequence. The randomness does add a nic arcade feel though, so I'm sure many would disagree with me on this point.

I just can't help but picture levels, where blocks disapear in a predetermined order. I think you could do a lot with that idea.

More elements like the spiked blocks could also enhance this game :)
All in all, it was fun


This reminds me of N++ and games of that ilk, which I like! And I always appreciate a good wall-climb. The game fits the theme well in that I'm frantically trying to move about and hit switches before the floor drops away, and I don't really have time to plan a route or strategize or really think in any way, so it feels out of control. The downside of that is that it takes away from the fun, as I feel more like I just got lucky if I managed to beat the level. Then again, luck is in the name, haha. I enjoyed the sound and animations, and the art is clean and readable.

The upgrade and seed menus were intriguing but ultimately confusing, and felt more like afterthoughts. I'd suggest explaining them in the description on the game's page. Especially the seed menu—I have some familiarity with the concept of seeds in randomization, but not everyone does, and I still had no idea how to actually use the menu.

Despite the luck basis, I had fun with this. Nice work, and congrats on completing a jam project!


Hey, this was a lot of fun. The snapping sound when you hit the switches was super satisfying XD.

All things considered, I really enjoyed this. Would love to see you expand on it in the future.


I feel like there's a lot of potential here. I really like the basic mechanic of tiles disappearing. That said, because of the randomness, some switches were impossible to reach really early on. Obviously, I could change the seed, but it still felt frustrating. Maybe having multiple ways to reach some of the points that are currently only accessible by one route?


The randomness worked well for me - turns out i am very unlucky haha. Definitely some cool things you could do with this mechanic!


I was a bit worried about the random nature of the game, but it worked out pretty well! Instead of the randomness holding it back, it was more the feel of the platforming; it felt really floaty, yet jumps were quite low for how floaty is was. All in all, this is a decent game!


Where's the speedrun timer? I want to tell my friends that I got the new "seedless world record speedrun" and brag about it before my friends realize I'm not talking about Minecraft.

Neat little game. Liked how you could make the levels easier and more accessible using the upgrades - kinda reminds me of Assist Mode. Quite thoughtful! (never used them lol)


This is a really cool idea! I wasn't sure about the random seed mechanic at the start but it adds a little bit more contorl (and feeling of influence) back to the player, AND it keeps the levels interesting. It also adds a nice psychological element where I need to decide whether I can beat the level with the current seed or gamble for a new one.

The platformer controls felt pretty good to me, but could be tightened up slightly in a few places. The wall slide/jump was a nice touch! Overall, the game is polished and feels nice to play. Great work!


Neat game with a fun mechanic. Nice work.


very cool game.  Man was it tricky!  nice job!


Nicely made game. Good going


Cool idea and very well polished, I just think it could have a little more "juice". I liked a lot the presentation too, very good art. Congratulations!


Really cool mechanic, and well executed! I really love the style and how the colors make the level easy to read.


Nice! Very solid game! I can see how this game is about trying your luck! Love the animations that the player has! But maybe change the restart button and the other ones to not have a period in front of them. Still, nice game!

Submitted (1 edit)

Fun game! As others have said, I liked that you exposed the RNG seed to the player. Also, the wall jumping was really nicely done :)

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