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Thanks! I understand what you mean. I'll have an update soon which should have an easier start to the game and generally be even better to understand the game's mechanics and such.

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The visuals and audio are great.

What I'd change:

  • While it is atmospheric, I didn't have a clue of what I was supposed to do. I assume you need to do something the boat when you find a key to it? But I can't find the key. There could be more notes or similar cues in the start of the game in the first path that could give vague hints of what to find and where you could find it.
  • When you are tired, the closing and opening of the eyes feel slightly annoying to look at even though it does add emphasis to the feel of being tired. I'd prefer if it was a simple gradual whole screen transition to no vision and vision instead of the flickering.

Bugs: You can get stuck on the rock next to the chair on the hill that leads to the river.

Good job with the game!

The dino gets hilariously fast later on in the game.

The things I'd change:

  • If I understood the system correctly, if the soldiers are always the same looking, stop them from getting more movement speed with you. Instead have the soldiers gather up more. Maybe there could be a group of 10-20 soldiers in some corner and you generally want to avoid going there before you have more movement speed or a better way to deal with them.
  • It would be fun if the dino would get a bit bigger every time he ate someone or have some ability like an area of effect eat ability that'd get better with each eaten human.

Good job with the game!

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Pip (Agapios Kokkos) mentioned the things I wanted to give feedback on. A more easier to understand introduction to the game. I was also confused with W,A,D not working the same way as the arrow keys. The A and D seem to be reversed to left arrow and right arrow. 

I'd add something to his feedback:

  • The slow motion ability is an unnecessary addition to the game and only slows the game down. 
  • It might be just me but the jumps are way too easy especially if you think later on in the game, it's a bit too forgiving. I'd add more rocks, papers or scissors in the air as obstacles when jumping to a next platform to add more challenge in jumping. There could also be a bit bigger gaps between platforms.

Good job with the game!


Thanks for the feedback!

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A fun game! The time in levels feel slightly too long to me, I'd prefer if the time in each level would be about 20 seconds shorter. As mentioned, the weeds could be slightly bigger. The weeds also could be grouped together a bit more, it feels fun to slice many of them with a single strike.

Favorite Song: Billy Idol - Don't Need A Gun

I'm 23 15th next month so missed the mark just a bit haha.

I'd suggest to change the bold lines of text related to bones to a different color or something to separate them more easily from other bold texts for more easier readability when replaying. 

This game is so unique that I don't know what else feedback to give. It's a very interesting game. I really enjoyed reading the pages and playing along with the instructions.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm looking to fix the user interface to fit all screen resolutions and make the controls have no delays and generally be more fair to the player with player having more control over all the actions. I will also look into how to improve the contrast with all the different movements.

It's something in the likes of giving very low ratings to other jam games for no valid reason, only with the hope of pushing the game's rank to a worse rank. You can give a low rating if the game itself feels to you like that rating. Someone may correct me with this but that's what I know.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy to hear you managed to complete the level. 

Centering the camera makes sense, I'm looking into it. Possibly making the camera also a bit more above the character.

I understand the color of the player not being visually fair, I liked to have the same color palette for him as the rest of the game objects. I could make the colors more dark or have more contrast so the character is easier to see. Or have some particle effect surrounding the character which would make it more clear to see your character.

I didn't consider the feet having the possibility to stand in the air, I'm considering making the collision for the character smaller, making standing on objects visually more fair, that seems to fix it well for now.

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It's better now! I love how you included the limit in the start so you need to place the blocks smartly. It especially became necessary in the level when evil turtle returns, that level is tough but very fun. I like the spike balls, they add even more depth to how to place the blocks. Keep it up!

It's better so far! Events in the past seem to have more impact. I don't agree with you not knowing about the spikes rising from the holes before getting hit from them. I'd prefer to know about the spikes before somehow, like them moving somehow on their own. The game feels too easy still, not enough threats in the world. I like the added npcs for increased atmosphere. Keep it up!

I personally like the tutorial as it is now. It instructs the basics of every part of the game clearly and doesn't spoil in full detail about the other clouds. A bonus could be videos showing the instructed parts? For example, a brief basic video of what is a good way to setup movement with the seeds.

There seems to be a potential bug. If you go to the last instructed part, go back a step, you can't go forward through the instructions again until you start the game again.

Understandable! Those tasks sound fun.

A unique approach to story games. As I'm not a very fast reader, it took me a few attempts back to fully grasp the story and read all of the text in full. As I began to understand it, it was enjoyable to read. 

As the choices seemed to affect other choices, it became pretty complex to know all of the possible choices and I didn't quite get how did the choices affect the story. It might be too hard for me to understand.

The flickering text after you go back added quite a horrific feeling to the story. Although the backpack added a surprising comedic effect to me how you focused on the phone charger in the middle of danger. 

Good job!

I like how you don't need to use all the items linearly at least in the later levels if you utilize them well. It feels rewarding. The animations are nice to look at as well. The game works well. Great work!

It doesn't really fit the theme well but it's fun and it works well. The music is a bit too loud. Good job!

Pretty fun! I'd also like a slightly bigger hitbox with the chickens. Good job!

It does look interesting. I don't have much to add from other comments. The movement felt too slow and too luck based? Could also give a little more control in combat and not just hold a button like maybe aim the tentacles. A bit of polish and it could be a nice game.

The game looks unique. I'd prefer if the out of control rotation would be faster and also it got me very curious and confused how the chests seemed to kill you when you approach them? Good effort!

It's pretty alright. I wish it was easier to pick up the furniture, sometimes it didn't feel like working or accidentally picking up the wrong furniture since they are so close to each other. Good job!

Pretty fun! At first it felt kind of too easy but then suddenly there's chaos with all the Milo's. Simple but engaging game. I agree with others about the balloon and the plane, the balloons are a bit too punishing to shoot. Maybe the plane could slow down when you shoot the Milo's? Good job!

Good effort! I don't have anything else to add when looking through the comments other than I felt like the down times between rounds were a bit too slow. Keep it up!

A fun concept. There can be some unlucky moments like 2 rooks in front of your king, you can convert only one of them, the converted rook doesn't take the other rook and the other rook takes your king or a rook spawning right next to the enemy king and you win straight up in the sandbox mode at least. Not quite enough game planning going on for my likes either. With some polishing this could be an awesome chess game!

Simple and fun! I wish the quantity of tools and stuff to destroy was higher but this is solid! Good job!

Good concept. The activities could have had better execution. The painting didn't feel useful as it initially rises anger quite a lot and then when you finish painting, it goes back to the anger level you started with pretty much. The coffee feels overpowered as it is available so often and lowers anger a lot. The television is a good idea but could use a bit more variety. The game has potential.

Art looks nice. The beats sound truly groovy and almost makes it hard to focus on where you are shooting in a good way. I didn't find any problems within the game aside from the camera moving slightly too slowly when the beat comes. Great job!

Great art, music and atmosphere. I wish there was more intensity in running out of time to possess the next person. Good job!

I love the visuals and music. I'd have preferred a bit more utilization of the sneezing, it was a bit too easy to go past the objects for me. Good job!

A unique game. The movement felt a bit tedious. I'd prefer if the movement leaps would be slightly longer. The gun didn't feel useful, you could win by just moving forward as the enemies couldn't catch you. There is potential in this game.

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Requires some thinking where to go even though the levels are so small. A pretty good idea. As it felt like it was always best to go from top to bottom in order except level 3, generally there could been more difficult decisions to find the correct path. Good job!

Fun game! I agree, the night instructions could have been slightly more clear. Sometimes if you were unlucky and the blob decided to go right on the edge when the night started, there is very little time to build a block for it. The blob could be slightly slower at the start of nights or something. Also I think it was too easy to build the blocks for the blob if you got past the start of the night. You could just click really fast to the general direction it goes. The cooldown for building the blocks could be slightly longer. Good job!

The graphics are clear, nice to look at. Commendable to make such a complex game. It got quite difficult in the last few parts of the game but beatable! Fun game. Great job!

Music and art are good. I agree with the critique here. Especially how the winning strategy is by doing nothing at all as pointed out by Zax37. Could definitely have slightly more you can do as a player like being able to capture someone because you knew you could do it instead of it being luck based. Good job!

A pretty addicting game. I didn't find any problems with the game. Great job!

Randomly funny game! I like the idea of getting a random character and carefully observing all the stats but it doesn't feel too useful to do as the game is so random, haha.

Fun little tasks. Not many dog games out there so this is special. I wish it was longer with slightly more tasks but this is solid for a jam. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback!