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No sorry 😩

Definitely going to work on it more, just feels like it's been a prototype for a long time

Thanks for playing!


Cool ideas! Hopefully we can update it more this year

Forever a prototype 😭

Yup, could be super fun with more players! We've tested this idea before but just need to refine it and add it in

Awesome, great feedback!

No there isn't any other way to exit the game currently, need to add in a future update!

Yes you can include a screenshot 🙂

Maybe in the future! For now we're focusing on adding more levels and some other game modes.

We're still trying to get funding to speed up the development, but have continued to work on it in our spare time. Sorry for the slowness, we really want a level 2, 3, 4... and more too!

Getting 0 is no easy task!

Love the art style!

Thanks 🙂 Yea it was our first time adding controller support and we set it up weirdly. Hope to fix it in the cooking weeks!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! We had a lot of fun stylizing it, so much so they we didn't have enough time to fix all the bugs in it 😁




Thank you!

Nice work on the 100%!

At the end, across the falling platforms. It's super hard to get to 😁

It's not currently possible sorry

Great vid, thanks for playing! 

Probably still a long while off, but we already have a few ideas for other levels!

Thanks! They were animated in Unity which the game was also built in

Hey sorry that currently isn't possible. Maybe in a future update!

Thanks! Yes that should hopefully be better in our update after the jam.

Cheers! Good feedback, we'll update it after the jam

Thanks! They're not using true AI, but more of a randomisation pattern within certain parameters, and with the story it gives the illusion if AI.

Cheers :) Yes I agree, I'd love to see more story based games in jams. They're fun to make, but you end up putting more time into the story than actually making the game!

Thanks! Writing the story was actually one of the hardest parts of this game so its great that you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the feedback! Good ideas for a future update.

Pretty fun, I really liked how the levels progressed and how some were surprisingly different. Would be great to have some sound and more polish with more trippy effects.

Managed to play it through your fixed web build link. Neat game, really liked the idea of all the mini games. I couldn't figure out how to get past the space level. Would have loved to see more art and effects applied to it, or keep the simple look and stylise it like a 8 bit computer screen more.

+1 for bongo drums

Loved this, so addictive!


Thank you!

Thanks for playing. We had a hard time testing those levels! Will look to tone it down a little, or an option to turn it off.

Cheers! Yes we hope to fix this after the jam!