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Thanks! Yes we are still wanting to fix that bug!

Ah that’s way faster! Thanks for the tip 😉

Thank you for the feedback!

Hey thanks for playing our game! Unfortunately we didn't really have time to give our game a proper ending or anything like that during the game jam, that's why it ends the way it does, but we've slowly been working on it and hope to eventually have more of a proper game built in the future.

Sometimes Apple will not allow apps to run that are downloaded from Itch.

The easiest way to play is in your browser or by downloading and installing the game through the official app

The other way is to try open the app, then click ok on the dialog box that appears. Then go to System Prefs > Security & Privacy > General > Open anyway. This is for OS Catalina and above.

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Wow! Thank you for the huge detailed feedback, really appreciate the time you took to lay it out. Will think over your suggestions for our updates.

Edit: Just went to try your game and it's Windows, but we're on Macs so can't play it sorry. So my only feedback would be to make a web or macOS version :p

Thank you for the feedback! Great to hear you enjoyed it :)

Thanks! Yea we definitely want to add an in-game tutorial ...we probably shouldn't have spent so much time on the game page haha

Thanks, yea we have a few bugs to squash!

Cheers for the feedback! Sure, will check it out.

Thanks! Yes we're thinking of adding some sort of time-based score system at the end so that it has a level of difficulty, but still want a balance of retaining the chilled out Where's Wally vibe

Thanks! We're thinking of adding an in-game tutorial as speech bubbles that appear over the starting character so it hopefully helps with finding him!

Thank you! Yes adding an in-game tutorial and working on the progression are things we're looking into.

Thanks for the feedback! Some interesting ideas for us to think about on expanding the idea more.

Thanks! We thought about randomising (minglets/minglers/mingarinos?), but it was just above our skill level for the timeframe haha

Thanks! That was definitely on the list of to-do's that we hope to update after the jam.

Thank you so much and good to know our instagram is being looked at!

Cheers! Yes, we'll definitely add that in an update along with an in-game tutorial.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for finding us!




Cheers! Yes we started noticing the Unknown Pokemon vibe shortly into the art and just rolled with it. There's one character that we even tried making look like an Unknown. Good point on the difficulty, thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for tracking us down! Haha we posted that image at a time when we thought we weren't going to finish because of game breaking bugs, but luckily it all came together 30mins before the deadline!

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You need to find another character that looks like you and merge with them. Use WASD or arrow keys to move, and spacebar to merge. Then repeat until all the characters are merged. Instructions are on the itch page, but we hope to add them in-game in an update.

Thank you for such a great review!

Haha the plop sound was actually just a tweaked voice recording we took on a phone! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks! Yes that's one thing we may add in an update.

Thank you!

Nice work! Really weird and unique mechanic with some great level design puzzles.

Thanks! Initially, it was just supposed to be a chilled out Where's Wally type game/interactive experience. After testing a few times we've considered adding a score system to the end to show how fast you were. We've also considered adding more characters, or other levels where characters are more similar

Nice! It took me a while to figure out how to play, but it was clearer once you played with the nodes a bit. Great potential to create some crazy attacks!

One thing that confused me at the start was that I added all my nodes at the same time so they all appeared on top of each other and moved together when I dragged them. I was dragging them around for a while trying to figure out how to add others until I hit the X on one and realised the others were underneath.

Thanks! That was the original idea, but we didn't have enough time to properly design each character so ended up just placing them in randomly.

Great idea. While testing the game, we often found ourselves racing each other to find the match too!

Neat game, really original idea!

Nice work. I was just getting into it, then it finished! A few more gradually increasing puzzles would have been sweet!


I loved this so much