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I loved this so much

Would love this! I often disable full screen mode in my games so making these collapsible or something would be great.


Thanks for playing! Yea we still have a few things to tweak with the controls which we hope to do after the voting finishes.

Thank you!

Ah yes, it does look like Patapon! Wish we had thought to look at that when we were making it. Thanks for playing!

Found this after seeing your devlog video. Nice polish on the game, and great seeing your development process!

Thank you!

Cheers :)

Good points, thanks for the feedback. Forgot about the full-screen button, will enable after the jam voting!

Thanks for your feedback. These are all things we were wanting to work on, but didn't have enough time. Will be updating it later on.

Thanks! Yup an ammo indicator is on our to-do list :) 

Yup definitely some small refinements that we're eager to update. Thanks for playing!

Super fun twist on chess. It was quite challenging at times, but not crazy difficult. Only problem I had is that the game kept crashing after playing for a while, but may have just been my browser.

Shows that we really need to lower the difficulty! Sometimes you forget how difficult it is when you've been playing it over and over again. Thanks for playing and the vid!

Yea we actually wondered whether one should move while the other shoots, maybe it's something we could test out in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! The main game music was actually simple piano music played backwards to give a weird dark tone.

Thank you! Yea it really is a lot more fun with a friend :)

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Thank you! Yes we're keen to build on this game and tweak it a little more.

Yea an ammo indicator was on our to-list, but we couldn't add it in time. Will be sure to add it in an update. Thanks for playing!

That would be awesome but we have no idea how to implement online co-op!

Thanks! Yup we had also considered a 1 player option where the difficulty was set a little lower.

Cheers :)

Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed it! Yup, definitely a few things to tweak with the gameplay going forward.

Thank you! Will check out your game.


Oh haha thanks for that, will fix when we can update!

Thank you!

Oh haha, that is definitely not supposed to be there. Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you!

Definitely easier with friends :) thanks for playing!

Cheers, yea it would be great on the phone, controls may need a rework though!

Thanks! Yea it wasn't until late into development that we realized the aesthetic felt like Don't Starve.

Thanks! Yup fair enough, we just didn't have enough time to create everything from scratch so put all our effort into our own art style.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yup definitely easier with a friend.

Wow, great work! Even we still struggle to make it that far.


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Yup pretty slim pickings on Mac. We’re 2 artists / designers / animators learning to code.