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Thank you so much ^_^!!

Thanks so much for such a great review!! 

Thank you!!

Hahaha thank you, we had a lot of fun making  the sound effects  :p!!

Ah haha we wanted to do more levels but just ran out of time 😢  glad you liked it though 😊!!

Thank you! Haha yea its pretty hard to find

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks! :)

Nice game!! Music fit well, nice art style, and interesting interpretation of the theme :)

Thanks!! Took a while to get the colours right :D

Thanks haha glad you like the art so much !


Hahaha thank you !


Thank you :)!!

Thanks so much !

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Thank you  :)!!


Thank you!! We wanted to do more levels but ran out of time :'(

Love it! The puzzles were really challenging.

Infuriating, yet I can't stop playing. Got up to "Portals again"

I have OSX as well so can't play all entries :(  Would be great if someone could stream a play through of all the games so we can see them all!

Haha love the vid, you guys were hilarious! Can't believe you managed to make it back up that last bit!

We're working on adding a lot more to the game so hopefully can add puzzles and a proper ending.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, and yes would be perfect for the Switch!

Thanks, yes we found those bugs too, just didn't have time to fix. There was a point where they could infinitely jump if they were touching!

Haha yup we had to force the player down as we didn't have time to add more level.

Glad you two enjoyed it! Great ideas, we are actually looking into adding ice too. Interesting that you found it easy, where some others found it difficult. We may look at scaling up the difficulty the further you get towards the end of the game.

Cheers :)

Thank you!

Thanks! We are working to add more variety in gameplay and level design.


Thank you

Haha glad you both enjoyed it! We hope to develop it into a longer game soon.

Haha I was wondering if anyone would be able to make it out of the level. One of the major things for us moving forwards is to refine the controls and physics a lot more while still keeping a little of the weird physics in it.


Thank you!

Thank you for the honest feedback! We are thinking about adding more puzzle type obstacles and giving each player a different ability to make them work together better. Like one can crouch to get through smaller spaces, and one can double jump to get to higher places, with more emphasis on swinging around using the tether.

Is there anything that you would suggest to make it better?

So nice! Love the level of polish on everything. I found it really challenging to play, particularly with the camera moving around, but still had a lot of fun :)

Haha thanks! :)

Thank you! Yes we've already started looking at how we can develop the game further :)