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Nice feel Sam! I like the post processing pass on the top. I'll add my voice to those who want sandbox mode!

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Not a great fan of the art style but the idea and execution was sound.

I see a lot of design has gone into this! Having the whirling kick be the last control you lose was brilliant as it still gave you some limited movement. Also having the edges warp the player solves the issue of locking the player when they lose D-pad buttons. Great job and fantastic atmosphere!

Seemed a little buggy. I had a lot of buildings on top of my black hole, but none of them were being consumed. I do like the concept!

Platformer animation was really nice! The UI feels more like a Deveopler Interface however. It could use some more design work to make it more geared to a user,

Haha! I really like this game! The idea is simple, but executed well. Your level design is fits well with the mechanics and has a smooth difficulty curve. Well done!

Just almost impossible my friend! While balancing, my play tester hit the jackpot that seems to be practically unachievable. I assumed it was a healthy challenged and regretfully submitted. On my last try, it took me 15 attempts to beat the 2nd enemy and I would have fixed this if the Jam hadn't locked the files. Thanks for playing!

All is fair in love and RNG! The second fight came out way too hard. Wish I had playtested more!

Great Execution! Looks great and feels well.

Like the juice! Never saw the werewolf though...

Small problem, got softlocked in a corner by placing a chest on top of me. Neat concept!

Thanks Koloa! It kinda just came together as the prototype transitioned for cubes and cylinders to 3d models. Thanks for playing!

Yeah I tried to shoot in the corner, but I guess Levi must have been a big guy cause I still hit him XD

Thanks Zap, it was great fun making it too!

Thanks! I appreciate the complement. This was my first personal project in Unity and it was a lot of fun. Having an engine to work with makes things so much easier!

Yeah that was one of the things that got scrapped as the clock ticked down. Definitely could have used some more playtesting too!

I like the title, its punny! ;D

The enemy variety was great! I would have liked a little longer sword but the generous health power ups made up for it. Thanks for making this!

Somehow, I clipped out of bounds....

Oh boy I liked those animations! The Zombie's brain bouncing around was hilarious!

Neat way to get the most value out of your content! Lava field were difficult for me. Maybe you could reduce the death range of the lava blocks just slightly to help the player out, so landing off the platform by one pixel doesn't instakill.

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Neat story and very original idea!

I would have appreciated if the game allowed me choose whether to condemn Levi or not. Maybe some backstory on the vigilante would have been nice too!

Whoops, guess I got pegged for buying guns .... :)

I couldn't figure out how to use the portals, I tried having enemies walk on them and placing it under soul but no luck.

I enjoyed the mechanic of having the enemies use the souls of their fallen comrades to get stronger, nice touch!

Was that an online multiplayer text-adventure dungeon? Haha! Thats really cool you managed to get multiplayer working in a game jam! There wasn't much to do after I killed the other two fellows in game but it was a curious prototype.

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Boy you know I’m trying this now.

Also you can open the door by slipping something behind it!

Dont feel bad, even knowing all the recipes it took me 40 minutes to playtest. Classic example of scope getting too big! Thanks for playing TNTC!

 Beat it! I really liked the visuals. The jump felt a little sloppy, but I liked how happy faces became impassable. Simple mechanic but added a lot more strategy to it!

Really like the graphics! The flat sprites in 3D came out looking really nice!

Nice! Simple idea but great execution!

Great execution!

Great concept and use of the limitation! This was fantastic for your first game jam submission! I managed to cheese it though by sending guards to locations they couldn't reach. They become permanently stalled! Playtesting is the only way to catch that. Great story!

Really cute! Enjoyed it a lot. The light chasing away the monsters was a neat touch.

That was great! What a unique entry. I think the top down perspective was great for this game, kept everything in the players view and was the perfect distance for the low-poly models. Those changing doors were a great addition and the shattering mechanic was great. It made me slow down and be careful even though I so desperately wanted to throw those bottles from across the room! Great entry guys!

Great concept, theme really stands apart from the other games. I really enjoyed being able to blow past the coworkers instead of having to sneak past them like all these other stealth games haha!

Took me awhile to figure out what my goal was in the first level. I liked the low camera and walking sound. My favorite part was imagining what sort of disgusting creature I was.

Wow, the writing was awesome! What creativity! The game crashed on me when I ran out of time on the final level so I lost all my progress. That was a shame because I was loving the world building, especially the Battle of the 'Plosives!

You should mark the .rar as runnable by Windows, that way players know if they can run it before they download your file.

That command worked great, glad I got to play this game! I really enjoyed what you were able to do with the limited color palette. It made everything feel very tied together and united. The camera rotation was flipped from what I expected as a RotMG player, but that was the only thing that bugged me. Fantastic game!

Sweet, I’ll fire up my terminal and give it a spin!

Ah escort missions... I cannot believe you guys made this in three days! Great job!