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Poison Swamp + Recaptcha really gets ya

When I accidentally switched the frog properties to the platform I laughed out loud. Beautiful concept.

Wonderful presentation. Love the graphics!

Well presented, the rat squeaking while he was in the spotlight was a nice touch. I think more player feedback or indication of where to look next would improve it.

Haha cute and quirky. Would love to see a longer version.

Also I think having movement be coupled with the angle of the shield and the weapons was a brilliant idea that made for an interesting challenge to adapt to.

I loved this! The pixel animations, boss phase, and narrative were just a blast. The writing made me laugh out loud.

Love the art! Super cute, stands out  because of that

My pleasure! While your at it you might want to balance the ore prices a little bit. I came back and earned $7000, and it only cost $3000 or so to fully upgrade your self.

this game is absolutely legendary! it feels so cool comboing the eye and all the animations and music have so much juice! If I had to pick a favorite in this game it would be this one. Best implementation of the limitation to make interesting gameplay I have seen so far.

Dialog is the best part, don't understand the loop system, perhaps the loop should restart you entire progress to getting the 99 up your tools upgrade as your use them and persist.

Super cool graphics and awesome feeling! I like how you get new abilities over time. Perhaps a way to buy upgrades after each wave would make the game more enjoyable? Right now its just kind of spam clicking the mouse button and number buttons until you lose and it gets old pretty fast.

Similar comments to Odiwa! Great job on making your game!

Seems a little buggy, could get anything to happen besides moving and shooting

Beautiful animation!

Thoroughly enjoyed! I agree an introduction would have helped, I was confused why I lost after hitting him three times and my shots flew off into oblivion haha. Great Job on the effects

Yup, the downfall of only 16 colors in pico 8 is that it is hard to make clear boundaries and backgrounds. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Perhaps we'll make it happen one day haha

Cool concept, but had to read the description over and over and still not sure if I understand.
Perhaps an in game indication if I made a correct or poor choice (sound effect, particles) would be helpful to the player to understand.

Fun! I have a soft spot in my heart for 2d miners. I really like your ore generation system, it looks really neat that it generates in the clumps.
Some recommendations would be adding a sound to the shop to indicate to the player that you have sold your ores, and I think the game would be more enjoyable if the controls responded faster and were more intuitive. But above all, a good peaceful adventure of progress!
One of my favorite games like this is called "Utopian Mining" you can find it on Armor Games. I also made a game like this called "Ozark Rush" you can find here or on CoolMathGames.

Hey Julien! Thanks so much for the comment, the yellow platforms kinda just evolved from the development process and I agree that it adds some good depth to the game! Follow the fun as they say. For the moment, I can't see the screenshot that I infer you posted. 😅

I like how the bullets stick inside of him, like a mortally wounded white whale

Everyone needs more Mipple in their life

Hey googleyroll, if you now how to clear your cookies for this site, it should restart your games progress.

Nice feel Sam! I like the post processing pass on the top. I'll add my voice to those who want sandbox mode!

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Not a great fan of the art style but the idea and execution was sound.

I see a lot of design has gone into this! Having the whirling kick be the last control you lose was brilliant as it still gave you some limited movement. Also having the edges warp the player solves the issue of locking the player when they lose D-pad buttons. Great job and fantastic atmosphere!

Seemed a little buggy. I had a lot of buildings on top of my black hole, but none of them were being consumed. I do like the concept!

Platformer animation was really nice! The UI feels more like a Deveopler Interface however. It could use some more design work to make it more geared to a user,

Haha! I really like this game! The idea is simple, but executed well. Your level design is fits well with the mechanics and has a smooth difficulty curve. Well done!

Just almost impossible my friend! While balancing, my play tester hit the jackpot that seems to be practically unachievable. I assumed it was a healthy challenged and regretfully submitted. On my last try, it took me 15 attempts to beat the 2nd enemy and I would have fixed this if the Jam hadn't locked the files. Thanks for playing!

All is fair in love and RNG! The second fight came out way too hard. Wish I had playtested more!

Great Execution! Looks great and feels well.

Like the juice! Never saw the werewolf though...

Small problem, got softlocked in a corner by placing a chest on top of me. Neat concept!

Thanks Koloa! It kinda just came together as the prototype transitioned for cubes and cylinders to 3d models. Thanks for playing!

Yeah I tried to shoot in the corner, but I guess Levi must have been a big guy cause I still hit him XD

Thanks Zap, it was great fun making it too!

Thanks! I appreciate the complement. This was my first personal project in Unity and it was a lot of fun. Having an engine to work with makes things so much easier!

Yeah that was one of the things that got scrapped as the clock ticked down. Definitely could have used some more playtesting too!