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Got it!

Attempted a run where I discard a die at every opportunity, and never add dice. Made it further than I anticipated tbh

I ended up out of bounds from the same area (ie, after the snake). Ended up by a "sewer" sign.

The art is really good on this one! The controls feel maybe a bit too out of control, but for such a simple and short game, it works pretty well!

That's quite alright; I got enough reviews already. Thank you, though!

This has one of the most original concepts I've seen in this gamejam, and i would love to see more done with it!

This was an interesting puzzle game, and fits the theme quite nicely! The one design choice that confused me a little is the blocks that slide outside of the turn-based movement

Well done and well polished! Was almost bored in the early levels, but it picks up quite well!

Love the presentation on this one!

Problem though: the background wouldn't load for me for some reason. To gonna hold that against you, because it looks like it's working fine for everyone else, but here's what was logged in the console, if it helps: `[.WebGL-0x55eba04fa820]RENDER WARNING: texture bound to texture unit 0 is not renderable. It might be non-power-of-2 or have incompatible texture filtering (maybe)?`

I like it! The art and music especially! The gameplay was simple and fun, but the isometric view kept getting in the way, and making hard to make the moves I was meaning to.

Simple concept, but it works pretty well! The main problem I ran into was that since the background didn't scroll, it was often disorienting, and making it feel like I wasn't moving when I was

thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^^


I had originally wanted to do a Mario-style jump, where you fall faster than you rise, but I didnt know how to do that in a physics-based game engine. Guess that was my trade-off for using a game engine that let me get it done on time, but I hope I can make the jump feel tighter in any post-jam version

I never made it past the second fight, but I can tell some good comedy was put into this. Slight tweaks on the presentation, such as text speed, would have gone a long way

Love some good old fashioned destruction, and the lack of control over the situation just makes it better; this is a good one!

A cute relaxing game, and the theme came across quite well. The only problem I really ran into was remembering what flowers where which without having to consult the guide

Fun game, capturing the theme great as you run around fixing everything. I just feel like there could have been just one more system to try and balance, to add to the chaos

You created a great æsthetic, though there isn't much to say about gameplay. Kinda just a sad game. 

I was a bit worried about the random nature of the game, but it worked out pretty well! Instead of the randomness holding it back, it was more the feel of the platforming; it felt really floaty, yet jumps were quite low for how floaty is was. All in all, this is a decent game!

I like the visual aesthetic of the game, but I don't really get what's going on? I kinda just won each of the levels, and I'm not sure why.

The art is definitely the selling point on this one! As for the game-play; it's solid, but simple, and does a good job conveying the theme

Clever puzzle design, and a fun little story (though I didn't see the ending, cuz I couldn't get past all the puzzles). There's just a few small things (sfx, backgrounds, etc) that would have pushed this to its full potential. All in all, I like it!

Fun concept, but I feel like the difference between easy and hard modes should have been different. It would have been easier if the direction was randomized in both modes, with the difficulty coming from the balance of positive vs negative targets. On easy mode, I ended up with a screen flooded with innocents, losing point quickly; i feel like that should have been what hard mode was

Thank you!

RNG-wise, there aren't any points in the game that require good RNG. There is one bonus life (at the very end) where RNG is needed after collecting it, but that's the only spot, and no required paths need it. It's probably still my fault, as I didn't communicate very well how the shifting mechanic chooses its movement

Thanks, I made it in, like, a minute, lol


A couple people have suggested the multiple transformations, so if I make a post-jam version, I'll definitely add that feature!

I cannot fathom what lead you to coming up with this idea, but it was entertaining! I like how you have to spawn enemies to get rid of the projectiles

I think it was red, I'm pretty sure

5/5 on presentation! The game play is a little too simple, but that's not a big issue. Just wish I could type fast enough to beat it, lol

(I'd also like to add: good job on the art for this game! I'll admit I only clicked on it because of the buff lizard on the cover image, lol)

It was the last dream, right before the flag

This one really made me feel the out-of-control theme, and the sound design was probably one of the biggest contributors to that, so good job there! I also loved all the humorous elements scattered around the game

Fun idea, and a really hard challenge, though I feel like it could have fit the theme a little better. I also noticed that the death barrier for falling feels a little too high up; since you have double jumping, lowing that barrier would allow someone to recover rather than just instantly dying. 

The audio and visual design on this one really sell the experience! The puzzles work great and have a good learning curve to them too; good job!

This was an interesting idea, but the platforming section could have used more work. I ended up falling out of the level, and never respawning or anything, just falling forever.

I'm pretty sure the problem's on my end then. I'll see if I can get it running from a clean virtual machine

I originally had the hearts as gems, meant as bonus points, and switched them to lives to add a bit more challenge, but looking back, I do think I should have kept them as extra collectibles. Maybe even could have added a secret ending for getting them all.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you so much!

And, just so you're aware; I didn't make most of the art. I used a premade tile-set, and its probably pretty obvious which assets came from the tile-set, and which I made during the jam

thank you so much!

I would have loved to add animations, but I worked alone this year, no artist (aside from using a premade tile-set for the blocks). It'll probably just have to be one of those post-jam additions 


Yeah, it seems my biggest drawback in my design was not putting enough effort into a tutorial level. I'm glad people are sticking around long enough to figure it out