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Thanks for playing! Check the spoilers in the game description above. You can decrypt the last conversation here

Uh oh! Sorry about that!

Yeah executing this on mobile sounds like a lot of work :D But definitely worth it!

You can always make new friends :P

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Just like how Portal is an awesome game on controlling and folding space, I want to do something on controlling time. Here's my attempt from LD47. Would love to hear your feedback so I can try to tweak the design and find better mechanics. OR if you know of similar games / have your ideas, tell me so I can try them :)

Problems I ran into with making the mechanics:
* What does it mean to fold/manipulate time? I thought of Portal's "bring a different space from the current time to me", and I swapped time and space,  so I got "bring a different time from the current space to me". 
* What game genres work here? Action? Puzzle? RPG? FPS? Puzzle seemed like the obvious choice since Portal was my inspiration.
* How to decide which time to bring back? In Portal  you point. In this game of mine you hit "Record"?
* How to decide how to play that time back? I had what you "Recorded" looping, to match the theme of Ludum Dare (Stuck in a Loop).
* Altering the past did not feel right because it already happened, so some of the mechanics can feel a bit inconsistent to avoid that. For example, if you collide with your past self, it should be able to affect you, but no the other way around. However the physical question remains: If past self is exerting some force on future self, should past self feel the opposite force?

Again, would love to hear your theories on how to solve these while not causing any logical paradoxes :D

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Thanks a lot for the video! Seems like two levels were swapped in the build, which caused some of your struggle. You did very good compared to my friends I tested this with though :)

Yeah I got similar complaints on explaining the mechanic. Maybe I'll fix after the jam. Thanks for the feedback!

Haha! Thanks for playing.

Sorry, that's terrible. Try WASD?

Haha! Thanks!


Thanks a lot for the suggestions! And I'm glad you liked it!

Of course! Feel free to use my game any way you like yeah!

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Check the game page. It has the encoded messages already. And thanks for playing!

I love this! I'm bad at chess, so when you say, "randomness not only skill," I say, "I am in!"

I want to play this more after the jam once the bugs are fixed!

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Nice short story. The simple art style and how it contrasted the colorful video game fit the story nicely. Too bad you didn't manage to submit, I would've given you 5 stars :) Would love to see more!

Btw, what is this built with?

Wow! That's a lot of assets! Didn't feel like a jam game. Nice!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing :)

Thanks for the feedback!

I've been getting mixed feedback on the puzzles. Some say easy and some say hard. Sadly for my aesthetic choices to make sense, you'd have to finish the game. I should probably work on having the game pull people in better.

Yeah I hate that it ended at a cliff-hanger too :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah. I could swear there's strategy behind it. Cool game!

I found it very hard to control, but I really like the concept. The presentation was also perfect for the mechanice. Nice!

I only got to 11 :(

Nice take on the theme though and nice puzzles :)

The art is SO COOL! I didn't manage to leave, but I want to go outside in real life now. Thanks a lot!

Really cool mechanic, and well executed! I really love the style and how the colors make the level easy to read.

Haha! Nice take on the theme! Cool graphics and audio! I felt like in some places I could plan for my wolf form, but for others, it was just up to RNG to decide if I succeed or fail.

Nice twist on tower defense. I suck on those games though :D Really cool presentation btw!

Love the fire take on the theme! I could not tell how the fire spread was happening, so my play was more try-and-error than planning and strategy. The step noise was strange when it got louder as your progress in the level. Cool graphics though!

The tutorial was a good start, but then the music got repetitive and the game got hard. The graphics are cool though and the menus as well.

Nice graphics, and creative concept. I did not get that the teleportation was random till I read the description. Thought it was a bug :D

Cool concept! One piece of feedback is that the springs and the background are almost the same color. I could not tell they were springs until I looked too close.

I'm biased because I like puzzles, but this is one of the best takes on the theme this Jam. Very nicely presented as well. Really cool! Congrats!

Nice take on the theme, good presentation, and good length! Congrats!

The slippery movement made it hard to play, but cool concept!

Cool idea! I like the challenges that emerge out of it!

I got distracted by the visuals on this one to really appreciate the puzzles :P Really cool aesthetic! 

Thanks for playing :)