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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊

I just had to feature this as one of my favourite Halloween games, it’s amazing! As a gamedev myself, I can see the hard work that goes into making this such a compelling experience - great work!

Hey, I thought your game was amazing – it was such an interesting unique design! I featured it on my channel as a top pick to play for Halloween this year! Awesome stuff!

Thanks :) Nice one!

I thought Shrine was insanely good, so good in fact that I included it in my favourite games of this past week!

Hey, I loved Frogmented so featured it in my favourite games of the past week!

Hey, I really enjoyed your game so featured it in my favourite games of the past week!

Yo I reviewed your game as a part of my favourite games from this past week on itch!

Hello! I featured your game in my favourite games of the past week! 

Thanks! I liked it lots - keep up the fantastic work!

Awesome - I hope you continue to enjoy my videos!

This game is so beautiful I just had to include it in my favourite free games of the week! I cannot wait to see where this project goes!

The cutscenes are just lovely too!

I featured SPACEBAR in my top free itch games of the week! The concept for this game was brilliant and I just loved the aesthetic! Really great team effort and I can't wait to see what you all get up to in the future!

Hey, I loved Zen Slider! It's so chilled out and relaxing! I've included it in my list for the best free itch games of this past week!

Hey, this really made me laugh. You absolutely nailed the humour. I featured it in my best games of the past week on itch!

I featured Glyph in my top free itch games of the week! I really liked the character controller and can't wait for more updates!


Hey! I've been making a platforming 'speedrunner' using some of your assets - thought you might like to check it out!

Nice idea! Character was a little floaty but the art music and gameplay mechanics all came together really well!

Super neat idea! Controls were a little difficult, but a lot to work with here! Really great work.

Such an original idea! Awesome work!

So original! Love the idea and the speech bubbles were a nice touch that added to the feel of the game - well done!

Music was awesome in my opinion! Ship was hard to control but that was the point. Still, it felt pretty satisfying to swing about while shooting.

Really like the concept - reminds me of 'baba is you' a lot! The accuracy of input sometimes threw me off and I'd end up pushing keys half a space further than I had intended but the music, art and gameplay really mixed well!

Art and music fit nicely together. The game camera moved too fast in my opinion, but I like the fact that it was dynamic! The respawns are really well designed.

Great game! The style, music and gameplay all come together nicely!

Such a huge fan of random gen levels - really cool :)

Awesome! I really liked the combination of tower defence and top-down shooter - I wasn't expecting it at first but it quickly clicked into place. Loved the devlog too!

Really satisfying gameplay! The gun SFX, screenshake, knockback and bullet trails make for such a great experience!

Very difficult to control the projectile. Has really nice visuals - I like the geometric shapes!

Insanely good visuals. Really great game - superb execution!

Nice take on the theme!

The random movements are a little too difficult to reliably solve the puzzles. Really nice concept though - perhaps the out of control segments could have a random pattern known before you make your moves (instead of after) to make it feel a little more fair.

Actually hilarious.

Nice one! I played the game and enjoyed it! Hope you learnt a lot, and hope my assets helped!

Ah thanks for the tip! I must've missed that section in the page settings when I set this up - all fixed now! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

RPS_OVERDRIVE was released early this week, so if you'd like to play it, here's the link:

RPS_OVERDRIVE is the most competitive game ever created (probably). It uniquely blends real-time gameplay with the classic rock-paper-scissors format. Play through a challenging "story" mode, and enjoy the competitive local-multiplayer experience!