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Vortex Bros.

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Thank you for the feedback!  Glad you liked it and thanks for playing our game!

This is a pretty solid game with some great visuals and great music!

Really cool game with a lot of polish! I unfortunately ran into some bugs and couldn't progress after being hit by some missiles and grabbing the cube.

Unique game idea.  It's really hard to know what you're supposed to do at first.  But nice job!

Very cool unique concept for a game.  I loved that the background changed by the dice rolling.  The controls were a bit touchy though kept falling off the ledge.

Couldn't get it to load maybe isn't working?  let me know if you get it back running

Dang I found this kind of funny. The game does not use dice though.

That was really fun!  Man those pawns come at you fast!  Nice job on the game

Not sure what I was supposed to do.  I couldn't see who I was as a character.  I really liked the graphics though

Very interesting game concept.  Nice graphics

Ok so it's basically yahtzee.  I liked the graphics of the dice going through the rolling device.  Nice job

Darn, wouldn't load for me.  Let me know if you get it running.

Very interesting game concept.  I wasn't sure if I was winning or not so maybe a score keeper would be nice here.  Wasn't sure how to know which die I should pick to send towards the cards.

Fun game, but the concept can definitely be elaborated on greatly. The visual was great and it was smart to have the dice affect the movement.

Great job making this in 48 hours!


I liked the game design, and I saw what you were trying to go for. The game would be much better if the dice had an actual impact on the gameplay.

Great job making this in 48 hours!

Visiually appealing, this game was pretty great and fun to play. This game had a few bugs though, but the concept is great and definitely could be elaborated on in the future.

Great job making this in 48 hours!

This was a pretty solid game,  and I liked the use of the dice rolling concepts! It would be nicer if there were negative side effects occasionally or something else to elaborate further on the dice concept, but overall great job making this in 48 hours!

This game was really fun to play and the game had great visuals and was pretty smooth with it's controls.  A few things to note would include the use of the R key to reload was a hassle and it would of been better off just reloading on your next click like most shooter games, and the enemies should just be a little harder to avoid.

Great job making this game in 48 hours!

This was a really nice game with great visual desing, although I do wish that the instructions were more clear. I also like your use of RNG that added side effects.

Great job making this in 48 hours!

This game had a very interesting take on the dice concept but overall I did not feel like I knew what was happening. The art was great, and the shop UI could use some work.

Great job making this in 48 hours!

I wish that this game explained a little more, but the art for the calling was really cool and it reminded me of pikmin especially with the day counter. Overall fun to play and I loved the concept.

Great job making this in 48 hours!

Solid game. I like the use of the dice pips to display health, and the controls were good. The only thing to note is that I wish the concept of dice had greater influence on this game. 

Great job making this in 48 hours!

The dice concept was well carried out especially with the fact that it was double-sided, by spawning enemies as well as changing the weapon or healing. This game could have had a better visual interface, but of course you only had 48 hours. Great game.

This was a very solid little game on scratch. I greatly appreciated the visual effects and the controls were a little strange at first but aside from that the only real thing I noticed is that you didn't really elaborate on the dice's function. 

Great job making this in 48 hours!

That is awesome!  We're glad you liked it!

Awesome feedback!  Thanks for playing our game

Awesome thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

thank you!  Thanks for the feedback

ha ha thanks!  Thanks for playing

Thank you!  Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it!  Thanks for playing!

Very cool game concept!  I couldn't get anything to happen after I placed the dice.  The graphics looks awesome!

Darn, game doesn't load on browser.  Let me know if you get it fixed.  Your photos of the game look great!

I couldn't get the game to start on the landing page.  Let me know if you get it fixed

Very cool game concept!  Nice sound effects!

Very creative game concept!  Nice job on the graphics

Very cool game concept!  Nice job

Very cool game concept!