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Hi everyone! I just released the first entry of what I'm calling "The Lampshade Anthology" a series of games developed mostly in game jams all sharing the same universe. This first one you play as a Censer in his journey to become part of the Emperor's Holy Army, in a masocore platformer inspired in games like Jump King and others. Please check it out and let me know where I could improve in the next project :)

Thank you!

Real cool game! The visuals and mechanics are real nice and fun to play! The one thing I think could change is that the dash could happen even if the player isn't holding a move input, this way I think it could be a little more responsive. Overall a real great game :D

Thank you! I think I already know why this is happening... and I'll fix it in the next project! :D

Thank you! I was trying a new way to make my codes of jumping, walking, shooting and the way I make tilemaps in this game, this is way it wasn't very responsive... Please, could you tell me what of this was the problem for you? Or it was all of them? hahaha then I can review the code before start a new project :D Thank you so much!

Thank you! I'm  used to use the pixel perfect component in the unity to make the sprites keep their relative sizes in relation to the screen, in addition to that I almost aways make games that uses only one screen levels, so when I made the sprites I completely forgot that this game in could have bigger sprites, and would be better if it had hahahah I only saw that when I was with all animations of the main character and the enemy made, and I was like "this is too small, but its to late now to redo all this D: " I totally have to pay more attention on this things in the next project hahahaha.

Thank you :D

Thank you! I'll keep working in the movement mechanics to make them better in the next time. I tried a lot of new things in this project, coyote time, jump cut and I changed the way I make my walking code too, so it's a lot of polish to do next... Thank you for your review :D

Thank you! I appreciate that you liked the game :D

Thank you!

Thank you! A 2D puzzle platformer is a great idea! This would help me in the making of the enemies A.I., making them more predictable and even more simple than the one I used... I think hahahaha.....

Thank you! I thought about the locking mechanic early in the development, but after spend most time of the jam polishing the platform elements and making the animations, I was like "well this mechanic is the only 'confined' thing I have here, I can't throw it away now, let's see what I can do with it... " hahahaha but I will use this idea in the future, as you said, if I explore it with a better level design I think it can be a good mechanic :D

Thank you! After finished the game I realised that I should have put some anticipation frames in the mouth and some symbol in the end of the platforms tragetory, but I completely forgot it in the middle of the jam D:

Thank you so much :D

Thank you so much for your review! 

Thank you so much! The moving platforms have the same inicial and final position is a great idea! I already know how to make it's scrip when I think about it, and maybe, make the platforms the way that is now as some destructible platforms (like if they are destroying themselves in eachloop) I could keep both mechanics in the game... Thank you again!

I made it! What you said about the browser version made me keep thinking... So I research until I found a way to export it! (it was an error involving the update of the MacOS, pyton and the unity 2020 by the way, something crazy hahahaha) but most important: I made a browser version! I have to thank you again for your review, without it, I would not have found this answer for this strange error. 

thank you so much for your review! Yes! I wanted to build a browser verson for the game, but when I build it, some weird errors occured and the folder that was exported was empty, I research in the internet for a couple of time and couldn’t understand why this was happening, but I must see it before the next jam to build it properly. And about the controls, thank you again, I’ll polish more them in the next game, I was felling that the controls wasn’t good enought too, because for me, this mechanic only makes sense with hard levels, but as you said, with hard levels you have to have really good control, and I will improve them!

Thank you so much again for your review! I’m trying to make a lot of gamejam games to improve myself to try to make and release a platformer game, that I’m working on, soon in the future, so I liked a lot your comments about the controls, now I know the first thing that I need to focus on my next project to build a better game :) and sorry about the browser version.

yeaah! game jams are one of the best ways to both take us out of our procrastination (I did it too with this jam…)  and to meet new talented people and their work, as you said, is crazy to see how many awesome games and ideas we can find that are made in only ~10 days or even less.

thank you! Good ideia, maybe some animation frames before the bite could really help.

Really great game! I really love how the frog looks, it's just adorable! (every game should have frogs with random hats hahahaha) It took me a while to get the jump and ground pound mechanic, but when I got it, I GOT IT,  and everything felt so well.

Really cool game! I liked how the 2nd run can be easier than the 3rd one because of the behavior of the 1st one, this creates an unpredictability every time you play the game, that makes you improvise with what you have and think in your next one. The one thing I don't liked very much was that the asteroids becomes toooo small and still kills you, as it is an one hit kill game it seems a bit unfair, I know it can be part of the player strategy avoid destroy them in the middle of the loops, and maybe and just can't avoid destroy some asteroids when I see them hahahaha

Oh! And I really liked the art style too, space was a real great choice because of the jam limitation, and it fits very well :) 

Sorry, I don't have how to test in Linux to see if it is working as intended.

Real cool game, I played on the mobile and it worked very well! The levels are great and makes you try to catch all the coins everytime. And really creative use of the theme, I loved the dog :)

thank you so much! Im really glad to see that you liked the game :D

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Real funny and great game! Congratulations! The art style and the levels are so good :D the levels are really funny and clever, hope to see more of this game in the future!

Very great game :D I liked a lot the movement system (even thinking that the corridors area a little too small some times) and it fits so well bath with the jam theme and with the simple, but very good used, art style. The game feel of the game is pretty great too. Congratulations!

Good game concept! Its a very good use of the theme in a puzzle game. Only two things I think that could be improved after the jam is, maybe the objects of the scenery could only move when you move and could have some kind of "alert" to show where will be fire in the next move or even in the next few moves. Overall its a great game with a lots of potential :)

Nice game! I liked the use of the theme and the game theme is so creative.

I liked this game a lot! The idea is really good. Congratulations :)

Very polished game! The multi purpose use of the fuel is a real nice catch and the AI allies is a great addition to the game. Congrats!

Really nice catch on the theme! Making the robot keep going with the previous commands is a really cool idea and works pretty well.

Nice game! With a little more after jam polish it can easily become a mobile hit! I liked the game play, its addicting :D Congratulations!

The idea is pretty great and the art style too! The name of the game is real funny too :)

Nice presentation and design of the enemies! It really becomes "out of control" really fast, congratulations! 

I liked the pixel art and the animation of killing a lot!

The idea is a lot of fun! I liked the pixel art too. Very good work!

This game is so clever! I loved the use of the theme and the execution, the catch on the theme into create something so fresh is really great! Certainly one of my favorite game in the jam! :D

I loved this game! The art style is amazing and the story is so funny, I feel like Bob when I think in a certain game that will be released in 2077, and Im waiting since ever. Congratulations, its a very good use of the theme and a great game! 

Thank you