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thank you so much! Im really glad to see that you liked the game :D

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Real funny and great game! Congratulations! The art style and the levels are so good :D the levels are really funny and clever, hope to see more of this game in the future!

Very great game :D I liked a lot the movement system (even thinking that the corridors area a little too small some times) and it fits so well bath with the jam theme and with the simple, but very good used, art style. The game feel of the game is pretty great too. Congratulations!

Good game concept! Its a very good use of the theme in a puzzle game. Only two things I think that could be improved after the jam is, maybe the objects of the scenery could only move when you move and could have some kind of "alert" to show where will be fire in the next move or even in the next few moves. Overall its a great game with a lots of potential :)

Nice game! I liked the use of the theme and the game theme is so creative.

I liked this game a lot! The idea is really good. Congratulations :)

Very polished game! The multi purpose use of the fuel is a real nice catch and the AI allies is a great addition to the game. Congrats!

Really nice catch on the theme! Making the robot keep going with the previous commands is a really cool idea and works pretty well.

Nice game! With a little more after jam polish it can easily become a mobile hit! I liked the game play, its addicting :D Congratulations!

The idea is pretty great and the art style too! The name of the game is real funny too :)

Nice presentation and design of the enemies! It really becomes "out of control" really fast, congratulations! 

I liked the pixel art and the animation of killing a lot!

The idea is a lot of fun! I liked the pixel art too. Very good work!

This game is so clever! I loved the use of the theme and the execution, the catch on the theme into create something so fresh is really great! Certainly one of my favorite game in the jam! :D

I loved this game! The art style is amazing and the story is so funny, I feel like Bob when I think in a certain game that will be released in 2077, and Im waiting since ever. Congratulations, its a very good use of the theme and a great game! 

Thank you

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Really cool art style! And the use of the theme is so creative and funny! I can see it becoming a really good and fun full game after jam! Congratulations!

thank you! I didnt have realized this risk versus reward element in the game yet, thanks, now Im gonna think how to make this feeling better in the future versions! :D

thank you!

thank you!

thank you so much! Im glad to hear that! Yes, there is a huge problem with the spawn, and player can make as points as it wants doing this, but its the first ill fix :)

thank you for the feedback! Yeah, this is a problem I noticed just after the submission, but Im already planning to fix it :)

I liked the idea a lot. the presentation is pretty great too! With a little more polish after the jam (I had some problems with the colliders) it can be a full puzzle game!

Really great art style! I liked the idea too, it feels like the idea was very ambitious for a jam but you handled it very well, and I can see it becoming a full game after the jam because it has a lot of potential!

Thank you! That is a real good score :D

The idea of the game is very fun, I can see it becoming a very good multiplayer game! Congratulations!

thank you for the feedback!

Very funny and cool game! The "wow, que cartola chiquetosa" made me laughs a lot hahaha It is already in my collection to play with my friends more times :) Congratulations! Oh, and its so good to see a game in the jam that needs to read being localized in Portuguese, this way I can play it with more of my friends :D

Nice catch on the theme, it was funny hahahaha I liked the minimalist aesthetics.

Very creative use of the theme! In the hardest difficulty I identified myself with the character and it was really funny :D Congratulations, very inteResting game!

Very cool art! I liked the idea too, I saw in the comments that its your first game jam, this is amazing, the result is pretty great :) Making everything is a lot of work, but its gives an unique aesthetics and presentation for the game. Congratulations and I hope to see more of your games in the future :)

I love how you put the story in the game, and it fits so well in the theme! I played alone, but I think it can be even more fun playing with a friend! Very good game :)

Very good use of the theme! I saw you made both art and sound and all of it is so good! Congratulations!

Thank you :)

It is a "destroyer of friendships game" (it's a term we use in Portuguese to refer of a cooperative game that can easily become really hard if we don't cooperate, like overcooked, and I'm not sure if this term exists in English...) and I love this kind of game! :) It is a so creative use of the theme and the game is so gorgeous too. I can see it easily becoming a full party game if you keep working on it after the jam. Congratulations!

Thank you! Making everything is really laborious, but see this compliments make this work worthwhile :) Thank you!

Nice game! I loved the pixel art and the game feel :) I just think that it could have more feedback you suffer damage. Despite that, its a very good game

Creative game :) I'm sure that with more polish and a multiplayer it can become a good full party game. Congratulations!

Funny use of the theme, and its pretty good to play too, nice game fell as well :)

I took some time to understand everything but, when I did, I loved it! Really cool game, I started to strategize what kind of block I should link with other to create a better structure, and I thought I've made the better structure ever, that came the wind and my house killed me so fast hahahaha very funny, creative and well done game! :)