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Thank you so much! I watched the video, and I really liked it :D

Thank you for your review! The "Bases" are like your "house" or "where is the lawn mower" in Plants vs Zombies, maybe the best term would be "Headquarter" or something like that. I may be using the wrong term in English for what I'm trying to explain, I think "base" maybe its a false cognate with Portuguese in this case...

Real nice concept and execution! It fits really well with the resolution constrain, in the beginning is a little confusing on how and what to do, but when you get it the game is real smooth to play.

Thank you so much! Yes, the resolution constrains was real challenging in this matter, but I really liked to try to make this work some how.

Real nice concept and execution, with great level design too :D

Real great and polished game!

Thank you so much! I just put the particles and the sounds as feedbacks, flashing effects are something that I aways forget to put, I have to remember them, because they give a great feedback and cool effect for the game :D

Thank you! I though balance this kind of game very challenging, because or its so frustrating to not be able to defend the tower if there is too many enemies, or (in the case of my game) you can crowd control only a few enemies to not lose, I'm still thinking in the best way to balance this kind of tower defense

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you liked the lore of the game :D and I totally forgot to put some kind of delay or animation in the victory screens to prevent you from skip them unintentionally and give them more impact :(

Real cool horror game! Nice approach for the resolution, it really fits well if an horror game. The light effect are pretty great too as well as the art-style of the pixel art. Great job :D

The visuals of this game is amazing! I haven't tried it with a controller that seems the better way to play (because I don't like so much to play a platformer using the mouse) but I liked a lot that the enemies has a great telegraph for their attacks, its pretty cool for an action game :D

This game is so gorgeous and the mechanic is pretty great. I just think that the player and the enemies could have a little more contrast with the background, because the pixel art of them both are so beautiful that you want to see them more clearly... I don't know if i haven't caught it but, is there some limitation about spamming the attack button? Because I was attacking and dodging and the dodge feels much more fun then the attack. The dodge is pretty great and fun by the way :D

This animations are amazing! I would like to see how this game could have been if you had more time, because it has potential.

Thank you so much! I used the pixel perfect component in the camera in unity and set it to 64x64 pixels, so I had to make every sprite in the right size to fit in the screen properly, the main character is 19 pixels tall for example, if I'm not mistaken :D

Real nice game! I really liked the animations, they are pretty good :D I like the idea of a hp points in a fight game, it creates even more tension in the fight because you know exactly how many attacks you have to hit before defeat the enemy.

Very polished game and great use of the resolution!

Thank you so much! The resolution was a real challenge for me, and I kept this idea of a game that maybe could be better in a bigger resolution to make it even more challenging hahahaha

Thank you for your review :D In the beginning I tried to put some indication in the background of what base you are lined with, but I couldn't manage to do this than I dropped this idea, and I shouldn't have done that...

Thank you :D

Thank you for your review! Yes, I think maybe my game would be better in a 16:9 screen, the resolution was really challenging for me. I'm happy that you liked the lore of the game too :D

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked :D

Thank you so much!

The use of the resolution is really clever! This game is really cool, took me some time to realize how to buy tanks (but was my fault, I thought it generate itself before I buy the red building, so I bought a lot of them hahahaha), but after that I could manage to defeat the Kaiju. The art-style is very great too :D

Nice game! The limitation of ammo and life makes you hunt for supply from time to time, and this creates tension for the gameplay. Nice art-style too :D

I really liked the mechanic of this game and the puzzles it creates! The art-style is pretty cool and I really liked that you made every puzzle fits in the 64x64 screen :D

Nice game and use of the resolution :D

Real great game! The level design is pretty cool and the art-style is fantastic :D Have to reactivate the checkpoint after every death is a bit frustrating, I forgot it twice (one of this times almost in the end hahahaha) but the gameplay is so fluid that replay it isn't a problem at all :D

I really loved this game! The mixing mechanic is super responsive and fun to play, sometimes I confuse the pure green and the mixed green-blue one (if I'm not mistaken), but this isn't a big problem because the speed that you can recreate your fire is super fast. The art-style is super cute, and I really liked the progression of the mechanics and difficult on the levels :D

Thank you so much! I was really scared about the art-style in the beginning of the jam, so I'm really happy that you liked the result :D

Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you liked :D I tried my best to make a good game, even with its problems I'm really happy with the result because of it :D

I really liked the idea of the upgrade system, you have to think both in your upgrades and in the enemy ones... I read that you had issues with the camera control, maybe try switch the transform changes from the update to the fixed update... maybe it helps in this lower resolutions....

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I spend a lot of time trying to mitigate the randomness of the theme, I’m glad that you liked that aspect of my game :D

hahaha thank you! 

Thank you!

I liked this game, the possibility to change your dice in the middle of the fight is very good and give you more options to change your strategy.

It's an interesting idea and use of the theme, I took some time to realize "oh! I can put my attacks with the enemy ones, that way some dice rolls will not be that bad!" and that was a very funny moment hahaha

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked the game :)

Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you liked that reference :D

I really liked the idea of the game, it can have a lot of good puzzles, but I think if it has some way to see which side the dice will be when I move before I move it could be a little less try and error. The monster is so lovely by the way :D