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I'm not sure

Earthbound Onett theme

thanks for playing! :)

thank you for playing and streaming it, I'm glad you liked it! :)

I was just wondering

what even is marsageddon

It should be WASD to move then. If that doesn't work then I'm not sure why that could be happening, sorry

do you maybe need to click through the dialogue first?

it's from 2020 though

I don't think I ever thought about it that deeply

go to add friend and type "kypello" and it should come up with my account

sure, maybe add me on discord and I can send you the file

thanks! :)

damn, that is way darker than I intended

I think they did ask and I gave them permission, but it was a while ago so I don't really remember

lol thanks for playing

I think I might work on this one for day 4

thank you so much for playing!! sorry you found it too much to remember at once, I am planning to add some kind of in-game notebook to make it easier hopefully. Also glad someone picked up on the grim fandango inspiration :)

ok good to know! I will give it another go and try and figure it out

This is a very nice game!! I love the pixel art graphics and the levels are well-designed for the most part. The final(?) level seems to be one sign short, but I did also find an alternate way to finish the game. I'm curious if it's possible to finish that level for real?

A few nitpicks: I think the signs should stay after you restart, allowing you to adjust them instead of redoing it all from scratch when you mess up. Also the multiple-cameras thing seems a little unnecessary, and makes it hard to know where the screens connect to each other at a glance, why not just make one big map where you can pan around?

Overall a cool entry!!

thanks for playing! It is definitely too complex right now without any kind of in-game way of keeping track of everything, sorry. Glad you liked it anyway!

thank you! :)

thanks! glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing! I agree it is too much information to carry in your head as it is right now. If I make a post-jam version, I will add some kind of in-game UI for keeping track of all the information.

thanks for playing :)

thanks for playing!! glad you enjoyed :)

thank you for playing!

I love it, it's super fun to explore the different programs and look for the information you need for each step. I also love the art style.

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I absolutely love this game!!! It's like Mario 64 but you play as Lakitu!! I love the GameCube-esque graphics and overall asthetic, I love the music, it's super fun to follow the character around and make sure you're staying at the right distance and angle, overall an excellent entry!! I think this may be my favorite so far :)

Edit: Sorry, in my hype I forgot to mention - I found a glitch where I got stuck inside a cave :(

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This is cool and interesting, although parts of it are unsettling

Edit: I also love the vibing skeleton

Cool world and atmosphere, but I couldn't figure out what I'm supposed to be doing. It seems like there's not much to do besides explore around. Also the camera controls are inverted from what I'm used to, which made it extremely difficult for me to play.

This is fun, maybe a little too tricky to adjust the trees in time with how suddenly the dragon changes its height

This is a cool game, I keep getting a weird glitch where items get stuck on my cursor so I'm not able to get very far

Fun game! It's satisfying to refresh until I get a good layout and then planning out the most efficient path. A few issues I noticed: it's weird that pressing the start button places a tile, and also the tutorial mentioned green and red squares but there were no squares so I wasn't sure what the goal was at first

thanks for playing! glad you liked it :)

I love this game! I love how the laser beam puzzle requires you to consider how the laser moves between rooms to get it to where it needs to go.

I wasn't able to finish the game because I couldn't find a pair of scissors anywhere, and I also couldn't figure out what to do with the small object that looks like a spoon or a hand mirror or something :(

Very simple but interesting idea

This is a cool idea and I like the graphics! I can't figure out how to get past the spikes next to the prisoner on level 2, I think I'm supposed to use the princess to dash across but I get killed instantly whenever I switch to her

It's very chaotic, but super fun and satisfying to play!!

This is a creative concept and the graphics are nice, but I wasn't sure what to do