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Nice game! The concept of changing the size of your character to progress through levels is interesting and works well with the theme. The artwork and audio is also very nice. 

As someone else said, the controls feel slightly unresponsive, like the character feels too slippy. My guess is that you used physics to control the characters movement, and I would suggest translating the character directly instead to get tighter-feeling controls.

It's very cool how the first three levels introduce the player to differently-sized characters, and then on the fourth level you can't progress until you figure out that you can use the flower to change your size. I love stuff like that that organically teaches the player how to play without directly telling them. My only suggestion here would be to make the flower visually stick out more, because it blends in with the mushrooms and stuff also in the foreground.

So overall, nice job!

I reached 1128

This is a very nicely made game! I think it looks great and I especially like how the levels look distinct from one another. The levels are all well designed and challenging. Overall excellent job!

Very nice! It reminds me of a lot. I got so big the sun was like the size of my moon. I really like everything. Honestly my only complaint is that it starts to feel too slow after you get to a certain size.

I got 5.63 inches by spamming the masturbate button. nice take on the theme

Thank you!

This is a very nice game! I think it is very well done, how it keeps the same mechanic of collecting all the dreams, and slowly ramps up the complexity, by adding walls, enemies, giant enemies, the ability to spin, etc. Something that would be a nice addition is a pointer that shows what direction the exit door is in when you collect all dreams, because in some levels I found myself wandering around for a while looking for the exit.

I think it looks very nice with the limited color palette of purple, blue, and black. The music is also very nice and fits the game, idk if you made it or found it somewhere. Some sound effects would be excellent and would add to the game, maybe sounds for when you hit an enemy or collect a dream. I also love the story and how it is told throughout the levels.

Really my only issue is the difficulty. Maybe it's just me but I wasn't able to pass level 20 because of the difficulty, I would suggest lowering the number of enemies on that stage to make it more possible. And the same goes for level 19 as well. I might come back to the game to keep trying because I really want to see the rest of the story.

So overall, an excellent game!

There's a lot to like about this game! The visuals are simple and pretty, I like how you used two colors to make up the levels and two colors for the two characters. I also love the weird sounds. There are some nicely designed levels. All in all a very cool game!

Yeah, otherwise you could just move the mouse out of the window and watch the score go up, right?

Very nice, makes me want to try creating a 64x64 game

Ah that was it! I was trying to click the button. Thank you!

The play button can not be pressed on the mac version :(

...what did I just play? I wish I could find it on the LD website and rate it

This is a really fun and cool game!

Thank you for the feedback! The guy that teamed up with me to do music seems to have ditched me which was a little annoying... I will probably add some free music in today. I’m glad you like the game!

I was joking but ok XD

Nice. It seems like theres a delay between pressing the move button and when it moves that you should fix


Interesting concept, more like a font creation tool than a game.

Cool game! I really like it! The player character looks nice and controls nicely. I think you should make it longer, and perhaps make it more clear where your supposed to go. Nice job.

Thanks! The finished version will probably be up later this week

I also can't click the play button



Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Very fun and addicting!!!!

This game is amazing! It definitely feels like the first zelda, how you're dropped into a sprawling world and told to collect a bunch of objects, then left to explore and get lost. I love how different areas of the world represent game dev struggles, like the area with the spider creatures and numbers being programming bugs and the green area is doubt. I also love all the hidden secret areas and how some reward you with weapon upgrades, some have references to other games, and some are just random and weird. Also defeating enemies with the brush feels very fun. I can't believe you made this in just one week!

Pretty simple but  very nicely made. Like someone else said, a score system would be cool, or maybe have the objects get faster as the game goes on so it gets harder. Cool game.

This is a really nice game. The controls are great and I love the ability to place blocks. The only thing I found frustrating is that the music enemies come at you too fast and don't give you enough time to react.


Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

This is a very interesting and creative game!

It is very unclear what your supposed to do and took me a while to figure out that you have to draw sprites in the spaces under the names. Once I figured it out it is very fun.

Great work!

If your using a trackpad you can press with two fingers to do right click. Also I think holding ctrl and clicking works as well.

I don't really understand what youre supposed to do

Very interesting and fun concept. The biggest issue is that the controls feel quite clunky and make climbing around a lot harder than it needs to be. My personal suggestion would be to make space be the jump button instead of W and you also press space again in midair to do the double jump.

Other than that the visuals and music are very nice

Very fun game! I really like how fast-paced it is and how you have very little time to figure out what to do. My favorite minigame is the third one.

This is pretty fun! The "coding your own games..." guy being a boss is absolutely amazing!

Very nice game. The randomly generated level is cool and it looks and sounds nice. I'm honestly not sure how it fits with the theme though.

This is very impressive for your first game! I really like it. 

Definitely better than my first game