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Thank you, that was amazing

Can we get the link to the LD page to rate it please?

Good luck

onett - earthbound, shop - undertale, pizza theme - spider man 2, norfair- super metroid 


Unity 2019.3.3f1

Have fun, let me know if you end up making anything

Hey, thanks for doing this video and for this wonderful feedback!!

undertale shop

actually it’s just a bug. Part of the cheese is clipping through the bottom of the ice and you can get it if you click in the right spot

the fastest time as far as I’m aware is 1:43

no i was joking


That's the pizza theme from Spiderman 2 Playstation, but I made it loud and annoying

I mean... I was trying to make a game that looked like it had as little effort as possible put into it. So that means intentionally ignoring those kind of things.

And then there’s the fact that if I put any more time into it the meme would have been dead before I finished

Yeah I managed to get the cheese. Never noticed that. And sure you can put it on

yep. The downloadable builds should be the same as well, the fix I was talking about were only things caused by the update, not things that were there already

The web build is exactly the same. I only updated my version of Unity and uploaded separate builds for mac, windows, and linux (because I did not reupload the web build it has not changed)

They are up. You can now download them

sorry for the wait, I did an update and some stuff broke that I had to fix. Downloadable builds will be up asap 


thanks, I am currently working on Polygonal Peak which I recently released a demo of

yeah sure, I’ll try and do that later when I get home

Is it possible that you have to click to make the dialogue move forward

find ice pick

probably there is a dialogue box open. So just click through the dialogue. Or maybe you just have to click inside the game


you can’t play on iOS. I’m surprised you even got that far honestly


I have download links here

Not sure what winzip is exactly, sorry

No unfortunately because it never happens to me so I have no idea what causes it for other people

Is there a problem playing it in browser?


I don’t know what to do. It works fine for me

Here I did this just for you

Ok give me a moment

Mac or windows

Have you tried clicking on the game window before pressing space?

I probably won’t because for me, these game jams are just game making exercises done for fun and for practice, and when they’re over I go back to working on my main project or whatever. I know some people do make “post-jam” versions after but I prefer to not linger on one game jam and just move on. Thank you for asking though, I’m glad you like the game :)