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I’m not inactive



no sorry



damn, what’s so bad about gen z?

Yeah I really hate Windows (and Microsoft) and it annoys me as well when a game is exclusive to Windows for seemingly no reason other than that the developer didn't bother to port it to other OS's. I get why they do it (Windows has the biggest user base by far) but still annoying.

Most of my games were made entirely on a Macbook, which is why I almost always make sure I have a mac build.

(Also while writing this comment I noticed the screenshot I used in the background for this page has a tiny glimpse of the High Sierra wallpaper around the edge, somehow I never noticed that before lol)

I have other games to make


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here is the third one

Edit: nvm it looks like they took it down :(

Edit 2 I found it

thanks :)

I didn't make it but there is a sequel

I will don’t worry


thanks <3



you gotta find the last coin

Added to the description

Very cool entry! I love the variety of weapons, although I felt like the laser is a little too overpowered because I ended up using it for most of the game. The enemies getting bigger when taking damage is a cool mechanic because it makes them harder to avoid and feels satisfying. I also like how the levels are fully destructible.

The boss fight at the end was very cool, but at first I thought I wasn't doing any damage because it wasn't getting any bigger or giving any other visual feedback, until I noticed the health bar in the corner.

The music and graphics are nicely done and fit the tone of the game very well, I especially thought the pixel art on the final boss was really good.

Two (possible) bugs I found: At one point I reached 0% health but was still alive until I took another hit, and also it seemed like the game crashed after the final boss.

Overall a solid entry!

Thank you! Sorry I didn't see your comment until now but I just uploaded all the source files, you can download them as a .zip from the game description :)

Feel free to ask me on discord if you have any questions about anything

is the adventure 2


Weird, I'm not sure what causes that but I'm glad you were able to reach the end anyway. Thanks for playing :)

pretty good!

one day I promise

Hey thanks for playing! Yeah I tried to make the sensitivity thing more obvious this time, hopefully you found it ok :)

Nice! I just played through it and got a time of 20:21:002 which is probably very slow, but I really like it!! The controls feel very good

there’s an option to change the sensitivity if you press P :)

Hi, can you tell me the name of the site or provide me with a link?


thank you for playing!

Thank you!!



Yeah, as soon as I feel ready to. The main reason is because I am starting at university so I’ve had a lot of stuff to deal with lately, and not enough mental energy to focus on game dev. 


it should work if you just throw records at the record player