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yeah go ahead

thank you :)

Unity, c#


spiderman 2 PlayStation pizza theme

Oh that's ok I don't mind, I was just wondering


it's supposed to be unlisted, how did you even find this

I don’t think that’s possible

Yellow man suck star fish

Thank you, fuck you who stole senpai

No and no

yeah your ideas are good

Oh I will make it even more stupid than this one believe me

Maybe I should make a sequel

I fixed it. It now starts on the first level as it should. If you are still interested in giving it a play, I hope you have a better time with it now!

I fixed it, it's no longer impossible sorry

Sorry I know this was 20 days ago, but I just realized in the last update I accidentally made the game start on the final level, that's why you kept dying! I am so sorry!

01101000 01101001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101

Thank you :)

Earthbound - Onett

Source is here if you need it

yeah go ahead

I like it, very fun mini zelda-type game!

Cool game

Sure :) kypello#1505

It's just invisible triggers. It stop playing the main music and plays different music depending on which trigger you entered, and same when you exit the trigger

Oh wow I never even knew you could do that!

The birds loop is actually 6 minutes long, but it randomly fades in and out every few seconds just to try and break it up. I can see how you would think it is just a short loop now I'm hearing it again though.

Browser version

Ooh sorry about that, I wish I knew what causes that to happen. Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you liked the game anyway!

Thank you, I had to start over on incognito because I didn't remember the number, but I got to the end. I don't know why, but this scavenger hunt through the internet idea is fascinating and it would be so cool to see a longer version of this. I almost want to try making something like this myself except I have no idea how you make any of this even work. Super cool entry, had a great time.

Amazing game. This is what zelda would be like in real life.

Well this was pretty interesting and unsettling. The art style is very cool. Unfortunately I got stuck looking at the tv, but it seems like the bottom of the game was cut off for me so that may have been causing it.

Wow that was... something. I honestly found that super cool and interesting. I got to the chat where you said you need sleep, but the discord link isn't working. If there's more then I would love to keep going when it is fixed!

Haha I love it, very funny game. My only criticism is that the speech bubbles and text look weirdly stretched and it makes it kinda hard to read, but other than that I had a great time. Oh and the music is top notch :)

Super fun game

Nice little game, very funny and creative. I enjoyed that. Wish it was longer tho.

Hm weird. I know that Itch does that sometimes, if you were playing the web version. I'm glad you enjoyed anyway.

Thanks for letting me know about the sensitivity, I made the minimum much lower now (assuming small post-jam playability updates like that are allowed)