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Thanks you very much for the feedback, has a developer there is nothing better than seeing people have interest in your game, right now the game is going through a mayor overhaul, I will take the initial resources and game speed into account.

Thanks for the comment, yeah I didn't have time to make it more clear, I was planing a robot population mechanic (which you can also recycle) and energy but maybe it was to ambitious for 48 hrs, I will update it once the ratings are over. 

Really clever game and way around the mechanic resurrection.

Good graphics and fun to play, but the turret movement is pretty jarring.

The graphics are excellent, but the player should move faster, for a moment I thought I was still for the lack of reference on the black ground.

Good concept, who need  health when you have score.

I just wish the car keep acelerating after more than a few shoots  but cool concept and nice graphics.

Good concept I wish it was longer, I would like to see it explored more. I would appreciate very much that you rate and give some feedback of my game:

Really fun game, it would be good if after a while you shoot diferent bullets.

Good game, the two different inputs moving different entities feel like a cooperative game, with oneself.

Thanks for the feedback, fortunately this is not the first isometric that I make, just the first tu publish, the math can be tricky at times.

The neon like graphics and the move by clicking works great but need more levels, I would love to see the dots that runs after ghost

Definitely an updated version is on the way.

Really like the graphics and especially the arrows that hit hard, very satisfying, reminds me of  Lenore.

I like the screen transitions, and the feel of the game, but the controls don't seem to do what it says in the instructions.

P.S: Keep dying the first seconds of the game, it's really punishing.

Thanks for the feedback, yes it is indeed slow, I was planing on implementing population and energy with recyclo (ingame resource) has fuel, that permanently reduce your resource pool, and the turrets will be for defense against gigantic lifeforms that come time to time. I will defityl implement all of this.

Simple but very original.

Looks cool, but I can make a car withour breaking every time in just the landing, maybe more instructions or a tutorial is necesary. otherwise seems fun to play.

Really fun idea, and is way harder than regular breakout.

The game is fun.

Excellent game, very good concept.