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Submitted by Oogaphobia — 22 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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Looks great. The concept could be interesting if there was more of a detectable pattern to what's going on, but it just feels like chaos. Also, the movement feels suuuuper slow because of that scale. If things were textured, maybe it could help the movement seem a bit zippier.


Nice Graphics & concept, but too little interactions. it's very hard to predict most of the attacs. the mostly black ground prevents us from feeling where we are in space relative to other objects. The lazers are a nighmare of luck. managed to beat it by spamming the dodge button like a nutjob


This has incredible sights. It's super mesmerizing. Also totally tactical.


The graphics look astonishingly good, but this is more bullet hell than FPS so I don't know to the adherence to the theme, and it's extremely disorienting to play. Would give it another go with a third-person perspective.


I see now that third person would have been a good idea.


to me it is very good, but the game feels just like a first person avoider game, not a fps.  It is cool, and a good gun game, but it doesn't feel like it met the requirements.


In my opinion, the theme is tough because removing the main mechanic can easily change the entire genre. I see where you are coming from though. Thanks for the feedback!


I get a Thumper vibe from the game. Not a bad things since one of my favorite game.

I think the challenge was properly balanced but got a bit frustrating of the dash that felt a bit weak.

I really like the idea of seeing where you died before. That's a really nice touch.


I feel like this doesn't really fit the theme, I know you wanted to go for "shooter with no shooting" but this is not a shooter anymore, it's kind of a first person runner. On the other hand, the graphics looks interesting but the background is way too static and I would have like secondary animations on the red bombs.


Great game and art, but it kinda feels of bullet hell but you cant fire back. Took me some time to figure out the controls too..

  • Great style and presentation.
  • At first I didn't realize I was moving at all, because of the lack of reference points.
  • I don't understand the dodge mechanic, all I hear is a noise when I press Shift and I don't understand if it's doing anything at all, so I just keep spamming it.
  • Green rays go too fast, it just feels random if you get hit by them or not.
  • It's difficult to understand the range of bombs.
  • I think that, in order for this to still be a "Shooter", there must be some shooting involved. And there must be enemies. There's none of that.

Awesome presentation and style! :)

Good graphics. Loved the concept of dodging things to get to the middle, but the green spikes are awful. I can barely track them.

The movement needs some fix too, after some tries I ended up spamming shift. You need to add some instructions at the beginning too, but my comment here is focused on the design and I liked it! 4/5* and keep working!

Excellent presentation with a lot of really nice touches, like the "Do Better" text at respawn or your gravestones when you die.  The graphics really are super cool.  Does feel like death is random though.


The graphics are excellent, but the player should move faster, for a moment I thought I was still for the lack of reference on the black ground.


didn't see the shooting aspect very much


looks and sounds good but feels like a walking slowly towards a tower and hope you don't die simulator rather than a game where you are supposed to dodge


any chance for a Mac release, I'd love to try it out.


probably in a couple days 


awesome! looking forward to it : )

Took me to realise that I was actually moving since their isn't really a control scheme. I get the idea but it doesn't really feel like an fps. I dunno maybe I gave up too quickly but it seemed more to do with hoping nothing came your way.

Movement is really slow I thought I was using the wrong keys because their was so little change in movement.

Even with shift I was sure when the lasers are supposed to be coming to dodge, though I got to the end switch just spamming shift so :/

In short I guess I couldn't get a good "feel" of how I was supposed to be interacting with the world, so I couldn't understand how to master the game..


thanks for the good points! I agree with everything honestly haha


That was disappointing. It looks great but the gameplay is just bad. I guess there isn't enough  time in 2 days to do everything well.


The pitch isn't bad, but the mechanics are just not well realized. The relatively featureless waseland is a neat aesthetic but it makes it very hard to judge your speed. So much so that I wasn't actually sure if I was moving forward at first. The other problem is that the projectiles don't have obvious feedback. I couldn't tell where the lasers moved or where the blobs would fall. So whether I died or not felt mostly like luck. The last unfortunate part of this was that there's no reason for this to be in first person. It doesn't do anything unique with that premise. Instead this is just like many 3rd person dodging games, but more frustrating because I didn't know the extent of my character's hitbox.

This game needs one other good idea to it even more than it needs more polish. 

This should be third person, no conceits have been made to make this first person compatible. Could be an interesting idea though.


yep I think it would have been good to add some sort of ground texture 

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