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Build turrets to defend yourself! You can't shoot! (CHANGE THE MOVEMENT KEYS IN THE 'INPUT' TAB OF THE LAUNCHER WINDOW)
Submitted by Borax Kid (@BoraxK_d) — 14 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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Overall, with no resource mechanic to speak of, this felt like a "click as fast as possible" game rather than a more strategic one, which is what I was hoping for. "Tower defense where towers surround the player" is fun -- which is how I thought of this game -- but not a "GENRE, but without MECHANIC" match very well. Interesting game, but really would like to see it as a strategic, rather than "race" style game.

Also: Support WASD. Your weird Q/Z/S/D controls were confusing. (The arrow keys were fine though.)


Thanks for the feedback.

As for the ZQSD movement I uploaded the game and forgot about this but you can change the keys in the launcher window (where you can choose the resolution etc before starting the game).


A great idea! It was interesting how the biggest issue was not letting the enemy get dug in. I think my only qualm was that it felt a little cheaty to be able to place down so many turrets without any cooldown or resources, but that would come later. Great job!


This game is actually fun. Instead of shooting a gun yourself you set up turrets that shoot for you. It actually felt more like a freeform tower defense game like sanctum than a top down shooter.

 I figured this out after the first wave already started so my only option was to try to spam turrets enough so that one of them survived and could start shooting back. So that wave was just annoying, but in the set up for the next wave I set up half a dozen turrets and they chainsawed the enemy turrets no problem. This continued until I had spread turrets all across the map and there was something viscerally satisfying about seeing ally my little servants some to life and pick apart each new wave.

In the middle it was also fun to try and predict where the new turrets would be while my turrets killed the current wave. Using the mouse to click around the character felt a little clunky.

This was especially true for the final levels. The problem with the difficulty in this game is that if you have more turrets in an area than the enemy you win effortlessly . But if the enemy turrets finally kill all your turrets around them it's practically impossible to fight back. While being set up each turret dies in one hit so it is very hard to set up a turret near enough to kill a turret. So if your turrets die or you didn't cover a spot during set up your only option is to spawn turrets faster than the enemy can fire bullets. So this actually becomes a test of how fast you can click the spawn button and the spawn circle faster. Which wasn't that much fun. I eventually did it, but it felt very janky. 

But all in all this was kind of fun. Nice job.


The game is fun.