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Fun game! My brain clings too hard to Celeste controls for this one, but music and are are cools, and the controls feel pretty smooth.

Neat little mechanics, and the art design is very cute :)

Cool game. Fits the theme, definitely a complete playable experience, and enjoyable overall. Some comments on what I would think about (keeping in mind this is a fine game as is):

 - The first enemy where you bounce off is hard to see off screen. This means I didn't really understand at first that you could kill enemies by bouncing off their heads. I appreciated that you were trying to teach the mechanic, but it didn't really work for me; maybe by putting him less far down the screen, you could make him more visible at the start?
 - The screws that the enemies shoot are the same height as your character sprite. This meant I was afraid I would be hit by them even on the ground, and on my first two playthroughs I did a lot of extra jumping because I was afraid of that. Making the character sprite slightly shorter, or the screw shooting animation slightly higher up, would both have fixed this problem.
 - I see you added a version with checkpoints. Ideally, I would have liked to see not just checkpoints but complete levels; e.g. I think that each of the "floors" you have here would make a fine introductory level, building up to longer levels as you go through. This would raise my feeling of accomplishment, and allow me to have a better sense of progression.
 - As you get to later levels, an additional mechanic you could add would be enemies that turn around once you're past them: as is, there is little motivation to kill enemies (rather than just bounce past them), which could change with a more advanced enemy.

I made it to about the 4th "level"; I did not beat the game.

Overall, with no resource mechanic to speak of, this felt like a "click as fast as possible" game rather than a more strategic one, which is what I was hoping for. "Tower defense where towers surround the player" is fun -- which is how I thought of this game -- but not a "GENRE, but without MECHANIC" match very well. Interesting game, but really would like to see it as a strategic, rather than "race" style game.

Also: Support WASD. Your weird Q/Z/S/D controls were confusing. (The arrow keys were fine though.)

Solid game -- the biggest problem I have is that it's just too damn hard for me to feel like I'm making progress. Look to Binding of Isaac for a good sense of level progression -- limit the number of difficult enemies (especially in one room) in earlier floors, and then expand in later floors. Understand this isn't something that could be done during game jam.

Solid entry; cute art; fun gameplay; want to see more.

Awesome graphics, feel very real; needs a more explicit progression system if you're going to work on this going forward; let me have waves with a life refill at the end of the wave. Solid entry; real fun to play.

Great play on the theme: One of the best, takes away a critical element and refocuses it; game feels solid as is, but some form of progression in AI difficulty would have made a lot more playability for me.

Solid start; look forward to seeing more.

I really enjoy this game. It's fun, it's a good puzzle game. But I don't really feel like this meets the "platformer without platforms" definition. It's an orbiting puzzle game -- a common genre of its own -- and I kinda feel like that missed the game jam theme.
That said: I love it. I wanna play it more. I didn't even get to the end and I would love to have lots of levels.

Decent effort, but definitely needs to have a bit more playability consideration. Too easy to get stuck with bad random seed and not make much progress.

Great game; would recommend if you continue with it to look into more complex level designs and fixed size waves as a form of progression to enhance replayability. Controls are super smooth, and very fun; no glitchiness at all despite the fact that you're dealing with complex physics; really well done.

Fun to play, has a lot of room to turn into a more complete experience; great game jam entry, feels like a complete game, thanks for uploading!

Fun game: needs a more gradual difficulty ramp, I got stuck early on and just felt like I couldn't progress.

This was a fun game; I think fleshing it out to have a more progression-oriented wave system could have a lot better first time player experience, and give more difficulty ramp to increase the playable time. Fun game, good jam submission entry; thanks for submitting!

The last ball is just too hard to hit; definitely would like to see at least two bounces to let me get a better chance to get in front of the ball; interesting concept, would be interesting to see more fleshed out.

Great game, great music, great mechanic, great fun, great everything!

A few minor niggles: I'd love to see a beter display of the creatures I've taken and a wave system that grows slowly rather than infinite, but for a game jam entry, this is pretty good... except for the crash whenever I lose, but I know how software works.

Cool game; definitely fits the theme, and I'd love to see a more fleshed out version of the game, especially if you can make it feel a bit less twitchy.

Would have loved to see the ability to use the number pad on a keyboard; woudl have definitely changed my rating up from where it is.

Fun game! 

Cute game idea :)

Super fast movement makes this platformer feel very twitchy. Not a ton of distinction between the foreground and background objects -- e.g. you can jump off the pillars that are colored the same as the background. Music and art were interesting, but just felt too twitchy to really be enjoyable.

This game is super fun! One minor niggle: In Flinthook, it's technically possible to get yourself stuck by the exit door before you learn what button is the restart button. Luckily I stumbled into it, but it might be worth putting a wooden panel at the bottom of the door in that level so you can grapple yourself back to the exit even if you get stuck above the bottom of it.

Fun idea, though I'll admit that I got stuck early -- first at the room with the "below" disk, then at the room with the "empty" disk. I felt like I understood what I was attempting to do, but then couldn't work out the mechanics to do it. 

I'm generally not great at puzzle games, so I find "hint" mechanisms which can give me a clue when I get stuck pretty helpful; I don't know if it would make sense here, but something to think about.

Cool idea, even if I ended up being very bad at it!