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A platformer without falling
Submitted by Lonebot — 22 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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WOW. I never knew a platformer without falling could be so fun or puzzling. 5/5 game, I would pay to play this awesome game, please keep developing!

Wonderful Mechanics and Aesthetics! I walked away with a good feeling after playing this game.

Cool how platformer - falling equaled puzzle game. Mechanics worked well, and game was polished. I get frustrated with puzzle games like these, but I fully recognize the quality.

Awesome and clean..


Game looks great, lots of little bits of polish that didn't go unnoticed!  Lots of content too for a jam game.  Mechanics are interesting and fun to play with too.  


This is very well executed. I don't even need to complete all levels. More polish and more levels and its a game you can release. As for the jam

Theme: 1 star

Idea: 1 star

Design; 1 star

Execution: 1 star

Mine: 1 star

5 Stars total


Wow, what an amazing game for 48h! I'm really surprised on how polished this is and the amount of mechanics, content and levels. Loved the sound effects and the animation. But that aside, you really created a perfectly designed puzzle game with interesting and deep mechanics. I'll keep an eye on your future projects!

Very clever idea, well executed.

This was brilliant, in all aspects. Now what it needs it's a nice background soundtrack, nothing intrusive but yea. 


Wow, this is really great. The mechanics trick intuitions, but without being irritating or frustrating (in part thanks to the condensed stages). The puzzles are designed very cleverly and with plenty of epiphany moments (so far at least, I'm currently stuck at level 12), and the overall look and feel is much more polished than one would assume from a 48 hour project. One of my favorites in this jam so far!

I LOVE this. Definitely my fav so far with so much charm and polish. I love how you tackled the idea of verticality in a platformer and completely blew past it. Tons of potential to expand into a full game.

I'm amazed you could come up with so many interesting puzzles and mechanics in such a short spam. Also good job with those mouth noises dude.

Simple and funny, the sound desiign and art style on top of the simple, but fun mechanics make this game feel amazing 

Very well made, the ingenuity of how all of the mechanics work is both sleek and simplistic. It followed the theme well and did what was asked. Also impressive that you were able to fit so much content for the amount of time you had to make the game so props to you on that.

Design of this game is very impressive, the way how you guys explain and teach game mechanics is brilliant. Introduction, all mutations, test of all learned mechanics, you even double check to be sure player understand everything, and without this skills can't go further, and the hints in level design to help player, very clever. Only problem what's i have with this game is after level 16 game become very easy. Most things is steel, so if you can grab to this, you need to use this to complete. There is no false path or even other path to finish level, you guys don't play with player or don't try fool him, but is probably because of lack of time. Keep up good work and good luck.

<whisper>pssssss i'm not sure you supposed to be able to do that


oops, that's a bug. ^^

and yeah, we've been getting a lot of complaints about level 16, too bad we can't go in and change / delete it now. thanks for playing!!

A really smartly designed game. I got stuck, but I enjoyed it anyways.


Wow. Masterful  puzzle design! And huge amount of levels. Speechless : )

Really clever puzzle platformer. It feels like an extension of Portal's design philosophy.  I really enjoyed the great level design to teach you the mechanics.


OMG, how did you manage to put that much content, that's insance how this game is close to a finish product. This  is most probably a contender for 1st place!

The art style is good, the level design is clever, and the concept itself is really smart. Great job!

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