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A platformer without falling
Submitted by Lonebot β€” 22 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline

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You guys are the best, cheers!


How in the world did you do this in two days. It's perfect, exactly on theme, good pixel art, audio and juice. Amazing. Well done!

I love everything about this one. A lot to like, very charming and unique. I wish there was some music is the only criticism I have, but that's not that big of deal. Great work! :o

Really nice game!



This is the game that best embodies the concept. Cool art, inventive levels and the hilarious sound effects are just the icing on the cake. Definitely the best one I've played in the jam.


awesome game! loved it

Extremely clever puzzle game, though not every element of the game physics makes sense. Very cute ending.


I think this was the most creative use of the theme in the platformer genre. Polished presentation and well-thought-out level design.


This just fits so well with the jam and is so well executed. Great game! 


The premise is a clever interpretation of the brief. The removal of falling from a platformer is interesting as it is not something the player consciously instigates, but a central system expected of platform games. The tools available and the challenges set play to the uniqueness of the central mechanic and build in a way that is satisfying and original. This was the game I spent most time with. Very well done!


wish i could rate this a 6/5!  amazing!  we've already found a winner!  I can't say much more than what's probably already been said!  Man I wish I thought of something half as brilliant as this!


Great job!

Great game. i love the art style of the game and the sound effects. I also they the mechanic that you took away and replaced it with needing to use a grappling hook. well done.


I'm staggered by how polished and smart this little puzzle game is. The art and sound is amazing and the levels feature some really smart ideas that elevate the core mechanic.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is a total "jem". Great idea, realization and all polished. Not to mention the awesome level design. Great theme adherence as well. Loved it!

Slightly unclear on why the grappling hook fails to work sometimes, but overall a very well made game!


it can't attach to metal surfaces!

Ahh, I see


Excellent game, very polished, ready to release!!


You guys were able to create great puzzles around the unique mechanics you designed. Also top notch sound effects :D


This is super polished, like what the hell. (It's really fun too!)

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