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Thanks for playing my game. I checked out the video. Your channel is amazing and deserves to have more subscribers and views, what you do is amazing!

Great game. i like the graphics and sound effects and love the whole design of the game. well done

Great game. i love the art style of the game and the sound effects. I also they the mechanic that you took away and replaced it with needing to use a grappling hook. well done.

Great Game. I really like the concept of the game. I like how the game can be quit hard as well, with the player having to multitask to try get rid of the bugs and other guys. I think the graphics could at least be the same type of style and pixel length, but graphics are not that important. Other than that Great game! Well done!

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I really like your game. I like the pixel art style and like that the game is not that hard to play, which personally i find those types of games fun to play. I like the sound effects as well, the music fits nicely with the game. i like the shooting sound effect. I also like the animation on the player instead of it being a single sprite. I also like how you added an online leaderboard for us to be able to try beat each others scores. Great game, well done!

I really like this game. The main things i really like about the game is the graphics and the way the physics work around the slime with the whole jumping on walls and upside down thing. Great game, well done.  

I would like to know if we can use any game engine that we would like to for example (Unreal, Unity, Game Maker, Pico-8, CryEngine, etc).

you need to use [ ] bracket keys. They will be on your keyboard as they are essential. Depending on the language of your keyboard you may have to press shift or control or alt or control and alt or command (if using mac) 

i understand.

Hi i like the game very much but i have one little thing to say. that is that when playing this on a macbook with a trackpad you have to press with one finger then press with 2 fingers which can be complicated and would like to know if it could use button as well. my high score is 38,000.

Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to add music later to the game when the game is fully complete.

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