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Initially baffling but that is to be expected when removing a dimension, I'm pretty sure Snake Pass is a bit discombobulating at first. I don't think I would have been able to play it without the 3d gif as a sort of tutorial on the concept though.

Nice interpretation of the theme, to remove shooting from a shooter. Some of the execution made it a little hard to play e.g. short screen makes blocks hard to predict and damage is difficult to discern. Otherwise a solid concept that fits the brief and with a more generous timeframe would make a really fun game.

The premise is a clever interpretation of the brief. The removal of falling from a platformer is interesting as it is not something the player consciously instigates, but a central system expected of platform games. The tools available and the challenges set play to the uniqueness of the central mechanic and build in a way that is satisfying and original. This was the game I spent most time with. Very well done!

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the control scheme is a little fiddly but the arcane "figure it out as you go" approach makes for a rewarding experience. The design fits the brief nicely. It takes a genre and removes the core concept, replacing it with a surprising and challenging alternative that remains in the spirit of the original genre. Well done.

The premise is very good, and one that would be interesting as a standalone game like this or incorporated into larger games, like the original Fallout games or in a Recettear sort of game. Main gripe is the trial and error nature of the value of items. Some indication of what a customer type might prefer from visual clues or dialogue would be nice, although in 2 days a solid effort and strong premise, nice one.

Really enjoyable to play. The switch up in premise is nice and simple and offers a nicely fresh take. Bloscking the projectiles also separates the concept from the battles in Undertale. I think this nailed the theme.

Charming and enjoyable.