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FIREWISEView game page

A game where you try to not be on fire.
Submitted by UoA ENG Team — 8 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Super fun and polished! I loved the design, visuals, and soundtrack all in one. There's this super charming casual atmosphere while guiding your silly character on fire through the forest. However, there doesn't feel like there's any sense of urgency because I never really seem to be in danger (my life meter was still in the green-yellow without a water cooler on the first level). The level designs also seem a little random and could be thought out better. There's a puzzle element here that's not being taken advantage of, and you can beat the levels by just bum rushing with trial and (haha) fire.

Also on a side note, the theme of the game feels a little overall weak for the game jam (and this is probably the first one I've noticed). Adventure without Stopping is a little general, and although it certainly qualifies the game jam's theme, it might also weaken your game. Restrictions lead to innovation etc etc.

Again, this was great! Really hoping to see more.


Great job for the amount of time you had and having to switch engines mid-way through development. Pixel art and music were quite neat.

The game also plays well, but its a shame that not being able to stop impacts the game so little, given that you´re always on the run anyway.


Cool game. I was able to enjoy it for a decent bit. Really like the aestetic.

I was kind of just running about randomly, maybe some mechanic to find water would be good.

But a good entry overall. 

I is fun, but I am not sure if it fits the theme.

Very charming, but didn't really do anything interesting with the (lack of) mechanic

Charming and enjoyable.


The amount of bear traps in that place is hilarious.


Simple, but charming. Had a good if brief time playing. Still, for switching engines halfway, it turned out very well. And I particularly like the environmental pixel art. Looks really good.


I like the concept and it's super charming. It seems pretty well made in most respects. I think that, with regards to the theme, not being able to stop didn't seem like much of a departure from normal movement because you can turn around pretty quickly.


Nice simple game, but pacman has already done movement without being able to stop


Indeed, we've adapted it sightly though so that you can speed up (which is rewarded by a reduction in health loss). Overall though you aren't wrong.


That is a huge bear.


someone on our team suggested a boss fight... It's a shame though because we had some neat animations for it that we didn't have time to add

Very cute! wish there were tools to help you find water and other mechanics but i really liked it


Yup! One of the first things we thought of was adding an objective arrow around the player, but didn't have time to implement it... Such is life - next time :)

oh boy yeah, game jams are like that haha, my team got the same problems, and all because of the time limit :'D

(3 edits) (+1)

I wish I could have a bit more fun with this game but I've come across a bug where D doesn't seem to be registering input. Using firefox if that's what does it. Good music though, and it is a cool concept.

edit- Nevermind, it was a plugin that was doing it. Fun little game.


Cheers, it's the first time a project I've worked on has had it's own score, so really happy with it (and the person who composed it)!


Nice game, I enjoyed playing it and the music was cool!




Your game has an actual ending!

Very nice game. I like the art and music.

The collides on the environment are a little tough to guess though. They were generally fairly forgiving which I appreciate. It's just, I would often be running where I though the trees should be blocking me.

Anyway, nice game. I'm glad I could play it.


Hey, cheers for the feedback! Yup, collission is as rough as guts. We ended up recreating the colliders manually with two hours left because we weren't happy with how tight the  automatic settings were. I think it was an improvement, but you can tell we rushed that a bit.


Cool idea and nice art. 


Thank you!


very cool ambiance, and with multiple levels! great job


Thank you! We had lots of other ideas and prototypes, but ran out of time because we had to switch engines mid development :'(