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Feels like it could be a great mobile/touch game!

  • As mentioned the reflection in a sand gets in your eye sometimes
  • Screenshake made me fall off my chair maybe turn that down a little
  • Graphics are great!
  • Sound great!
  • Level design decent (tutorial is implicit)
  • Feels like perhaps more room to move around is needed on early levels? And some actions aren't easily tested without risk of dying in early levels

Cool though!

Yep, this is one of the winning ideas here.

someone on our team suggested a boss fight... It's a shame though because we had some neat animations for it that we didn't have time to add

Indeed, we've adapted it sightly though so that you can speed up (which is rewarded by a reduction in health loss). Overall though you aren't wrong.

Fast paced & exciting - could do with some ui hinting when you're low on health (red vignette or the likes) but a really cool concept that seems like it could be worth developing futher :)

Favorite game so far, great sense of humor!

Yup! One of the first things we thought of was adding an objective arrow around the player, but didn't have time to implement it... Such is life - next time :)

Cheers, it's the first time a project I've worked on has had it's own score, so really happy with it (and the person who composed it)!


Hey, cheers for the feedback! Yup, collission is as rough as guts. We ended up recreating the colliders manually with two hours left because we weren't happy with how tight the  automatic settings were. I think it was an improvement, but you can tell we rushed that a bit.

Thank you!

Thank you! We had lots of other ideas and prototypes, but ran out of time because we had to switch engines mid development :'(

Hard to close. No, literally :P

Cool concept & I like the window moving rather than the viewport, very clever (and cool animation of this for transitions). Only feedback is that I found it a little hard to understand what the controls did because I'm slow like that.

Neat! Very Reminiscent of Luftrausers (Gungine engine), which is a good thing