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Hell at Your Own Pace
Submitted by KIM ROYAL (@RoyalKimE) — 13 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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The game has good things working for it.

You can understand what is happening, you can feel the action, the graphics are cool, etc. But I feel like the engagement curve of the game was off. The tutorial can be beaten `accidentally` without the player learning how to play and the very next level is quite a bullet hell.

Im not sure how it fits the theme of the jam, specially because you do have ammo (even though u recharge it in a different way).

Even though I sad all those negative stuff, I enjoyed playing it and I had a good experience analyzing this game.


Nice game . some elements from SUPERHOT i see.


Even if some ideas are really great (time slowing down when charging) the timing after shooting and the pattern of the enemy shootings make the game difficult and nearly impossible to do it in a "beautiful way". Like, you can"t do it without getting hit, or just smoothly dogde the bullet then get some others, it's kinda miss because they could have been a really good flow for this game but it's a jam game and it's already impressive to see this amount of work! (and the cover is just awesome, and the music is good)


Thanks a ton for the feedback! (It makes me happy to know people liked the music, and I'm sure it's ditto for the others on the various other aspects of the game)

It is a shame we couldn't nail that sweet spot of game flow before the jam ended, but we're all totally up for refining it post-jam and getting it to a level that meets the amount of polish we want while working on what it's currently a little lacking in, i.e. giving it a bit more visual feedback and making it easier to tell what is / will happen, so the player has time to react.


The player movement is a little slippery but the core gameplay is pretty fun. Besides tweaking player movement I'd suggest adding more visual and audio feedback when you hit enemies and when enemies die; explosions and sound effects go a long way in the overall feel of a SHMUP.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback! Sound designer here, we're totally up for polishing it up in a postjam build, in the meantime you can preview some of the sounds I made here


Fast paced & exciting - could do with some ui hinting when you're low on health (red vignette or the likes) but a really cool concept that seems like it could be worth developing futher :)


Thanks a ton, there's definitely a lot of room to build up from!


It's a good concept, but I can barely tell if I've been hit or if I've hit something, it's just not made very clear what's happening


I don't know if it's legal to have put the game on google drive. You could technically update the build at any time.


That's a valid concern to have, I suppose at the end of the day it's a matter of integrity. A few people worked on this though, so I don't think any one of us would particularly want to void it for the rest.


I like the idea but it's pretty difficult. Things get pretty chaotic quickly so it's hard to know when you're absorbing bullets or when you're getting hit.


Interesting Concept. Im Guessing the main mechanic your after is the slowing down and being a sponge for bullets. It's just not very clear.

(+1) Fixed GDrive link with the UnityPlayer.dll