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Yaw Amanquah

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excited to see where this goes. reminds me of pokemon and cave story.

I came from multimedia fusion 2 but i never got too familiar with the program. I've actually checked out Redfoc's tutorials but I'm looking for something that explains in-depth how to program a turn-based rpg. I found actioncancel's Pokemon RPG tutorial which was great but it doesn't look like he's gonna finish it :( Oh, thanks for sharing your tutorials!

i was a fan of this ludum dare submission! it appears you use construct 2 as well. do you think you could point me in the direction of some helpful tutorials?

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I've been told the ball is a little fast but the ball only moves as fast as you can move the racket. Since the screen resolution is 160 by 144 I made the left and right racket 16 pixels smaller than the top and bottom. You lose points if you score on yourself and you score points if you knock the ball into an opponents goal without them scoring on themselves.

Really cool idea! I was super surprised when I hit something that took me to the main menu! Staying stationary in the middle appears to be the optimal strategy which makes things a tad easy.

I have a couple ideas for new puzzles but fixing the bugs comes first! Thanks for playing!

The game feel is super lacking and I'm currently kicking myself for not adding sound effects. Thanks for the kind words.

I could have definitely made the levels a little tighter so players don't get the wrong idea about how to solve a puzzle. The fifth level is possible but it has a very specific timing which may be a little too punishing. Thanks for playing!

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Cool concept and fun game!  (If you stay on the game over screen once it gets to the warp counter it will decrease infinitely and the text will be layered over the "game over" text.)

I think the damage enemy ships do should be reduced considering that you want the player to purposely take damage to refill their ammo.

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This is the second time someone said it reminds them of Zelda! An automatic screen reset upon death is a great idea! If I decide to finish this I'll be sure to add sound effects and even more levels!

I'll give it a try!

Really interesting use of a magnetism mechanic if I do say so myself!

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Thanks! I have a bunch of other puzzle concepts in mind so I might end up updating it after the jam! The idea of this game actually originated from Phix the Adventure.

Thanks! There are a few ideas I want to explore but first I have to fix those collision bugs!