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the other thing it reminds me of is capsule monster chess from yu-gi-oh!

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bumpers & broadswords' battle system reminded me of metal walker, except it's more strategic and fun.

this game reminded me of metal walker

I ran out of time so, the only things I could complete were the joining mechanic and a few levels.

It took me a bit of time to realize you can run from battle if you back out of the fight menu.

Thank you for all the 1-bit pixel art. I used a lot of it in my first RPG Maker game.

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I don't think the pixel art meshes well with the look of the GUI but aside from that this was a good submission.

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It would have been nice to get invincibility frames after taking damage but overall an interesting take on the theme.

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google chrome blocked the download so there might be something wrong

Since the ship only shoots in the direction it's facing I think mapping shooting to a key rather than the left mouse button would be a better fit. 

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A "DOWN" command that lets you fall through platforms is something I was considering.

really polished in both presentation and design but it didn't really fit the theme.

Nice take on the theme and a very original entry overall! I really like how the colors show how much health you have. It was really difficult since the enemies are just as durable as you.

Your take on the theme is pretty similar to mine so I enjoyed it quite a bit! The X key didn't activate abilities for me but the shift key worked just fine.

The chance of getting each microgame is the same so it's completely random.

There are instructions on the page but I guess I should have included them in the game as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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I love puzzle games that let the player create their own solutions! A very unique take on the theme!

Excellent use of the theme and a very original game!

My submission

An interesting take on the theme and a pretty difficult puzzle game.

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One of the things I was thinking of adding was alternate microgames for each text prompt that would require a different ability. This would force the player to react based on the microgame and not the text prompt. Thanks for the feedback!

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One of the more creative approaches to the theme that I've played so far! It was a tad too easy allowing me to brute force the battles by using the same strategy over and over.

The theme doesn't really come through with this game because holding one item or dying from one hit are pretty common as far as games go. I had difficulty playing this game for three reasons:

1) positions of the enemies don't reset upon entering a room.

2) the collisions make it difficult to fit in between tight spaces.

3) enemies can't be killed so you have to constantly move them.

An original take on the theme and impressive game feel!

An interesting take on the theme. Reminded me of the evil spirit exorcism mini-game in Mega Man Battle Network 6 except with only one turn! My only criticism is that I wish I could see the scenario before choosing or upgrading my abilities.

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I was thinking about adding something like that if I had enough time. Thanks for playing!

Reminded me of Chet Gecko Private Eye.

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I added an indicator that shows how many bombs are remaining to make things a little less random. Thanks for playing!

Seeing cool stuff made with construct 2 is always super inspiring for me! It doesn't hurt that I've always been a fan of Virtua Cop and House of the Dead. Great job!

Whenever cool stuff like this is made in construct 2 it encourages me to try harder with it!

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Nice! The platform mechanic reminds me of Pengin.

That definitely wasn't my intention and is a bug I intend to fix! Thanks for playing!

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I decided to add a combo multiplier for every veggie you pick consecutively. I think this makes it more of a meaningful decision whether to pick or freeze a patch a grass.

I really liked your take on the theme. This is one of the more interesting "platformer without jumping" games that I've played. I did like that the collisions were in the players favor so you would slide onto platforms if you were close enough. My small criticism would be that sometimes the player character will get stuck in their rising animation after they have landed. I would recommend everyone play this game in full screen to avoid clicking off the window while pulling the screen downward.

A good entry! This game forced me relearn every instinct I have as a gamer to move before jumping! The obstacles don't reset after you die so it gets easier with each attempt. Also if you wait long enough on the title screen the music stops looping. I really like the concept but the collisions are very rarely in the players favor when platforming and avoiding obstacles so it's pretty difficult.

A very creative take on the theme. Kinda like a top-down Super Puzzle Platformer.

I think this was the most creative use of the theme in the platformer genre. Polished presentation and well-thought-out level design.

An interesting take on the theme! Really polished for something that was only made in 48 hours!

I like it. The visuals especially have a unique charm to them. The game itself reminds me of the Undyne boss battle in Undertale.