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The Tragic Story of Don CoelhoniView game page

Escape a traitorous ambush by tricking your attackers into hitting their own allies!
Submitted by Ian Albuquerque, mlhomsi, Luana Matos, ggdbarros, SirBernhart, LStorti, PedroMiranda — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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Far too easy, made it through without dodging or parrying. I think it's a neat idea you've got but it needs more polish for the players movements to feel better and to up the difficulty of the enemies so you cant just run circles around them to the exit.


The branding in this one is out of this world. It's got a lot of spirit. Some of the juice is close to being awesome, but the camera effects feel a little weird.

The concept itself is good, but the execution makes it a little tough to pull things off. The enemy bullets are way too small. I found it very hard to get enemies to hit each other. The parry window is super small, as well. Then on top of that, being able to just dodge through all the levels sort of invalidates the mechanics. 


Everything about this game's presentation makes me giggle. I absolutely love this rabbit. The gameplay felt a bit lacking though - it was really hard to get the timing down for when enemies attack, and I was rarely able to pull off parrying or causing enemies to shoot each other. Most of my time was spent just dodge-rolling through the map. I would love to see a more fully-realized, non 48-hour version of this :)


 I had some issues with the core game play. It's really hard to get enemies to kill each other, because there's no way of telling when they're going to fire, so you just kind of need to stand between two enemies and hope to get lucky. Also, the enemies fired extremely small and fast projectile, which again, made it hard to get the enemies to kill each other. Also, the parry timing is super precise and really hard to pull off because of the previous two issues, and I was disappointing to find that parried bullets didn't harm enemies. Also, the exit is open from the start, so you have no incentive to kill anyone and I ended up running through each level. Its a cool concept, but those issues really killed the experience for me, which sucked, cause I wanted to like your game. Overall, its a neat idea, and I really liked the Godfather-esque theme, and the cut scenes.


Absolutely STELLAR!  Awesome!  I love the story, theme, and gameplay.  The art is also AMAZING.  As the saying goes, "Great developers who use bunnies as their protagonists think alike" ;)  I would recommend making the parrying a tad easier and requiring enemies to be killed.  However, it was still awesome!


Nicely done - the art is cute and stylized. It was a bit unclear that the parry was actually a parry, instead of some kind of melee attack. Overall, well made!


This was a really fun game! I liked the aesthetic and the game felt pretty good to play. I will say the story mode is kind of lackluster, seeing as you can just skip past every enemy and head straight for the exit, but that is remedied by the endless mode in which you can really see how the mechanics interact with one another. If I were the one making this game I probably would have skipped the story mode entirely and just focused on polishing the endless mode to be honest, but it's still a solid entry!

Also, damn I may have 400+ hours on Dark Souls 2 but that parry destroyed me (felt really good when I pulled it off, though)


Great game with an awesome concept which can be easily elaborated upon. 


Very good game! The parry timing could be more lenient, though. :) 

(1 edit) (+4)

Good idea, fits the theme really well.
Game feel overall very strong. Nice explosions on enemy death. Parrying feels really satisfying with that camera zoom when you land it right. Making enemies shoot each other feels good on a general principle. Even bugging through the walls feels good.

Nice work!


Thanks for you review!

We really tried to make everything have an impacting gamefeel, so as to make the player feel like a badass action hero! Glad to see we succeeded in our intentions! ^^


Good idea! I made a game a long time ago with the same "reflect the bullets" gameplay. I think it needs some fine tuning with the bullet speed but otherwise the game was really enjoyable.

Good job!


Thanks for your review! You guys are really making mine and my team's days with all these comments <3

Anyways, the main mechanic was supposed to be you making the enemies hit eachother! The deflect was thought out to be more of a "damn, I'm awesome" moment rather than the main method you use to dispatch of your foes. I'm not judging or anything, but did you feel it wasn't quite clear it was supposed to be like that? 


Yeah, it wasn't clear for me. Maybe it was just me not paying enough attention to the intro (which was really funny).

I just used my mouse at the beginning to see what happens and saw that it was deflecting enemy bullets. Then I assumed it was the main mechanic.


Ah yes, I see. Maybe we could give it a little more focus on the initial stages, so as to bring the player's attention to that fact... 

Thank you so much for replying! It is really important to get this kind of feedback! <3


Nice one but I am not sure if it fits the theme tho.



Our idea was to make a "Top-down-shooter" in which you don't shoot. The main mechanic was supposed to be you dodging the bullets and making the enemies hit their allies, but it seems people prefered deflecting the bullets over dodging them haha

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

That's one cool ass agent. With all enemies shooting at the same time it even felt like a rhythm game.

The problem is that you can get through the level without killing anyone, not sure if it was intentional. And if enemies were shooting at different times, maybe it would feel more dynamic and unpredictable, though it would lose that rhythmic feeling. But still great job!

I've also made a game where enemies kill each other, though I think you've handled the inability to kill enemies better with parry, maybe I should've added something like this too instead of what I have.

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Thank you for your review! 

Yeah... We actually wanted to implement a way to stop you from just rolling through the level and getting to the exit, but we didn't have time to do it... 

But, in the end, we felt that it wasn't much of a problem, as it gave the player the agency to choose which levels they wanted to clear out and which they didn't feel like it! 

We felt that the game being more dynamic  could make it even harder to pull off parries (deflections) and kinda frustrating to make enemies hit eachother.

Did you feel it could make it better? :o

Oh, and your submission is Judgement, right? I'll take a look at it and give you my own two cents! ^^


Maybe if enemies telegraphed their attack animation for like half a second before attacking, maybe then it could be unpredictable but fair. Just thinking out loud lol


Huh, funny. I had the exact same idea!

I, too, think it would help a lot if they telegraphed before just shooting.


Loved the intro.


We are glad you liked it! Did you enjoy the game-play?


I had the impression that what I was supposed to do is get people to shoot each other and to parry bullets. Let's say it is really challenging to clear out a room in one life :)

I figured out a better strategy at the end, and let's just say I lived to hop another day.


Huum, interesting! Would you mind sharing your strat with us? 

And yes, your impression would be correct haha. It is quite hard to hit the goons, we admit. We intend to do some balancing on that! 


The parrying was awesome but hard to do, maybe a little bit of leniency for it would make it easier to do. but so far so good! 


Thank you for your review!

Yeah, the parry may need some balancing to make it a little more reliable. We're glad you liked it, though!


It was really fun to see once you get to do it, and even chain them!


This was a lot of fun. It's a really unique idea as well. My favorite part was how I can roll through walls. Probably not intended but it made the game feel more dynamic.


Yeeeeah... We really thought the "rolling-through-walls" mechanic through. It was eerr... Totally intentional! Yeah.

Jokes aside, thanks for your review! I'm glad you liked our game! :)

Since you mentioned the dynamic of the game, what did you think of it without rolling through the walls? Is it too static?


It played pretty well without the rolling.  I wouldn't say it was static, I just love moving fast in video games. I did however have difficulty deflecting bullets. I just couldn't get the timing down so opted for rolling a lot. 


Aah, yes. I see. 

Well, we wanted the deflection to be hard to master, but I think it's too hard as it is. We intend to do a little balancing and polishing, even though it won't really matter for the game jam now. 

And again, thank you for your review and feedback! :D