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Submitted by kovax — 4 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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I might have misunderstood the system, but it wasn't clear how to increase your energy amount. Since energy and iron was the only resource that really mattered, it just felt like a build iron and wait to win simulator. I like the idea of an rts where you don't directly control the AI, but feel like this implementation where your guys just randomly roamed without purpose was a bit too far from what I would like to see. Perhaps if you could generally direct them (attack, defend, patrol, harass etc) it would have been more fun.


Thanks for your feedback!

We tried to stick to not being able to control units, and you are kind of right about the strategy and iron thing. Currently there is no way to increase the energy generation. 

That being said, I think there is potential strategysing with the given system. We decided to make soldiers roam around to try and balance the ease of making units. You can make 5 soldiers, but they might wander off the map if you are not lucky.

The emergent strategy we founds is especially useful in maps where you are far apart from the enemy. A good strategy is to build buildings close to the enemy, so if you manage to not be destroyed and spawn some soldiers there you have a real chance of taking one of their buildings down.

We tried to come up with new and weird mechanics for our RTS, and I agree that they are not polished or seem really weird, but they did cause a lot of funny misfortune for the part of the players so we think it was all worth it :)


Good game, but gets really easy once you know what you are supposed to do. If you start too close to the enemy the game ends quickly, but sometimes you start a little far away and your troops keep roaming around without aim. A really nice take on units movement though!


Glad you enjoyed it!

Most of the time you spawn really close, and you have a clear strategy if you want to win. When you do spawn a bit further, it takes a long time to get to the other side. I did win a match after like 7 minutes though. The key is that new buildings will spawn next to a random resource, so you can kind of control the placement of buildings.


Interesting concept. I actually played it a few times just for fun. It would be more interesting if you started with more buildings and guys so that it isn't over so quickly. I kept wanting to build up my buildings and my army but they always just destroyed the enemy building too quickly.


Glad you had some fun with it :)

Sometimes you do spawn like a screen away from the enemy, but then it takes a lot of time and luck if you want to win.

Also we have another great "mechanic". You know how in an RTS after a while you have so many units it's hard to manage them effectively? Well here if you have a large number of units the game will run really slowly, so you can better understand the situation. This was totally intended.


Hey, to start the game and pause the game you need to press H. Hope it didn't cause that much confusion.

Submitted (1 edit)

H does nothing (windows 32bits and 64bits). It stays on a gray screen. What should I do?

Developer (1 edit)

That's really weird, you should see the help screen and h should start the game. If you are not seeing the help screen it means some stuff didn't load.

My suggestion would be:
1. Download the game again. 
2. Update Java.
3. Pray.

If that doesn't work I have no idea. Sorry :/


My java might be old good point.