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Thanks! This was in Unity :)

Interesting concept. I actually played it a few times just for fun. It would be more interesting if you started with more buildings and guys so that it isn't over so quickly. I kept wanting to build up my buildings and my army but they always just destroyed the enemy building too quickly.

Thanks, pekarek.ondrej! Yeah, that's an interesting bug that we didn't really get around to fixing—or is it a feature? ;)

That was awesome! With this theme I've seen a lot of entries where people simply take away a mechanic without providing a different, interesting way to play, but that's not the case with this game. Trying to tap in rhythm while avoiding the bullets was a fun challenge.

But the best part is, you didn't just have players tap in rhythm to fire and call it good. You actually put some thought into how the game is played. The targeting system requires you to get close enough to the enemies to eliminate them. Combine that with the fact that an enemy's bullets disappear once they're destroyed and it pushes you to play more aggressively and stick close to the middle so you can take enemies out before their bullets overrun the screen. The countdown as you hit the enemies is a great touch that adds to the rhythm feel of the game.

Excellent work with this game!

Ha that was pretty fun. That was an interesting twist on a brawler.

Ha ha this was a really interesting way to do a twist on the puzzle genre, which I didn't think really had a lot of ways to twist (you solve puzzles, and that's about all that defines the genre.) Well done!

Wow, very interesting twist on survival. It actually pulled at my heartstrings, even with how simple the game is. Well done.

Very interesting concept, and a great take on the theme. I enjoyed the first level. I took one look at the second level and said, "Nope." :) I think trying to orient yourself is the most interesting part of the game. Then, once you've figure it out, the challenge is trying to get to the goal without losing track of where you are. Very fun.

I love the idea of a giant monster trying to sneak through a city. It didn't feel a lot like a stealth game, though. I guess it's hard to have a stealth game without stealth, but I'm glad you guys took on that challenge. It's fun to run around and blow up the buildings!

This has a great look to it! It wasn't clear what mechanic was removed, I had to look on your page to find out. It plays well.

This was actually pretty cool. Funny idea! It played pretty well too.

I wish I could play it!

I wish I could try it out!

This was pretty cool. The controls seemed a a bit messy, needing my right hand for the mouse and the left jumping from arrow keys to E. I didn't understand how to win but I like the look of it!

Love the visuals, very charming! It was a cool little experience. I'd like to see this a bit more polished up!

I actually enjoyed this! Switching the paddles with the buttons was hard, but clicking on them was a great idea. I accidentally quit and actually wanted to go back and try again. Great job, really liked this. And my wife and I laughed.

Our team would appreciate a rate too if you wouldn't mind! :)

Pretty good. It took a while for me to understand the acceleration part but overall it was alright. Great job!

I'd appreciate a rate for my submission, too!

Pretty good, I thought the jittery player was quite funny. A fun little arcade game!

Thanks JHAKRI, that's some great feedback.

Thank you for the sincere comment and for playing!